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Which application security solutions include both vulnerability scans and quality checks?

Hi peers, 

I am researching application security software for my organization. We provide systems to the airline industry.

Which products provide both vulnerability scanning and quality checks?

Which one(s) do you recommend and why?



PeerSpot user
11 Answers
davidstrom - PeerSpot reviewer
Owner at David Strom Inc.
03 December 19

Burp Suite from PortSwigger (pen testing and vuln scans) and WebGoat from OWASP (code testing) are two that I would recommend. See this article for other recommendations:

TundeOgunkoya - PeerSpot reviewer
Consulting Partner, Cyber Security Delivery - Africa at DeltaGRiC Consulting
03 December 19

Whilst it may appear as though the real solution to a question like yours is to name a particular tool and say it is the best tool in the market because of what an analyst company like Gartner or Forrester says, I would rather ask if you have an Appsec Programme in your organization and what that AppSec Programme is like.

Yes, a tool will help you find the bugs and security vulnerabilities, but a tool or combination of a tool in itself does not solve your security challenges without a proper programme.

In any case, depending on what part of the SDLC you want to introduce a tool into, then it may be easier to recommend a tool. For clarification purposes, you may want to share more light into the time you want to use the tool e.g during QA, Dev, Testing, production or Post-production, also the type of integration needs you have for your CI/CD, language or protocol support that you need to look into, as well as if you are looking at continuously monitoring your systems which you supply to the Airline industry.

A quick look into Gartner Application Security Testing quadrant or Forresters may give you some guidelines with respect to tools alone. but an AppSec programme is very key to the success of whatever tool you acquire.

03 December 19

I use and recommend Micro Focus Fortify for SAST, DAST, and real-time code analysis.

There support 25+ language programming and it integrates into your CI/CD environment for an unbreakable pipeline, i.e.: Jenkins, Jira, and others.

Fortify has a plugin for IDE for Eclipse, Visual Studio, and other IDE's and real-time analysis code is functional, with solutions and best practices.

it_user1162671 - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Manager DevOPS with 5,001-10,000 employees
03 December 19

I don’t know any. Either they do quality checks (which can also contain some vulnerabilities, but not to a great extent) or security scans, but not both, afaik. But my market knowledge is limited.

it_user1143165 - PeerSpot reviewer
Systems Engineer & Principal at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
03 December 19

It depends if the application is a web app. Does it have a database? Are the systems built to any regulations required for compliance (i.e. CIS benchmarks)? Do you want an automated means to "act" on findings?

Elina Petrovna - PeerSpot reviewer
Professor at BitBrainery University
Real User
04 February 20

My experience said there is no perfect all-in-one product doing its best for SAST, DAST and IAST together. If you're looking on Gartner-remarked products only, the most recent version of Micro Focus Fortify (today is 19.2.1) represents the best combination. If you are price-oriented, and also you don't trust on remarked products, you should take a look to niche players, like Security Reviewer: offering SAST, DAST, IAST and Software Composition Analyis. Most of my customers use a remarked product and a niche onw together, in order to solve as many false negative as possible.

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Developer at Huawei Technologies
Real User
06 January 20

For vulnerablity, from your requirement, your checking app is for airline industry, i assuem it will be C related. Base on my current usage experience, you can choose Coverity or Klocwork, this 2 tools can support many C related compiler, this will be very important for your application project. And this is main the reason i dont suggest you to chose Fortify, Fortify can support many programe language, but it is not good on C programe compared with Coverity and Klocwork.

For quality check, this is another question, normally commercial static analysis tools already provide some checker for bad practices, it is not big issue.

24 December 19


co-founder & CEO with 1-10 employees
04 December 19

As always it depends on your exact needs, what is the purpose and the value this will bring to your specific business.

If I am to give you only one answer in 20 seconds, I would say: use for base security and code-quality checks, for
architecture and biz logic there are no really good tools (unless your code size is incomprehensible to a person). Add a dynamic pen-testing agency or
a single person, and have a bug-bounty program to supplement the pen-testing with a diverse group of hackers.

I am biased towards DeepCode, but I've looked at all major competitive solutions and have compared DeepCode to all real tools in the space and
there is no comparison.

KeighleyWilliams - PeerSpot reviewer
Infrastructure Engineer at a government with 1,001-5,000 employees
Real User
04 December 19

Nexus seems a brilliant choice, it has a mature security scanner and great repo app for storing/caching packages.

It has great support as well.

PeerSpot user
Senior Project Manager at a computer software company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Real User
04 December 19

Fortify Covers the OWASPTOP 10  and SAN25, As this scanning will be done using Source codes. Hence recommended this. DAST and SAST is available in this tool

VERACODE can go for services good for JAVA applications. SAST is good to compare with DAST is high in cost and not much use.

Burpssuite does the Automated process on the UI Application scan. Here the coverage depends on what kind of security scenarios you are executing on it. DAST.

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