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We performed a comparison between Fortinet FortiWLM and Ruckus Wireless WAN based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

Find out what your peers are saying about Aruba Networks, Cisco, Ruckus and others in Wireless LAN.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"The most useful feature of Juniper Wireless AP is the reporting Marvis.""The solution is pretty generic and easy to use.""The simplicity is great."

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"Fortinet FortiWLM is good for tracking assets, monitoring, and overall management.""Although there are a few steps, the initial setup is pretty straightforward.""The most valuable features are the roaming profile, the mesh, and the performance.""The most valuable features are central management and the many other features available.""For me, the ease of setup and the rugged nature in harsh environments are most valuable. So, durability and ease of use have been its best features.""The most valuable features of this solution are its speed, reliability, and integration with the firewall.""At the moment, particularly with the COVID-19 situation, the most valuable feature is probably the IPsec VPN, which is easy to implement with Fortinet."

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"Provides great coverage and performance.""The best feature of Ruckus Wireless WAN apart from its seamless roaming feature where you roam beautifully on the network is its analytics tool that gives you so much insight into your deployment, so it has become more of a business intelligence type of tool as well. I also like that Ruckus Networks, in terms of WiFi security issues on the WiFi protocols, is also the first company to give you notices of security issues, and also the first to provide patches for those issues. Ruckus Wireless WAN is very proactive and much, much faster than Cisco, Aruba, and Meraki.""We use things like VLAN and all the multibeam features that are built in, but at the end of the day, the most important thing for us is to get a good signal and site-wide coverage.""One of the best features of Ruckus Wireless WAN that customers are interested in is the adaptive antenna called BeamFlex. Ruckus Wireless WAN also has the best management platform, and even if there are thousands of users of the solution, it's very easy to manage on Ruckus Wireless WAN. It can also support third-party equipment. It's an all-in-one solution and it has IoT and secure access capabilities. Upgrading the network to Ruckus Wireless WAN is also easy.""Tech support is good.""The stability provided is very nice.""The most valuable feature of Ruckus Wireless WAN is the antenna technology.""The strongest point for Ruckus has always been the radio hardware."

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"If you want to do more specific stuff, it's a bit limited.""Juniper Wireless AP can improve by continually improving its reporting and integration with other systems.""I need a bit more time with it before criticizing the features."

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"Areas for improvement would be the compatibility with Apple products and cross-platform integration.""The roaming of Fortinet FortiWLM could improve when comparing it to other solutions. We are missing some of the functionality in the controller. Additionally, they should offer more logs instead of using FortiAnalyzer because all the users will not be using the same thing.""When using the FortiGate as the wireless controller, you cannot have automatic user registration, which is something that they should offer.""In the next release, they could improve by adding a controller-less server, or architecture that is provided in other solutions, such as Aruba. This would be a great benefit for customers.""Cost is something that could be improved, but you have to pay for what you get.""The interface could certainly do with some improvement. We have other customers with WiFi networks, and they always use Ubiquiti. With Ubiquiti, it's a much better user interface, and it is much easier to configure.""They need to do more with their marketing. That's what's wrong with them. Nobody knows they do all this other stuff. I love the product. For an enterprise-level system, you never have to explain why you're recommending Fortinet, whereas you might have to do that if you want to use the Ubiquiti Professional or the new Netgear line, but you don't have to explain Fortinet. It has been remarkable to work with."

