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What are your RPA use cases for IT operations, IT administration and other IT technical tasks?

Shibu Babuchandran - PeerSpot reviewer
Regional Manager/ Service Delivery at ASPL Info Services

Hi community,

Can you help me in sharing your views on what automation with RPA you need in IT operations/administration/technical tasks that would help our IT department to free up the IT team doing the routine jobs and concentrate more on the business growth?

Thank you.

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Samuel Kamau - PeerSpot reviewer
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Actioning support tickets, checking infrastructure health, extracting system reports for users and running end-of-day processes.

Marco Carvajal - PeerSpot reviewer

Hello Mr. Shibu,

To help you in regards to some RPA IT-related use cases, some of them are listed below:

1. You can develop a bot to monitor your network devices usually monitored visually using Nagios, to send someone an alert if a device is down.

2. You can develop a bot to check Human Resources Data to become aware of people that have left the company and/or quit to inactivate their corresponding users in the Active Directory, etc.

3. You can develop a bot to extract data from one (or several websites) to daily monitor currency exchange rates and enter them into the organizational ERP.

4. You can develop a bot to daily or periodically access a system to run one or several reports, create pdf files (.xlsx, .csv, etc), to distribute those reports to those who are of critical interest. No more users running reports.

5. You can create a bot to review your support ticketing system and send your alerts in cases of highly critical or urgent issues. You will respond to internal customers quickly.

There are plenty of other use cases. You will discover them just by listing current, new or critical repetitive tasks.

Best regards,

Marco A. Carvajal

Ram-Chenna - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 5MSP

-Digital Asset Management Processes

-Governance Processes

-Monitoring Processes

-H/w and Infrastructure Provisioning and Monitoring, Decommissioning

-User Management

-Incident and Problem Management

-ITSM Service Management

-Change Management

-Knowledge Management

So all people-, process- and technology-related processes in IT operations and support. The rule for identifying processes in IT Operations and Support for RPA and Automation is the same as with every other process. So, this should give some thoughts on how to identify processes for automation.

Paweł Wielgus - PeerSpot reviewer
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Hi Shibu,

Almost any repetitive task. If you can, automate everything, because most probably all processes are based on digital documents. As for specific tasks: all elements that fall under onboarding and outboarding, any reporting, password resets, synchronizations, etc.

Shibu Babuchandran - PeerSpot reviewerShibu Babuchandran
ExpertModeratorReal User

@Paweł Wielgus Thanks 

Amol Gajbhiye - PeerSpot reviewer

Hi @Shibu Babuchandran,

IT operations/administration/technical tasks might differ for each company on how they operate however some of the common tasks can be good to automate like:

1. Asset Management

2. Infrastructure Management

3. Deploy and Release Management

4. Access Management

5. Incident Management

Again, I would like to remind you here that it depends on the workload/criticality/quality of the process need to take a decision about automation. 

Also, post-automation is very important, i.e. what will be the action plan from the effort savings achieved. This will give a good view which might help for future automation.



Shibu Babuchandran - PeerSpot reviewerShibu Babuchandran
ExpertModeratorReal User

@Amol Gajbhiye , Thanks

AlexanderTsukanov - PeerSpot reviewer
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I think that not only for RPA there are many tasks in the field of IT management, but it is also interesting to develop here IoT technology.

Willem De Jongh - PeerSpot reviewer
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Typical IT processes like PWD reset, On/Off boarding, Start/Stop VM, Create/delete VM, reset port, and install software, have been developed and you should focus on repeat processes that are specific to your needs.

Why reinvent the wheel. For example, IT Process Automation - AutomationEdge has already end-to-end IT processes automation developed and could solve 30-50% of your cases "standard" cases out of the box.

It is not only how cases are solved but also how your client can create new requests and be solved in a very friendly manner while complying with ITIL.  

Jack Frano - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 5Reseller


Go to for answers.                     


Shibu Babuchandran - PeerSpot reviewerShibu Babuchandran
ExpertModeratorReal User

@Jack Frano Thanks for the info

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