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What are the Top 5 cybersecurity trends in 2022?

Hi community,

What are your top 5 (or less) cyber security trends in 2022?

Thanks in advance!

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Bret Mantey - PeerSpot reviewer
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to the most recent Presidential order regarding security: Executive
Order 14028 and what it states are the most formidable
cyber-security threats (and what they are now expecting you to do to meet NIST and other compliance standards). It will force many to adapt or face
non-compliance and possibly loss of cyber insurance (or worse, all your insurance coverage). We're seeing it creep up already in certain industries.

initiatives important to thwart it all:

1) Zero-Trust

Immutable file storage and backup.

Non-signature-based AV (AI for all your security/endpoints).

Improved email security/control/training to better handle phishing/Malware and
other attacks.

Air gapping data.

Better resiliency to withstand Denial of Service attacks which are

and lowest on everyone's list - better, more secure password management. Still there after all these years.

Jairo Willian Pereira - PeerSpot reviewer
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1. [True!] Cloud Security hardening/assessment. 

2. AI (for massive data processing).

3. Data (protection) and breaches.

4. eGRC (enterprise GRC integrated with eRM and vendor-neutral xLAP visual presentation platform).

5. Collective Intelligence (MISP/Hive and similar platforms for normalization).

ITSecuri7cfd - PeerSpot reviewer
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NDR, SIEM expansion, IPS refresh, 365 migration to the cloud, and some DevOpSec.

Pablo Cousino - PeerSpot reviewer

1) Security in endpoints (especially because of remote work), especially to protect from phishing, Business Email Compromise (BEC), and ransomware.

2) Security data in transit (use SDP to protect, replace VPNs).

3) Security in Cloud adoption with security in DevOps (use Cloud-based SOCs with their sensors).

4) Security in SaaS applications (protection of SaaS-specific applications, CRM, AI, CDP, etc.).

5) Security in crypto transactions.

rtechenthusiast85 - PeerSpot reviewer

In the last few years, attackers have been looking for new ways to abuse companies by targeting their employees and users and exploiting their weak security procedures.

Here is a list of potential security trends that every individual, business, or organization should be aware of and take appropriate security precautions to avoid:

- Attack surface expansion

- Identity system defense

- Digital supply chain risk

- Vendor consolidation

- Cybersecurity mesh

- Distributed decisions

Eitan Greenberg - PeerSpot reviewer

@Bret Mantey​ has nailed it. 

Zero trust is the absolute necessary mind-shift we need to undergo. We can no longer afford to bank on a 'secure source' or a 'trusted partner', as these may well be already compromised, unknowingly.

Aji Joseph - PeerSpot reviewer
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The top ones are:

1) The remote workforce will continue to grow and more attacks will target Work-From-Home users.

2) Zero-trust will gain more prominence.

3) Supply chain still remains a major vulnerability area and we will see a substantial increase in supply chain attacks.

4) IoT and OT will see more targeted attacks that will make headlines.

5) Cybercriminals will continue to use new technologies like AI - which means organizations need to be proactive to stay secure

Peter Salerno - PeerSpot reviewer

Cybersecurity assessments, advanced endpoint protection, data backup, proper email configuration amd staff cybersecurity awareness education.

Yatender Sharma - PeerSpot reviewer

Please see my blog on the same topic.

Top Cyber Security Trends to look out for in 2022

Annette Warren - PeerSpot reviewer

The top trends our clients ask for help with are listed below. Hands-down clients don’t have the time, expertise or resources for security and they seek help.

1. vCISO and engineering hours.

2. Compliance Assessment.

3. Cloud Assessments.

4. Phishing.

5. Table Too Excercise's. 

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