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TitanHQ WebTitan vs Trend Micro Web Security comparison

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TitanHQ WebTitan vs. Trend Micro Web Security
July 2022
Find out what your peers are saying about TitanHQ WebTitan vs. Trend Micro Web Security and other solutions. Updated: July 2022.
621,593 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"When it comes to hybrid work it's pretty effective. We've got the agents. We can protect people inside our building and, when they're using their laptops out in the field, they're still protected. It's working well.""Its simplicity is most valuable. I can install it and get it up and running, and it can be pervasive across my business within a business day. It is pretty simple and straightforward to install and configure. Its remit is reasonably clearly defined. When you look at solutions like Darktrace and Carbon Black, the mission objective isn't as clearly defined. Cisco Umbrella, Sophos Central, or some of the other solutions have a more standardized approach to antivirus, which includes enhanced response from the machine learning or deep learning perspective.""I haven't found any issues related to latency or any other issue.""The single-pane-of-glass management is very important. We have a very small team. We can't spend a lot of time going from product to product to product to either investigate or set up policy. We need to have one place that we can go to and set everything up.""Some clients only want DNS security, while others want more of the advanced features that it has available.""The user interface is great. It's very easy to tailor to our client's environment and needs.""I like that it integrates with the infrastructure. I also like the kind of data and intelligence that's built-in. It helps create innovative reports for security.""There is much differentiation within the licensing so if anyone wants DNS security from the DNS security log, we are there already, and if anyone wants to go to a secure internet gateway, that is also available. We can get the integrated cloud DLP license keys. That is a good benefit with Cisco Umbrella. You can get a complete solution in a single licensing."

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"Not a whole lot of oversight is required after WebTitan is installed. I get email notifications and occasionally browse the reporting. This is pretty important because I don't have the bandwidth to actively monitor all this stuff 24/7. It is just not possible. Therefore, it is important that it doesn't require a lot of my time once it is deployed and working.""The web content filter is the most valuable feature.""One of the most valuable features is the setup, right out-of-the-box. We rarely touch anything to do with WebTitan. That low administration is one of the huge features.""The most valuable feature is web filtering, where we are able to blacklist and whitelist sites on the fly.""The web filtering is the most valuable feature. The OTG client was the determining factor.""Their report tool is the most valuable. By using the URL-base filtering, their reports give me a clear view of who is accessing what as well as which computer may have a virus or malware.""It has been easy to understand and use the customization options provided by WebTitan.""It has been easy to understand and use customization options provided by WebTitan."

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"The security of Trend Micro Web Security is good.""It's a stable solution.""It's secure and useful from an administrative point of view, with controllable login monitoring and so on.""It's a very stable solution.""Threat protection solution with good stability and scalability. Installation is straightforward. Support for this product is good."

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"I would like to see more integrability with other products.""The price could be better. The price is definitely a bit high, but we have to pay a premium for Cisco products.""They need to improve analytics so they report on more of the specifics of user activity.""One of the issues with Umbrella is as you get into endpoint detection and response, such as EDR point solutions, some of them will not integrate well with Umbrella. Sometimes when you want to use technology, such as Always On VPN, it will not work. There are some looming issues as one type of technology starts to crossover with Umbrella. That is the challenge and Umbrella should find a way to be more compatible with some of the endpoint response solutions that are coming out on the market.""The pricing could always be a little bit better.""Data reporting could be improved.""There are some situations where we would like to block things for specific user groups. I know that Umbrella does that, but it's not that easy.... when you want a specific task for specific rules and policies for user groups, you have to go three levels down in the menu, and it's hard to find where you do that task.""I feel that the application needs other characteristics that are available with other applications in the market."

