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As of June 2024, in the Data Integration category, the mindshare of Fivetran is 2.1%, up from 1.7% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of StreamSets is 1.6%, up from 1.2% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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John Parker - PeerSpot reviewer
Aug 16, 2023
Helps to build data pipelines and save time but pricing is expensive
We use Fivetran to build data engineering pipelines. It helps us do a lot of data transformation and data extraction.  Fivetran helps us save time and be more efficient because we do things with no-code/low-code.  The most important feature of the solution is its ability to build data pipelines…
Nantabo Jackie - PeerSpot reviewer
Mar 24, 2023
Simplified pipelines and helped us break down data silos within our organization
The design experience when implementing batch streaming or ECL pipelines is very easy and straightforward. When we initially attempted to integrate StreamSets with Kafka, it was somewhat challenging until we consulted the documentation, after which it became straightforward. We use StreamSets to move data into modern analytics platforms. Moving the data into modern analytics platforms is still complex. It requires a lot of understanding of logic. StreamSets enables us to build data pipelines without knowing how to code. StreamSets' ability to build data pipelines without requiring us to know complex programming is very important, as it allows us to focus on our projects without spending time writing code. StreamSets' Transformer for Snowflake is simple to use for designing both simple and complex transformation logic. StreamSets' Transformer for Snowflake is extremely important to me as it helps me to connect external data sources and keep my internal workflow organized. Transformer for Snowflake's functionality is a perfect ten out of ten. It is important and cost-effective that Transformer for Snowflake is a serverless engine embedded within the platform, as without this feature, it would be very expensive. This feature helps us to sell at lower budget costs, which would otherwise be at a high cost with other servers. StreamSets has helped improve our organization. StreamSets simplified pipelines for our organization. It is easier to complete a project when we know where and how to start, and working with the team remotely makes it more efficient. This helps us to save time and be more organized when creating data pipelines. Being a structured company that produces reliable resources for our application benefits both our clients and contacts. StreamSets' built-in data drift resilience plays a part in our ETL operations. With prior knowledge, the built-in data drift resilience is very effective, but it can be challenging to implement without the preexisting knowledge. The built-in data drift resilience reduced the time it takes us to fix data drift breakages by 45 percent. StreamSets helped us break down data silos within our organization. The use of StreamSets to break down data silos enabled us to be confident in the services and products we provide, as well as the real-time streaming we offer. This has had a positive impact on our business, as it allowed us to accurately determine the analytics we need to present to stakeholders, clients, and our sources while ensuring that the process is secure and transparent. StreamSets saved us time because anyone can use StreamSets not just developers. We can save around 40 percent of our time. StreamSets' reusable assets helped us reduce workload by around 25 percent. StreamSets saved us money by not having to hire developers with specialized skills. We saved around $2,000 US. StreamSets helped us scale our data operations. Since StreamSets makes it easy to scale our data operations, it enabled us to know exactly where to start at any time. We are aware of the timeline for completing the project, and depending on our familiarity with the software, we can come up with a solution quickly.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The portal is very intuitive and easy to use."
"The most valuable feature of Fivetran is that it only synchronizes what needs to be synchronized."
"The solution is stable. We've never faced any stability issues."
"The product is very easy to use and very easy to configure."
"Fivetran is remarkably easy to use; I haven't encountered any other data integration tool that is as user-friendly."
"For us, Fivetran has been able to scale both in terms of the data we bring into our warehouse and the amount of data that we use as well."
"Fivetran's most valuable feature is replication."
"The compare feature is the most valuable piece of it."
"It's very easy to integrate. It integrates with Snowflake, AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. It's very helpful for DevOps, DataOps, and data engineering because it provides a comprehensive solution, and it's not complicated."
"I have used Data Collector, Transformer, and Control Hub products from StreamSets. What I really like about these products is that they're very user-friendly. People who are not from a technological or core development background find it easy to get started and build data pipelines and connect to the databases. They would be comfortable like any technical person within a couple of weeks."
"The best feature that I really like is the integration."
"StreamSets’ data drift resilience has reduced the time it takes us to fix data drift breakages. For example, in our previous Hadoop scenario, when we were creating the Sqoop-based processes to move data from source to destinations, we were getting the job done. That took approximately an hour to an hour and a half when we did it with Hadoop. However, with the StreamSets, since it works on a data collector-based mechanism, it completes the same process in 15 minutes of time. Therefore, it has saved us around 45 minutes per data pipeline or table that we migrate. Thus, it reduced the data transfer, including the drift part, by 45 minutes."
