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About 2 years ago
You may want to have a look at "Workato". It is built on Docker technology & can give near-zero downtime even during upgrades/patching.
Over 2 years ago
Microfocus RPA has over 8000 inbuilt flows from the earlier tools (OO), which can be leveraged creating your automation flow.
Over 4 years ago
security review for infrastructure monitoring software are limited to, 1. Software layer for venerability. 2. User privileges.
Almost 5 years ago
Over 4 years ago
I would say all the APM solutions are good bundled with its own features. Having said that, you have to map the top 5 requirement or issues that you want to address with the APM solution. If you identify multiple APM fulfilling your "Must Have" list then check the UI…
Almost 5 years ago
You should list till what level the monitoring is required. Starting from 1. Application layer 2. Database layer 3. Code Level 4. Network & Infrastructure Level This will help you select the right bundle of the tools to achieve your requirements.
Almost 5 years ago
Contributed a review of Micro Focus Universal Discovery and Universal CMDB: It is built for stability and is the only solution which can support up to 60 million CIs
Almost 5 years ago
Contributed a review of Micro Focus Operations Bridge: The biggest strength is its consolidation of events from various sources


Almost 5 years ago
Managed a project to implement SiteScope for monitoring
Managed a project to implement SiteScope for monitoring 10000 Server located in 6 DC across multiple continent.There were 6 pair of SiteScope with DC fail-over of the primary site in a different continent.

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A credible and experienced IT professional in Solution Design & Architect, Delivery & Technical with an enthusiasm for innovation and driving change through delivery of business outcomes.

Specialties: solution design & architecture; data analysis & reporting; NOC & BPM platforms; consulting services; IT-technology strategy and planning; desktop; Infrastructure availability & performance.

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