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As of July 2024, in the Data Integration category, the mindshare of Oracle GoldenGate is 3.9%, down from 4.1% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of StreamSets is 1.9%, up from 1.4% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Featured Reviews

Prashant Sukhe - PeerSpot reviewer
Nov 13, 2023
Stable Solution with Live Application Feature
The key consideration in use case was determining if the solution performs better with Oracle databases compared to other database options. I played a role in evaluating both options to determine the most sensible choice One notable improvement the organization experienced is a significant…
BahatiAsher Faith - PeerSpot reviewer
Mar 15, 2023
Simplifies the way we perform tasks and engineer pipelines at all stages
StreamSets Transformer is a good feature because it helps you when you are developing applications and when you don't want to write a lot of code. That is the best feature overall. They really help you to come up with a solution more quickly. The Transformer logic is very easy, as long as you understand the concept of what you intend to develop. It doesn't require any technical skills. The overall GUI and user interface are also good because you don't need to write complex programming for any implementation. You just drag and configure what you want to implement. It's very easy and you can use it without knowing any programming language. The design experience is much easier when you want to integrate other systems and tools and make them work in a particular format. It helps you improve the topologies. You can view the status of all the pipelines you have developed and monitor them. Connecting to enterprise data stores is also very easy, as is monitoring and managing things in one place.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"GoldenGate enables us to merge and transform data from various sources in real time. It's a powerful tool that can read and load most data sources."
"This solution has a well-known procedure for troubleshooting and tuning the performance, providing for smooth operation."
"One feature that stands out for me is the data center capability."
"It works best with Oracle."
"Oracle GoldenGate helps to select and target specific tables for replication. Any changes or operations on those tables are immediately reflected in the source and target environments."
"The product's initial setup phase was very simple."
"You can put data together from a few databases into one database or the other way, from one database into several. It transforms data in real-time."
"What I have found the most valuable about GoldenGate is that it does real-time and no-downtime migrations. Its migrations are fast. There are not many tools like it on the marketplace."
"The scheduling within the data engineering pipeline is very much appreciated, and it has a wide range of connectors for connecting to any data sources like SQL Server, AWS, Azure, etc. We have used it with Kafka, Hadoop, and Azure Data Factory Datasets. Connecting to these systems with StreamSets is very easy."
"It is really easy to set up and the interface is easy to use."
"The most valuable feature is the pipelines because they enable us to pull in and push out data from different sources and to manipulate and clean things up within them."
"Also, the intuitive canvas for designing all the streams in the pipeline, along with the simplicity of the entire product are very big pluses for me. The software is very simple and straightforward. That is something that is needed right now."
"The best feature that I really like is the integration."
"StreamSets’ data drift resilience has reduced the time it takes us to fix data drift breakages. For example, in our previous Hadoop scenario, when we were creating the Sqoop-based processes to move data from source to destinations, we were getting the job done. That took approximately an hour to an hour and a half when we did it with Hadoop. However, with the StreamSets, since it works on a data collector-based mechanism, it completes the same process in 15 minutes of time. Therefore, it has saved us around 45 minutes per data pipeline or table that we migrate. Thus, it reduced the data transfer, including the drift part, by 45 minutes."
"The best thing about StreamSets is its plugins, which are very useful and work well with almost every data source. It's also easy to use, especially if you're comfortable with SQL. You can customize it to do what you need. Many other tools have started to use features similar to those introduced by StreamSets, like automated workflows that are easy to set up."
"The most valuable would be the GUI platform that I saw. I first saw it at a special session that StreamSets provided towards the end of the summer. I saw the way you set it up and how you have different processes going on with your data. The design experience seemed to be pretty straightforward to me in terms of how you drag and drop these nodes and connect them with arrows."