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"The documentation could always be better. That's true for any organization.""It works for us, and I have no real complaints about it. It is self-intuitive, but it could have intuitive help where you don't have to email somebody asking how you do something. They might already have it, but I've never used it.""I wasn't aware of WebTitan's Azure AD integration until now. The takeaway is that those types of enhancements should be broadcast from TitanHQ a little more openly than they are.""The Oauth1 protocol has a lot of issues with authentication and it made it very difficult to initially authenticate with the API.""One issue that they have just solved is that there's a new interface for paying bills. I had an issue when I tried to pay with our debit card last year, but with the new payment interface, they have solved that.""There were a few little glitches in the beginning when rolling out the client app that resides on laptops.""WebTitan could improve the software module and the platform's overall stability, and its competitors have a more sophisticated user interface. We have found some bugs as well as some issues with functionality and security that we've already forwarded to TitanHQ.""I would like to have a live chat feature with their support. This is one of the things that I like that they haven't offered yet. If they have live support, then at least I can work with an engineer when I have a problem and not have to wait for the engineer to respond."

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"Setup isn't very straightforward. You must have a certified technical engineer.""The installation is a little bit complex.""There are multiple ways Web Security could improve, such as usability and web access to several programming modes.""What could help Trend Micro Web Security in terms of improvement is the addition of a DDoS protection feature. It also needs to be more comprehensive to meet the needs of large-sized companies.""I would like to see better scalability and better performance."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "Cisco uses subscription models for the pricing and there are three subscription plans."
  • "The licensing part for Umbrella is really flexible."
  • "There are three models for licensing with different feature sets."
  • "I think it's worth the money."
  • "The price of Cisco Umbrella is a little higher than similar solutions, like Gateway."
  • "The price should be slightly lower than the current price because if you look at the whole solution, it is simply a threat intelligence solution to block blacklisted things. The price should be lower looking at the features provided by the solution. The price isn't too high either, but it could be lower."
  • "There is a subscription cost."
  • "The price could be lower."
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  • "The cost could be lower, though it is not currently prohibitive for larger companies."
  • "The pricing is good. It's a substantial cost, but they've held their prices over the years, which has been good."
  • "We pay an annual subscription for this. They have good pricing. They are not expensive compared to other solutions that we evaluated. I like the fact that it is just one price for the year. I don't have to worry too much about fluctuations."
  • "There are lots of products out there, and most of them are a lot more expensive. Overall, I'm very happy with SpamTitan. It has been a great solution for a very small library."
  • "The licensing, although I can't remember the exact cost, was very affordable. I want to say it was maybe $40 per license."
  • "It's very aggressively priced, which is something that we definitely like."
  • "WebTitan helps reduce costs associated with web filtering. In the event that somebody was compromised due to browsing the Internet, there will be at least one device offline. The time and energy spent cleaning that thing up and getting it back online, as well as having that user set up with some sort of a solution so they can continue working, makes it well worth the money. If a single device has been compromised, my time and the potential of having to buy additional hardware is worth at least a couple thousand dollars. Worst case scenario, if our entire organization or the majority of our organization got compromised, then it could get into the 50,000-plus for recovery. It depends on if it is a massive ransomware attack where it has pretty much crippled our entire business."
  • "For licensing, if I remember right, we told them how many users we have, and they told us the price, which we okayed. There were no add-ons. There might be a slight increase like everybody else, but there weren't any add-ons."
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  • "There's annual and monthly options for the license. When you're on the managed services option, it's monthly. They're also setting up an option via AWS where there will be a monthly option via the AWS shopfront."
  • "The license is yearly and user based."
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    621,593 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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    Top Answer:The web content filter is the most valuable feature.
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    Top Answer:We pay a yearly licensing fee. It's an annual subscription.
    Also Known As
    WebTitan, WebTitan Web Filter
    Virus Wall, VirusWall, Trend Micro VirusWall
    Learn More

    Cisco Umbrella offers flexible, cloud-delivered security according to users’ requirements Cisco Umbrella includes secure web gateway, firewall, and cloud access security broker (CASB) functionality all delivered from a single cloud security service. Cisco Umbrella’s protection is extended to devices, remote users, and distributed locations anywhere. As company employees work from many locations and devices, Cisco Umbrella is the easiest way to effectively protect users everywhere in minutes.

