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Is there a cost comparison between RPA tools?

I'm a senior consultant at a Tech Services Company with less than 1,000 employees. 

I'm needing to not only review testimonials of multiple RPA tools out there, but I would also like to get a cost list to set up the tools. 

I would also like to know what are the requirements to set up each tool.

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The cost comparison tools don't apply directly for RPA tools for numerous reasons. The cost varies depending on the number of developer licenses, a number of attended, unattended licenses, some on-demand payment features, and many other considerations. And also the costing terms may change depending on what type of partner with companies (like Gold Partner, platinum, etc.,).

The initial groundwork has to be done for the project what is required exactly (# of development bots, attended bots, document processing, computer vision, bot insights, IQ bots, unattended bots etc.,). Once this is done, then you can make a cost comparison between tools by connecting with the sales team (their primary job).

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Hi Karthik, 
Thank you for your reply and explanation!  Once I read it, it made perfect sense how the cost can vary from client to client based on partnerships and breaks for significant buying discounts.  It sounds like the only way for a client to get a quote is to set up a meeting with RPA vendors they are interested in so that an estimate could be created based on their needs.
Appreciate the insight.


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Before even evaluating technologies, prepare an inventory of all existing and possible future processes you would like to automate vertically and horizontally within the organization. 

Select which processes should be easily implemented and provide the best ROI. These automated processes can then be a selling point to management to invest more heavily in this kind of technology. 

Then select which platform offers the best price per integrated technologies available and low-cost entry. For example, mixing RPA with IT operations, AI/ML, OCR, ETL, Bigdata, etc.

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