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What is your opinion about the future of the open source automation framework when used for RPA?

Osvaldo Moderno - PeerSpot reviewer
Researcher at University of Sao Paulo


I'm interested to hear your opinion about the future of the open source automation framework when it's used for robotic process automation (RPA).

What about using Robot Framework with Python?


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Celestine - PeerSpot reviewer
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Open source framework certainly has greater potential. In my opinion, when certain shortcomings are identified, solution to such shortcomings would be slow. On the other hand SAAS products provide that dedicated support and intent to make that issue sorted out in a fixed period of time. My team uses  Python as well. It has fantastic potential to scale. If there is a custom niche that we want to build, Python will be a fantastic choice with its abundant packages and libraries. 

reviewer1401675 - PeerSpot reviewer
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Great idea to have open source automation framework! Python not a bad choice, perhaps to have a flexible of languages choice like unix, powershell, VB/ASP, Java etc. to reach out more group of developers to join and contribute.

Osvaldo Moderno - PeerSpot reviewer
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In general, Open Source is a good choice, whatever the automation solution you are planning to use. However, it takes longer to improve the tools compared to private solutions because collaboration is critical to having open source tools at the same level. On the other hand, the more you use, the more you collaborate and accelerate your improvement ... Moreover, who doesn't like free tools ...

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