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RPA that Bots can run without centralized control?

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Hi everyone,

Are there any RPA products in the market that Bots can run without the centralized control module?

Thank you for your assistance,


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Jack Frano - PeerSpot reviewer
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The desk top version of HelpSystems' Automate will do what your asking in a Windows like environment.

Osvaldo Moderno - PeerSpot reviewer
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Yes, it certanly can. As far as I know most of vendors has RPA in two options: Attended and Unattended. However, be awere that the attended version, which runs into the users machine, can drive you to a problem of Shadow IT. Depending on your Organization Governance, it is not recomended.

Diego Caicedo Lescano - PeerSpot reviewer
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Are you sure about the question ? Maybe you are looking for ITPA 

Celestine - PeerSpot reviewer
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Yea there are. For example Electroneek. 

Daniel and RPA - PeerSpot reviewer
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Microsoft Power Automate Desktop is free and runs on the on-premise user machine. User can install the program on their machine. But the machine needs to be connected to the Internet and the PAD (Power Autoamte Desktop) should be logged on with a Microsoft account to use the PAD. 

After that, users can run the bot (PAD) by themselves on their machines.

And if users want to control the bot remotely from a centralized center, they can pay about $40 per a month and do that. 

GregKaut - PeerSpot reviewer

I believe several posts have answered you question, most if not all provide a stand-alone option, one consideration is what is the reason for deploying a single bot, is it cost, or other technical factors.  Depending on your answer their could be other options on the table.   

Sunilkumar Venugopal - PeerSpot reviewer
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Yes, Attended Bots  which can run without centralized control Module. RPA Tools like Automation Anywhere, uiPath ,Power Automation they do support this.

Luis Camacho - PeerSpot reviewer

Incluso hay clientes que no han obtenido la licencia del orquestador y se puede realizar una actividad programada en Windows y funciona 

AnimeshJain - PeerSpot reviewer

RPA can be configured to run in a standalone mode. Depending on the product, different capabilities are available. To illustrate, bots developed in UiPath can be deployed on a "Robot" without any connectivity to "Orchestrator". This is completely product dependent as the same cannot be done in other tools such as Automation Anywhere. We utilize this pattern when the bot deployment is on a local desktop (attended or unattended) instead of a server-based deployment as a risk associated with the bot (due to lack of code management) is localized.

Tejaswini H R - PeerSpot reviewer
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Hi Josh,

UiPath Robot without connecting to orchestrator is a component which can be deployed on end users machine without any centralized control.

Tejaswini H R

Birinder Singh - PeerSpot reviewer
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All RPA products have the ability to run bots without centralized control modules. UiPath, for example, has 2 types of bots - Attended and
Unattended. The Unattended bots will need a centralized control module - in this case an Orchestrator. The Attended bots, however, can be run without the Orchestrator.

Although it is recommended that bots must be centrally monitored and managed for more control, running them without a central module is also

reviewer1031583 - PeerSpot reviewer
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Yes, there are tools on the market that work without centralized control. Like G1ant and WDG (which is implementing control dashboards). The important thing is to keep in mind the size of the solution to be implemented, the number of robots and the risk inherent in the process.

Add me for insight:

Dario Casubolo - PeerSpot reviewer
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Any RPA vendor who claims its product provides attended RPA is good for the required purpose.

I've got direct hands-on experience on UiPath bots running processes without a centralized control module (which is the Orchestrator in UiPath platform). Either by manually starting the process or by writing some simple script that automatically starts the job. Of course, the centralized control module does much more than just starting a job, so you usually want to have one managing your bots factory.

Chris Henderson - PeerSpot reviewer

There are some products that don't require a centralized control module. They are what is known as "attended" bots that are either launched via an established trigger or by a human worker at the appropriate time during a particular workflow. We deliver these sorts of automation projects often.

Adrian Cathcart-James - PeerSpot reviewer
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Yes there are, however one key concepts to a a successful RPA project is the ability to see how the bots are performing and typically that is done through a console. Exactly the same way you would monitor a person's performance.

Hope that helps.

RAKESH AGRAWAL - PeerSpot reviewer

In almost all RPA products , Attended BOTS can work with Centralized Control. Its always recommended to start your RPA journey with attended BOT and simple process. Once you understand the benefits of RPA , it become easy to justify the automation across other business processes. When you have multiple process identified and need multiple BOTs , you can go for Central Control.

Manuel Castro - PeerSpot reviewer

You can run it but has to be attended bot. The idea of the control room is to have a bot farm or repository where you can manage, schedule, admin all bots you have.

If you have tools such as AA or UIPath, you can run bots in your local machine with your developer access. But if the idea is to scale and keep building bots, you are going to be limited with your own infrastructure. You will have your PC busy running bots with no room to develop more solutions.

reviewer1237389 - PeerSpot reviewer
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As far as I know, UiPath can run attended Robots on Windows OS.

Simon Vasquez - PeerSpot reviewer

I have not seen it in my experience, I know it exists but it is very difficult to manage your bots individually. In practice, the technology has developed to satisfy the need of having a centralized environment where they can manage bots from a single point, otherwise, it can become very laborious work to run/stop. Fix your bots.

Michael  Wilson - PeerSpot reviewer

I do not fully understand your question. Would you give this some thought and be a bit more specific as to what your needs are?

Gabriel Bold - PeerSpot reviewer

Well everyone has already replied. So my question is why are you considering having bots without centralized control? Is it only for cost or there is any other reason?

Justin Kruse - PeerSpot reviewer

Can you expand on your question “without a centralized control module” what specifically are you working with?

Anji Reddy Tangirala - PeerSpot reviewer

Few products let the bot execute without a Centralized Control module like Orchestrator/ Control Room etc. We have implemented it for several customers. CPM is an effective and seamless way of controlling the Bots. Please reach out to me in case of any issues.

Erwin De Leeuw - PeerSpot reviewer

Centralized control module?

You can run RPA on a local machine

Josh, what do you mean by a centralized module?

Hamza Talbi Alami - PeerSpot reviewer

Today no RPA products without C.R, the CR is obligatory in an RPA project to follow the work logs and performance of the bots.

Rajnish Sahay - PeerSpot reviewer

Yes, WinAutomation-Softmotive product can run as a decentralized control module.

Desktop RPA tool will work as a decentralized control module.

Zakir Khan - PeerSpot reviewer

I have two questions on this:
1- What is the issue in using a centralized system?
2- Want to use attended or unattended automation?

GururajSubbarao - PeerSpot reviewer
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Yes, there are products that can run without a centralized Control Module.

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