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Over 2 years ago
I think the difference is more marketing-speak than technical features, and the terms are used inconsistently by the security vendors. The featured answer has some additional insight.
Almost 3 years ago
Burp Suite from PortSwigger (pen testing and vuln scans) and WebGoat from OWASP (code testing) are two that I would recommend. See this article for other recommendations:
Over 5 years ago
Short answer is no. The products will step on each other.
Almost 6 years ago
The short answer is yes, but it really depends on a lot of factors: are you running the most current browser versions? The latest are better but not as good as running a third party single sign on app like Okta etc. Are you connecting to a third party SaaS app or some…
Almost 6 years ago
I think Okta and Ping Identity have equally good solutions.
About 7 years ago
I have upgraded a few PCs and so far they work as expected. Some of the oddball graphics cards that I have had for many years aren't supported, and I do have one aging Dell that has a CPU from the wood-burning era that wouldn't even let Windows 10 install on it -- but then…
Over 7 years ago
Contributed a review of DataCore Virtual SAN: Compact, hyper-converged package for transactional databases.
Almost 8 years ago
Almost 8 years ago
An AC power cord that ran underneath a carpet -- the cord would cut out intermittently when the cleaning staff would vacuum the carpet at night -- it took weeks to troubleshoot that issue!
About 8 years ago
Palo Alto and some others have had some Facebook granularity for some time as well. Thanks for your comment.
About 8 years ago
About 8 years ago
About 8 years ago


Over 5 years ago
Named one of the top IT bloggers
Named one of the top IT bloggers by Veritech
Almost 4 years ago
Wrote a review of 1E's Tachyon endpoint protection
Wrote a review of 1E's Tachyon endpoint protection product

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