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How is RPA influencing Employee Experience (EX)?

Hello peers,

During 2020-2021, working from home has become a new normal. 

In your opinion, how is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) influencing Employee Experience (EX)? Is it an important factor when a company selects an RPA solution?

Can you share any examples?

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Hi @Evgeny Belenky ​,

Done Well, RPA Leads To Increasingly Engaged Employees The motivation of employees, the constructive ambition needed to operate new machines and be part of a new ecosystem, requires communication from both business and IT leaders. The benefits of RPA include reducing manual errors, increasing efficiency, being able to augment human hours by operating 24x7, better employee engagement, and reduction of fraud, to name a few. Just like how the nail gun was a great automation tool for builders, it still requires humans to know where to place the nails. And just like a nail gun is one of the many tools in the builder’s toolbox, RPA is similarly one of the many tools that organizations should enlist and implement in order to meet their digital transformation efforts. Organizations that have achieved scale in automation are those with a clear vision, strategy, and approach that includes both business and IT leaders. Some of the implementation of RPA versus the actual benefits :

Increases business process efficiency. With the highly repetitive and rules-based tasks being automated, RPA enables firms to create digital workforces that execute repeatable process steps faster, accurately, and more cost-effectively than traditional human workers. Ninety-two percent expected faster efficiency and 86% said they’re seeing exactly that.

Automates role effectiveness. With RPA taking over menial tasks, workers can focus on what matters to the business most. Eighty-four percent of respondents said they expected to provide better customer service, and more than half (57%) said they’re already seeing these benefits today. This is due to workers focusing on more face-to-face, customer-intensive tasks instead of inefficiently focusing on other menial tasks.

Pledges to provide a deeper profile of both customers and employees. The convergence with artificial intelligence (AI) means that RPA is starting to evolve further. Being powered by AI means it will be able to conduct intelligent searches even faster. As RPA matures, data quality also improves. In other words, RPA enables organizations, with the help of other tools, to create a deeper profile of not only the customer but also the employee. Employees were expected to be more engaged (80%) and 57% are already experiencing higher levels of engagement from their workers.

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Hi @Venkateswarlu Paturu , @Celestine , @Nayeem Mohammed ​and @Okay Akdeniz .

Can you please share your professional opinion with the community? Thanks.

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