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"Pricing could be improved in Ruckus Wireless WAN because obviously, everybody wants things to become cheaper. Another room for improvement in the product is from a delivery perspective, particularly the heavy delivery delays because of the chip shortage that a lot of manufacturers have to deal with. The chip shortage is not coming to an end, but Ruckus Networks has to make a plan because the ETA has slipped out from the average of three months on switches to fourteen months, which is very, very rough on the industry at the moment. Ruckus Wireless WAN could lose business to Chinese competitors, for example, HTC has a good wireless solution that I haven't tested yet, other than on POC, and it works great. I haven't yet experienced the HTC wireless solution in large deployments, so you never know how it's going to go, but HTC has managed to circumvent the chip shortage, so the ETA provided by HTC is much more preferred than the ETAs provided by Ruckus Networks, Cisco, and Aruba products.""I would like to have a better built-in reporting feature.""The controller could be made less complicated, so those who are less technically sound can maintain it.""I would like to see the billing system improved by adding a billing system integration.""Really, it's just about centralizing manageability across multiple sites, but like I said, that's me commenting on the old product that we've got. I know they've addressed that now with cloud controllers, but that would've been my main thing.""I would like to see IoT device support available with WiFi six. IoT is used by all businesses. They are now using IoT devices. It is required.""I would not consider this solution to be stable.""The solution could be more stable."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "We pay maybe 1000 SEK per year, per access point."
  • "Juniper Wireless AP's price is a little more expensive than other solutions, but you get what you pay for."
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  • "There is a perpetual license required for this solution and the price could be reduced."
  • "Support contracts typically cost approximately $100.00 per year."
  • "To save yourself from increased setup and maintenance costs, I highly recommend undertaking a proper site survey from the beginning."
  • "Licensing costs are reasonable. There are so many different types of licenses with Fortinet, but the licensing and the 24/7/365 support are so reasonable that I automatically include it with every transaction. I never line item it without it. There are no additional costs."
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  • "Here in India, Ruckus is chosen often because it is priced low."
  • "Licensing for Ruckus Wireless WAN when you compare it to other vendors, it's on par and not expensive. For me, all licensing is expensive by default, but you do get lifelong licenses, and what's cool about it is the license for Ruckus Wireless WAN, especially on the LAN controller, is not linked to an access point. It's just a quantity access point deployment, so you can rip out old APs, and put new ones in and they'll work on the wireless LAN because the license is not linked to a specific access point which is much easier to work with."
  • "In terms of the license of Ruckus Wireless WAN being cheap or expensive, it would differ based on your country. As I'm living in Turkey, it's expensive, so far. There is a big challenge about the chip crisis or the silicon crisis lately, and all vendors are fighting, so not enough equipment could be sold and the vendors must earn money, so it's very fair for vendors to push software and licensing to keep working and earning, so it's hard to answer a question on how cheap or expensive the license is for the solution."
  • "The price of Ruckus Wireless WAN is in the middle price range compared to competitors. You will find Cisco is the most expensive, the second is HPE and Aruba, and the third is Ruckus Wireless WAN. You then have all the follower solutions."
  • "The cost of licensing varies."
  • "You have to pay for the controller with Ruckus, whereas with Ubiquiti, it comes for free."
  • "It is less expensive than Aruba and Cisco."
  • "We have to pay annually for the cloud licenses, so I think it'll be about 5,000 pounds a year moving forwards."
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    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:The solution is pretty generic and easy to use.
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    Top Answer:You can only get so far with it. If you want to do more specific stuff, it's a bit limited. You can alter the channels… more »
    Top Answer:All are good selections, and this question is difficult to answer without knowing your throughput requirements, as each… more »
    Top Answer:For me, the ease of setup and the rugged nature in harsh environments are most valuable. So, durability and ease of use… more »
    Top Answer:Licensing costs are reasonable. There are so many different types of licenses with Fortinet, but the licensing and the… more »
    Top Answer:Ubiquiti Wireless is extremely easy to set up and is an excellent option for small businesses, offering enterprise… more »
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    Also Known As
    FortiWLM, FortiAP, Fortinet AP/OAP, Meru Wireless LAN
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    Juniper Wireless Access Points work in conjunction with Juniper Mist Cloud Services and Mist AI to deliver premier wireless access capabilities. The Juniper Mist Edge extends microservices to the campus to bring agility and scale while enabling new applications at the edge.

    Consolidate security and wireless LAN management with our integrated wireless solutions. Single-pane-of-glass management for security and access without the need to add point products simplifies deployment and reduces management complexity. These solutions are highly scalable to support even the largest organizations and distributed enterprises.

    Ruckus Wireless’s WAN (Wide Area Network) suite of switches and solutions provides companies and organizations with a wide variety of products that enable them to deploy and manage the kinds of WANs that best meet their needs. Ruckus Wireless is a leader in the field of WAN creation, deployment, and management. Their solutions are designed with the user in mind. They are sleek products and solutions that are easy for administrators to use and maintain. This makes it a valuable suite for any and every kind of industry. The level of ease that it provides makes it possible for companies and organizations to reap a high level of benefit from whichever product they choose to use. 

    Ruckus Wireless WAN Benefits

    Some of the benefits of using the Ruckus Wireless WAN suite of switches and solutions include:

    • Simplified network deployment and management. Ruckus Wireless WAN uses Campus Fabric technology to create a streamlined network creation and management process. This technology takes many of the processes used to create and manage networks that usually require many different solutions and combines them so that a single solution can accomplish the same amount of work.
    • The ability to operate on a massive scale. The Ruckus Wireless SmartZone 100 solution gives administrators the power to handle 1,024 access points and 25,000 users from a single device. Companies can operate at a high level with fewer devices than their competitors require to accomplish a similar level of work.
    • Ease of use. Solutions like RuckusZoneDirector 1200 can be easily deployed and used by administrators who may not have a background in the use of wireless solutions. Companies that choose Ruckus Wireless WAN do not need to train administrators to deploy it. This makes it extremely valuable to companies looking to keep their budgets to a minimum. 

