Which RPA solutions are the best fit for digital marketing agencies and e-commerce?

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Jul 15, 2023

Nowadays there are a lot of RPA solution options available but the leading ones are:

  • Automation Anywhere

  • UiPath

  • IBM Watson

  • Blue Prism

But the important thing to notice while selecting any tool/solution is what is the readiness in your organization. For example: did you already think about below parameters:

  • Infrastructure

  • Security

  • Compliance

  • Limitation/cap on budget

  • Open for the cloud option

  • Scope of automation

  • Etc...

In general, you have to look at the above parameters and decide accordingly. You can easily check Gartner’s analysis report on leading RPA tools for the above parameters and make the best decision.

All the best



Roger-Morera - PeerSpot reviewer
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Jul 27, 2023

Tks, I'll do it.

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Elbio Lopez - PeerSpot reviewer
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Jul 13, 2023

In your case I recommend Power Automate. Why?

- The license is cheaper

- You have integration with many marketing services

- You can create cloud flows so that interactions with the APIs of the different services are executed. This prevents you from needing a physical machine reducing the cost.

- It has many triggers to launch automations, for example when receiving an email or if the service they use has a trigger, they can launch that automation

GÖKHAN ORHON - PeerSpot reviewer
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Jul 13, 2023


It would be wrong to make a sectoral distinction.

I recommend that you research the following products.

1. Automation Anywhere

2. UIPath


You won't find enough security in other solutions. 

Ena Martinek Bedekovic - PeerSpot reviewer
Nov 20, 2023

@GÖKHAN ORHON Your statement is not entirely accurate. Have you thoroughly researched each RPA platform and confirmed their security and ISO certifications?

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Oct 13, 2023

Daurija, for marketing I think it is best to use the automation built into your Marketing application. For example, Hubspot has tons of functionality for automating emails based on a customer interacting with your website or social media, and other similar automations to move your customer through the funne. If you tried to build marekting automations outside the product, it would cost you double. Same for Marketo. If you need automations that go across applications (like log a customer data point from your marketing system into your CRM), then you are best off with a general RPA platform like Automation Anywhere, UIPath or MSFT Power Automate. BUT...to invest in Automation ANywhere or UIPath, you need a certain scale for it to be worth it. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn to chat further www.linkedin.com/in/heather

Roger-Morera - PeerSpot reviewer
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Jul 27, 2023

@Daurija Sabaliauskiene ​ we could make suggestions about the tool that perhaps fits your business; however, and more ahead this you need to think according to the main goals that your company is going to reach in the near, mid, and long term. As additional information, you need to discover what does the automation use for? remember not always needing to automate a process to get the benefits. My suggestion is you need to hire a RPA and Process Engineer consultancy to explore first the best road to achieve the goals and then filter what are the best that you need to focus primarily on. If you need a hand, just let me know ;)

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