"The solution, in general, should be easier to use, with less need to perform workarounds within the system."
"You cannot put everything in Golden Gate for the license and large models."
"I find the user interface to be difficult for non-technical people."
"I would like to see the interface more graphical and easier to use."
"Oracle GoldenGate can enhance its functionality by enabling the merging of multiple migrations into one."
"Monitoring must be a bit more enhanced."
"The front-end management isn't very good."
"Microservices Architecture is not user-friendly."
"I would like to see further improvement in the UI. In addition, upgrades are not automatic and they should be automated. Currently, we have to manually upgrade versions."
"The execution engine could be improved. When I was at their session, they were using some obscure platform to run. There is a controller, which controls what happens on that, but you should be able to easily do this at any of the cloud services, such as Google Cloud. You shouldn't have any issues in terms of how to run it with their online development platform or design platform, basically their execution engine. There are issues with that."
"The monitoring visualization is not that user-friendly. It should include other features to visualize things, like how many records were streamed from a source to a destination on a particular date."
"The data collector in StreamSets has to be designed properly. For example, a simple database configuration with MySQL DB requires the MySQL Connector to be installed."
"We often faced problems, especially with SAP ERP. We struggled because many columns weren't integers or primary keys, which StreamSets couldn't handle. We had to restructure our data tables, which was painful. Also, pipeline failures were common, and data drifting wasn't addressed, which made things worse. Licensing was another issue we encountered."
"One area for improvement could be the cloud storage server speed, as we have faced some latency issues here and there."
"We've seen a couple of cases where it appears to have a memory leak or a similar problem."
"In terms of the product, I don't think there is any room for improvement because it is very good. One small area of improvement that is very much needed is on the knowledge base side. Sometimes, it is not very clear how to set up a certain process or a certain node for a person who's using the platform for the first time."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The licensing model should be improved to be more cost-effective for the end users."
"The tool is a bit expensive."
"The one feature that I think Oracle could perhaps consider is, at the moment, the Veridata option is an extra cost. Golden Gate is an expensive product. You pay a lot for the best. But not including the Veridata license to prove that everything is working correctly... The big improvement for me would be to have that license built in. That would take it to the next level. That would make it a much better product. You may want to look at buying term licenses if you've just got a single migration to do. In that situation, you might want a term license for perhaps a year to save a lot of money, rather than buying a perpetual license."
"Oracle GoldenGate is a high-priced solution because it follows the core-based pricing model versus the software-based pricing model of other solutions."
"Oracle GoldenGate's cost is high."
"Oracle GoldenGate's license can be expensive compared to other solutions like Qlik Replicate or SAP Replicate."
"The solution would be costly for a small organization."
"We pay a yearly licensing fee for Oracle GoldenGate, which is very expensive."
"There are two editions, Professional and Enterprise, and there is a free trial. We're using the Professional edition and it is competitively priced."
"It's not expensive because you pay per month, and the tasks you can perform with it are huge. It's reliable and cost-effective."
"The pricing is too fixed. It should be based on how much data you need to process. Some businesses are not so big that they process a lot of data."
"The pricing is good, but not the best. They have some customized plans you can opt for."
"It has a CPU core-based licensing, which works for us and is quite good."
"Its pricing is pretty much up to the mark. For smaller enterprises, it could be a big price to pay at the initial stage of operations, but the moment you have the Seed B or Seed C funding and you want to scale up your operations and aren't much worried about the funds, at that point in time, you would need a solution that could be scaled."
"The overall cost is very flexible so it is not a burden for our organization... However, the cost should be improved. For small and mid-size organizations it might be a challenge."
"StreamSets is expensive, especially for small businesses."
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Comparison Review

it_user99375 - PeerSpot reviewer
Mar 31, 2014
Oracle GoldenGate vs. Oracle Active Dataguard
As an Oracle DBA, while working upon high availability of your database you may stumble upon various Oracle strategic capabilities that fall into categories of Oracle Replication. Oracle provides various technologies for replication like GoldenGate, streams, and Active Dataguard. Replication…

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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Oracle GoldenGate?
The product is reliable for data integrity.
What needs improvement with Oracle GoldenGate?
The documentation could be improved. The product is not easy to use. The knowledge required for the product is high. There are open-source products in the market that are easier to use than Oracle ...
What do you like most about StreamSets?
The best thing about StreamSets is its plugins, which are very useful and work well with almost every data source. It's also easy to use, especially if you're comfortable with SQL. You can customiz...
What needs improvement with StreamSets?
We often faced problems, especially with SAP ERP. We struggled because many columns weren't integers or primary keys, which StreamSets couldn't handle. We had to restructure our data tables, which ...
What is your primary use case for StreamSets?
StreamSets is used for data transformation rather than ETL processes. It focuses on transforming data directly from sources without handling the extraction part of the process. The transformed data...

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