    Ruckus Wireless WAN Features

    Organizations that choose to use the Ruckus Wireless WAN suite of switches and solutions have a large number of capabilities from which they can choose. 

    • Centralized network management.  Ruckus Wireless WAN’s RUCKUS Network Director feature enables administrators to manage their networks from a single location. All of the controls and data that users need to monitor and control the network can be managed from one interface.
    • Advanced security features. Ruckus Wireless WAN has the capability to encrypt and demand that traffic that is trying to pass through the network be authenticated before it is allowed access. This protects the data that leaves the network and the network itself.

    • Seamless interoperability. The various solutions and products that make up Ruckus Wireless’s WAN solution suite have the ability to integrate and operate together seamlessly. Users can mix and match solution pieces to best fit their needs.

    Reviews from Real Users

    Ruckus Wireless’s WAN suite is a truly versatile selection of solutions that offer users a complete package of capabilities and features. This suite makes it possible for users to meet all of their networking needs. Their wireless access points are the kind that is mostly employed in industries like resorts, which have to cater to large volumes of people over extended periods of time. They provide companies with the highest possible level of coverage. Users working in any number of fields would find Ruckus Wireless to be up to the task of handling their networking needs. This suite is appropriate for large corporations and small businesses alikes. 

    An information technology project manager at a university writes, “The actual wireless access points themselves are very powerful. We get very good coverage from just one access point.  The throughput is very good and the centralized management is excellent.  Also, the ease of deployment is very good.”

    A video conferencing administrator at a technology services company states, “The solution is suitable for many types of environments, such as small businesses.

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    Sample Customers
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    Black Gold Regional Schools, Amadeus Hospitality, Jefferson County, Chunghwa Telecom, City of Boroondara, Dimension Data
    American University of Sharjah, Dordt College, Drew University, Lamar University, Raroa School
    Top Industries
    Computer Software Company18%
    Comms Service Provider8%
    Educational Organization7%
    Educational Organization29%
    Healthcare Company14%
    Computer Software Company14%
    Construction Company14%
    Comms Service Provider21%
    Computer Software Company17%
    Manufacturing Company6%
    Comms Service Provider27%
    Computer Software Company9%
    Manufacturing Company9%
    Comms Service Provider19%
    Computer Software Company14%
    Educational Organization6%
    Company Size
    Small Business30%
    Midsize Enterprise18%
    Large Enterprise53%
    Small Business60%
    Midsize Enterprise7%
    Large Enterprise33%
    Small Business32%
    Midsize Enterprise19%
    Large Enterprise49%
    Small Business54%
    Midsize Enterprise14%
    Large Enterprise32%
    Small Business35%
    Midsize Enterprise19%
    Large Enterprise45%
    Buyer's Guide
    Wireless LAN
    December 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about Aruba Networks, Cisco, Ruckus and others in Wireless LAN. Updated: December 2022.
    657,849 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Fortinet FortiWLM is ranked 11th in Wireless LAN with 7 reviews while Ruckus Wireless WAN is ranked 2nd in Wireless WAN with 15 reviews. Fortinet FortiWLM is rated 8.0, while Ruckus Wireless WAN is rated 8.4. The top reviewer of Fortinet FortiWLM writes "Impressive manufacturing quality, highly durable, and very easy to deploy". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Ruckus Wireless WAN writes "Has a seamless roaming feature, an analytics tool that gives deployment insights, and an uncomplicated licensing structure". Fortinet FortiWLM is most compared with Aruba Wireless, Cisco Wireless, Cisco Meraki Wireless LAN, Ruckus Wireless and Fortinet FortiWLC, whereas Ruckus Wireless WAN is most compared with Ubiquiti Wireless, Cambium Networks Wireless WAN, Aruba Networks Wireless WAN, HPE Wireless WAN and Fortinet FortiExtender.

    We monitor all Wireless LAN reviews to prevent fraudulent reviews and keep review quality high. We do not post reviews by company employees or direct competitors. We validate each review for authenticity via cross-reference with LinkedIn, and personal follow-up with the reviewer when necessary.