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What are the benefits of robotic process automation in the manufacturing industry?

What are some positive ways that RPA can contribute towards the manufacturing industry? What problems does RPA solve for this industry?

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can optimize various time-centric, rule-based, paper-intensive, and repetitive processes in the manufacturing industry. Processes such as invoice processing, order processing, account reconciliation, etc. can be easily automated using the RPA Tools. Check out RPA use cases here -> 50+ RPA Use Cases in Manufacturing Industry.

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RPA is not industry-specific but process-specific. Any department that needs to access internal/external systems to execute routine tasks as their standard processes, would be an applicable candidate for automation.

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Some of the areas that I have personally seen transformation are procuring to Pay, Bank reconciliation, payroll processing (including incentive management), host of reporting needs, quality and Audit reporting. 

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