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About 1 year ago
Nope, the Data warehouse approach is analyze and decision platform for business.  You need a central data mart platform to provide data to 3rd party connectors. Sometimes you need near-realtime data. Data Warehouse platforms commonly present T-1 data. Also, in the future,…
Over 1 year ago
Contributed a review of MicroStrategy Usher: Stable but scaling on-premise can be difficult
Over 1 year ago
Power BI can be a complete platform when working with good designers. Because they know the limits, skills, experiences. They can make the entire model for organizations. But on the other hand, ordinary designers will just provide a visualization tool.  But, Synapse is the…
Over 1 year ago
1. Your business is well defined? SAP ERP = Company has to organize my directions. Microsoft ERP = I have to organize the company's directions.  2.Which industry do you stay in? In the SAP is more suitable for "Manufacturing", ERP is more suitable for "Retail and…
Over 1 year ago
Almost 2 years ago
Contributed a review of Microsoft Dynamics AX: Provides a lot of functionality