    Cisco Umbrella uses machine learning to search for, identify, and even predict malicious domains. By learning from internet activity patterns, this DNS-layer security solution can automatically identify attacker infrastructure being staged for the next threat. These domains are then proactively blocked, protecting networks from potential compromise. Cisco Umbrella analyzes terabytes of data in real time across all markets, geographies, and protocols.

    Cisco Umbrella works with leading IT companies to integrate its security enforcement and intelligence. Built with a bidirectional API, Cisco Umbrella makes it easy to extend protection from on-premises security appliances to cloud controlled devices and sites.

    Cisco Umbrella is suitable for small businesses without dedicated security professionals, as well as for multinational enterprises with complex environments.

    Why use Cisco Umbrella?

    • Simplify security management: Cisco Umbrella is the fastest and easiest way to protect all users within minutes and reduces the number of infections and alerts sent from other security products by stopping threats at the earliest point. With no hardware to install and no software to manually update, ongoing management is simple

    • Reliable reporting: Cisco Umbrella reports show activity for each device or network in the system. Users gain a more complete picture of the security risks facing their organization and can take action to remedy them.

    • Manage and control cloud apps: Umbrella provides visibility into sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services in use across the enterprise. Users can uncover new services being used, see who is using them, identify potential risk, and block specific applications easily.

    Reviews from Real Users

    Cisco Umbrella stands out among its competitors for a number of reasons. Some of the major ones are its DNS-based protection, ability to protect users no matter where they are located, stability, and high performance.

    Daniel B., a network specialist at Syswind Kft, writes, “We primarily use the solution as cloud security for our branches. It protects us from direct internet outbreaks. It makes for good flexibility. The solution is very easy to manage. We found the initial setup, for example, to be quite simple. Efficient protection on the DNS level and even higher. The sandboxing feature analyses and handles the complicated security risks.”

    Victor M., SOC & Security Services Director at BEST, notes, “It provides security for the remote workers and it helps to improve enterprise security in a very easy way. We mainly enjoy web software protection capabilities. It prevents the end-users from getting into bad sites or sites that potentially could have malware or could be phishing. It helps end-users avoid the wrong sites. The solution works very smoothly. The user interface is good.”

    WebTitan is a powerful web filter providing protection from web based security threats and advanced web and dns filtering control to businesses around the world. WebTitan Cloud is a DNS based web filtering solution, hosted and managed by TitanHQ in our shared cloud environment. This cloud based dns web filtering solution provides complete protection from online threats such as viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing and comprehensive content filtering. WebTitan Cloud is a low maintenance solution that can be set up in five minutes to stop your users from accessing inappropriate content online. Our intelligent content categorization combines industry leading anti-virus and cloud based architecture. This makes the WebTitan Cloud DNS filter an ideal solution for organizations needing maximum protection and minimal maintenance.

    Trend Micro Web Security is a cloud-based web security gateway which enables users to focus on strategic security, such as policy and architecture. It provides users with forward-looking threat protection on web threats, URL filtering, and application control. It features cloud app access control, flexible deployment, and a single console that provides advanced security against online threats. Trend Micro Web Security shields your users from cyber threats by employing cross-generational defense methods to detect known and unknown threats. This provides visibility and access control for each of your users on unauthorized cloud applications.

    The solution’s innovative deployment strategy allows you to deploy gateways on premises, in the cloud, or both, ensuring that your users are protected no matter where they are. A single cloud-based administration panel streamlines your workload by allowing you to define policies, manage users, and access reporting all from one place.

    Trend Micro Web Security Features

    Trend Micro Web Security has many valuable key features. Some of the most useful ones include:

    • Gateway HTTPS decryption and anti-malware:  Prevents malware from entering your network, relieving endpoint security of the responsibility.
    • Correlated threat data and web reputation: Trend Micro Smart Protection Network web reputation technology prevents access to malicious websites.
    • Filtering and categorization of URLs: Identifies inappropriate or harmful sites using real-time URL classification and reputation. Blocks access to spyware and phishing-related websites and prevents drive-by downloads.
    • Predictive machine learning and cloud sandboxing: In a secure Trend Micro-hosted sandbox environment, cloud sandboxing allows automatic in-depth simulation and analysis of potentially dangerous attachments, including executables and typical office documents.

