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We're evaluating Tripwire, what else should we consider?

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We are mainly a VMware customer and for security Tripwire is being recommended. However, upon research I found that VMware has vCenter Configuration Manager and I'm checking to see if that's an alternative.

If not vCM, does anyone recommend any other products? How about CIMCOM?


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Have you looked into ScriptRock yet? It's a great platform for configuration management / monitoring / integrity as well as security. You can get complete visibility into the configuration of every server, network device, and cloud app you're running, ensure everything is correctly configured at all times while enforcing whatever security policies are critical to your environment. You can start with 10 nodes for free to try as well ...... :-) it seems to be a 'next generation' version of Tripwire.

it_user363954 - PeerSpot reviewer

After tuning your applications, you can protect them with Tripwire or Cisco's FirePOWER NGIPS solution. Cisco's solution integrates well with existing hardware and discovers non-existing hardware. This industry grade product can build financial trust from customers worried about their identities being stolen. An equivalent solution might be to stick with Tripwire. In addition use SSL/TLS (enforcing authenticity, integrity and confidentiality) while employing application certificates and client certificates in digital streams. I'm not an expert on this, but Tripwire may be more difficult to manage yet easier to configure.

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We used Tripwire some time ago on different platforms (Intel/SPARC) and OS (Windows/Unix Solaris) and were very satisfied. The product combines the flexibility and functionality. During use Tripwire we did not have any problems with installation and configuration. The product works great on various plaformah. So I recommend it for use.

Kevin Surace - PeerSpot reviewer

Are you attempting to understand what hole you have in an application and close them? ie App Penetration testing?

Or are you asking about detecting IT security issues in production?

These are two different fields, the second arguably not very related to “Application Security” but more “Network Security”

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My company is considered a competitor but I think you have to define better what you are looking for. there is a difference between configuration management tools like VCM to vulnerability management tools like Tripwire/ Qualys/ NNT.
As to the third product you mentioned, if you were referring to Calcom software they are focused on baseline hardening and the actual act of securing the servers. This is a new automation approach which helps the IT administrator to enforce a security policy without having to test a policy in labs or breaking running services when securing the system. they are a management pack for SCOM so if you use System Center or own the license you will probably see a good ROI.

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I'm using NNT from

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i use Stormshield Endpoint Protection "" , you can configure in only witelist application checking the application certificate id and is very good to prevent cryptolocker attack.

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hmm...I would look into these aproaches:
file integrity
log monitoring
rootkit detection
config analysis

Verisys(similar to Tripwire)
it's easier to use and cheaper

open source

You'll have to look into it and what complies with the requirements in details.
Going for open source or paid enterprise in rapport with the demands of the security levels and structural needs.

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Hi, I can't judge about the two solution as my company should be considered a competitor in the Vulnerability Management space. Still, what I'd like to recommend is to verify at least the ability to scan below the virtualization environment. I haven't heard of vCM and Vulnerabiliy Management in conjunction, so the question towards vCM would be about it gets update on Vulnerabilties discovered (ways of testing for them, frequency of updates, high risk vulnerability handling and so on).
Generally I'd suggest to consider putting the management of your Vulnerability Scanning solution outside of the virtualized environment and only use virtual sensors in it.

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You should consider the following vendors: 


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