"The scheduling within the data engineering pipeline is very much appreciated, and it has a wide range of connectors for connecting to any data sources like SQL Server, AWS, Azure, etc. We have used it with Kafka, Hadoop, and Azure Data Factory Datasets. Connecting to these systems with StreamSets is very easy."
"The Ease of configuration for pipes is amazing. It has a lot of connectors. Mainly, we can do everything with the data in the pipe. I really like the graphical interface too"
"The most valuable features are the option of integration with a variety of protocols, languages, and origins."
"The best thing about StreamSets is its plugins, which are very useful and work well with almost every data source. It's also easy to use, especially if you're comfortable with SQL. You can customize it to do what you need. Many other tools have started to use features similar to those introduced by StreamSets, like automated workflows that are easy to set up."


"We experience cost issues because Fivetran is charged on a usage basis. When you reach a certain level, the tool should focus on reducing the costs. The solution is expensive when you are moving gigabytes and petabytes of data. It should also focus more on REST APIs and webhooks."
"Fivetran should add more connectors because its competitors, like Airbyte, have more connectors."
"The customization could improve because Fivetran gives more thought to people who don't want to manage analytics workflows rather than engineers who want to be able to customize pipelines more thoroughly."
"Some of the pain points we're looking at are trying to integrate some of the items in the Microsoft stack, so SharePoint and Excel, and then some of the newer Azure services."
"This solution needs to improve its real-time data and transformation availability."
"I would like for them to incorporate additional transformations. A valuable aspect of the product is that it does inflight transformations and that could be expanded."
"It should have a few more monitoring functionalities."
"The documentation is decent, but it's hard to find information online about Fivetran. For example, if you try to search for an error code, you won't find much information about it in forums."
"The design experience is the bane of our existence because their documentation is not the best. Even when they update their software, they don't publish the best information on how to update and change your pipeline configuration to make it conform to current best practices. We don't pay for the added support. We use the "freeware version." The user community, as well as the documentation they provide for the standard user, are difficult, at best."
"The logging mechanism could be improved. If I am working on a pipeline, then create a job out of it and it is running, it will generate constant logs. So, the logging mechanism could be simplified. Now, it is a bit difficult to understand and filter the logs. It takes some time."
"The data collector in StreamSets has to be designed properly. For example, a simple database configuration with MySQL DB requires the MySQL Connector to be installed."
"Using ETL pipelines is a bit complicated and requires some technical aid."
"I would like to see further improvement in the UI. In addition, upgrades are not automatic and they should be automated. Currently, we have to manually upgrade versions."
"We create pipelines or jobs in StreamSets Control Hub. It is a great feature, but if there is a way to have a folder structure or organize the pipelines and jobs in Control Hub, it would be great. I submitted a ticket for this some time back."
"Sometimes, when we have large amounts of data that is very efficiently stored in Hadoop or Kafka, it is not very efficient to run it through StreamSets, due to the lack of efficiency or the resources that StreamSets is using."
"One area for improvement could be the cloud storage server speed, as we have faced some latency issues here and there."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The product is reasonably expensive"
"I've heard that the license for HVR is a bit costly compared to its competitors, but since it's reliable and efficient, I think the customer shouldn't be bothered about the cost."
"The solution is affordable."
"I can't give exact amounts because that's based on usage, but it's more expensive than some of its competitors."
"Fivetran is very expensive, and its database-driven pricing model is outdated."
"The pricing model is okay and mid to large companies will not have an issue with it."
"I would say they're a little bit on the expensive side, and their contract process is not particularly good, but there is a lot of potential flexibility."
"When you have a lot of workflows and complex use cases, pricing goes down as you use it more."
"There are two editions, Professional and Enterprise, and there is a free trial. We're using the Professional edition and it is competitively priced."
"We use the free version. It's great for a public, free release. Our stance is that the paid support model is too expensive to get into. They should honestly reevaluate that."
"Its pricing is pretty much up to the mark. For smaller enterprises, it could be a big price to pay at the initial stage of operations, but the moment you have the Seed B or Seed C funding and you want to scale up your operations and aren't much worried about the funds, at that point in time, you would need a solution that could be scaled."
"The pricing is good, but not the best. They have some customized plans you can opt for."
"The licensing is expensive, and there are other costs involved too. I know from using the software that you have to buy new features whenever there are new updates, which I don't really like. But initially, it was very good."
"I believe the pricing is not equitable."
"StreamSets is an expensive solution."
"It's not so favorable for small companies."
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