    Trend Micro Web Security Benefits

    There are many benefits to implementing Trend Micro Web Security. Some of the biggest advantages the solution offers include:

    • Provides superior security for any device, anywhere: Threats are stopped in the cloud by Trend Micro Web Security before they reach your endpoints. Your users will be safe on any device, including desktop and mobile platforms, and in any location, whether or not they are connected to the corporate network.
    • Cloud application access control: Trend Micro Web Security can detect more than 30,000 cloud services in use and carry out the granular access policies defined by the administrator. This powerful feature allows you to set access controls for individual users or user groups on unsanctioned cloud apps within a schedule, enhancing your company's security and productivity.
    • Flexibility in deployment to meet your needs: This unique deployment strategy gives you the option of deploying the product on premises, in the cloud, or a combination of both. The expense and resource drain associated with backhauling traffic or operating several separate on-premises secure web gateways are eliminated with cloud-based deployment for all users, including on site, branch offices, and remote/mobile users.
    • Centralized management console with a single interface: You can manage and monitor web usage in real time using a single cloud-based management panel. You can manage consolidated and unified policies across both on-premises and cloud-based deployment instances with this single pane of glass. Dashboards and reports that are interactive and customized provide you total visibility into online usage and security data.

    Reviews from Real Users

    Trend Micro Web Security stands out among its competitors for a number of reasons. Two major ones are its robust access security and its stability. PeerSpot users take note of the advantages of these features in their reviews: 

    Hartmut S., IT principal consultant, infrastructure architect, and project manager at EDV-SIMON, writes of the solution, “Web Security's most valuable feature is access security.” He adds, “It's secure and useful from an administrative point of view, with controllable login monitoring and so on.” 

    Nadeem S., CEO at Haniya Technologies, notes, “It's a very stable solution.” He adds, “I would definitely recommend Trend Micro to people looking for an end-to-end security solution. Trend Micro has a good portfolio for security solutions.”

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    Chart Industries, City of Aspen, Eastern Mountain Sports, FLEXcon, George Washington University, Jackson Municipal Airport Authority, Ohio Public Library Information Network, PTC, Richland Community College, Smart Motors, Tulane University, VeriClaim
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    Large Enterprise27%
    Small Business37%
    Midsize Enterprise18%
    Large Enterprise45%
    Small Business24%
    Midsize Enterprise18%
    Large Enterprise58%
    Buyer's Guide
    TitanHQ WebTitan vs. Trend Micro Web Security
    July 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about TitanHQ WebTitan vs. Trend Micro Web Security and other solutions. Updated: July 2022.
    621,593 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    TitanHQ WebTitan is ranked 3rd in Secure Web Gateways (SWG) with 13 reviews while Trend Micro Web Security is ranked 17th in Secure Web Gateways (SWG) with 5 reviews. TitanHQ WebTitan is rated 9.4, while Trend Micro Web Security is rated 7.2. The top reviewer of TitanHQ WebTitan writes "User-friendly, customizable, and fairly priced". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Trend Micro Web Security writes "Provides stable and scalable threat protection with good technical support, but it needs to be more comprehensive". TitanHQ WebTitan is most compared with Zscaler Internet Access, Forcepoint Secure Web Gateway, DNSFilter, Barracuda Web Security Gateway and Webroot DNS Protection, whereas Trend Micro Web Security is most compared with Zscaler Internet Access, Forcepoint Secure Web Gateway, Netskope Next Gen Secure Web Gateway, Fortinet FortiGate SWG and Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection. See our TitanHQ WebTitan vs. Trend Micro Web Security report.

    See our list of best Secure Web Gateways (SWG) vendors and best Internet Security vendors.

    We monitor all Secure Web Gateways (SWG) reviews to prevent fraudulent reviews and keep review quality high. We do not post reviews by company employees or direct competitors. We validate each review for authenticity via cross-reference with LinkedIn, and personal follow-up with the reviewer when necessary.