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How Natural Language Processing (NLP) is used in RPA?


What are the use cases of NLP is RPA? Has anyone used NLP with your RPA tool? Which one? How has your experience been?


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We have been successfully using NLP in RPA for Email automation and Chatbot Triggered Automation.

We have used both on-premise NLP Engines deployed on the same machine of the Robot.

Also, we have used Azure Cognitive Services for Email Automations all the above-mentioned have been successfully implemented and tested on UiPath and Automation Anywhere 360.

They work very flawlessly but you will have to spend quality time on training the NLP engine (Assisted Machine Learning).

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Some of the practical scenarios where NLP can be used with RPA is as below. I have seen UiPath and Automation Anywhere using NLP.

Practical Applications for NLP in RPA

Support Ticket Processes:

Within enterprise-level organizations, multiple trouble tickets are submitted and processed every day. A properly configured and trained NLP system can determine which topics, solutions, or specific products are mentioned and send the ticket to the right department. It can also determine the urgency of the ticket based on sentiment analysis.

Automated Invoice Processing:

An OCR Engine paired with NLP can also break down and categorize documents. Through this solution, documents can be scanned, data can be extracted, and streamlined into another system. Using AI, errors can also be recognized in these documents, which can prompt human users to make corrections if need be.

Analyze Contracts:

Statements and contractual agreements, often grandiose in nature, can encompass important sections that may be skipped over by the human eye. Applying NLP and OCR capabilities to contract analysis can help organizations stay in compliance while alleviating much (if not all) of the manual tracking involved.

Document Processing:

Processing documents manually can take hours away from an employee’s precious time, especially if the files are unique in nature. Text analytic automation can significantly streamline this process. When paired with NLP, data values and relationships between them can be understood, diagnosed, and categorized into the appropriate places.

NLP and UiPath

Cognitive Enhancements: Through language detection and sentiment analysis, the scope of knowledge-based automation processes is significantly enhanced. RPA bots can understand the meaning of emotion through voice/text-based language, rendering accurate and streamlined decision-making.

Unattended Robotics: With autonomous automation, RPA bots can manage and oversee other RPA bots. These AI-driven “robotic managers” can significantly reduce automation costs and meet service levels by synchronizing queued workflows.

Computer Vision: UiPath bots have intelligent capabilities to view screen elements through contextual relationships, mimicking the precision of human behavior. This makes implementations two times faster with more stable production and enhanced capabilities.

NLP and Automation Anywhere

Email Processing: Using NLP to process, decipher, and make sense of human language, emails can be fast-tracked to the right department. Utilizing sentiment analysis, the “tone” of the email can also be deciphered, which ensures customers can get immediate inquiries addressed.

Intelligent Document Processing: Document processing is one of the most critical unstructured use cases pertaining to NLP. Using Automation Anywhere’s IQ Bot, critical business documents such as legal paperwork, invoices, and contracts can be analyzed, categorized then sorted.

Additions to Other Platforms: Automation Anywhere’s Automation 360 platform enables NLP to seamlessly be integrated into existing RPA systems. This way NLP modules can easily become part of existing automated processes.

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Understand the UiPath document  + AI-related NLP workflows. It will be useful.

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@Srinivas MV , Yes very true it , it makes a major impact in the implementation and usage features.

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Hello, we applied NLP with RPA ( Uipath) to streamline the recruitment process. 

The NLP was used to screen the CV and analyse the text in certain fields to match it with the job description. The outcome was very positive with respect to time-saving and error reduction. 

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@Mohammad Al Bawab , Good and it really makes life easy and precision work to the next level.

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@Shibu Babuchandran very true. In addition to the high efficiency in recruiting the right candidate to fill the vacant position in a very quick time and maintain business continuity . 

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