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ControlUp vs. Zabbix
July 2022
Find out what your peers are saying about ControlUp vs. Zabbix and other solutions. Updated: July 2022.
610,812 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"Security, uptime, and reduced capital expenditures are the main reasons we use ControlUp. So basically, the money that we consume is based on the amount of time we are using a service.""Integration with Netscaler and Scoutbees can provide a proper end-to-end analysis of the user's experience and give us a real ROI.""The script-based actions have allowed us to extend the core reporting capabilities."

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"The product is very stable.""The integration capabilities and APIs are the best part.""The most valuable feature is the alert and alarm monitoring.""It meets my organizational needs. It's pretty easy to use.""The flexible licensing model is one of the solution's most valuable aspects. It really allows for great flexibility for companies.""It is a great product. The SNMP protocol tracking feature is good. I really like how it tracks SNMP. The alerts are also great.""The most valuable features in Zabbix are those that help us overcome bottlenecks in CPU usage, as well as reduce memory delay. I know that we have only reached the tip of the iceberg of what Zabbix's features can do for us, and we have not used all of them yet.""Zabbix is both stable and scalable."

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"Solve is a quick and intuitive tool for quickly mapping data together, however, once you have the view of the data that you like, it is difficult to share this with colleagues.""Integration is always a problem, and we feel that we are doing our best and the service provider thinks they are doing their best. I guess if ControlUp's system could be more capable or if people could understand the integration part, that would be better.""We'd like to see the mobile app working again so that we can get alerts 24/7. This is especially useful for the person on call."

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"I think the reporting part of Zabbix can be improved in terms of more user-friendly graphics to display the collected data. Many simple users who don't know how to use Zabbix properly might get confused by the reporting, although at the same time it is very versatile for my company.""The documentation gets a bit messy between versions and is not too detailed, which is a bit painful for first-timers, especially when they run into issues.""The product could be more secure and more stable.""As far as improvements, sometimes I get a bit frustrated when I move from a previous version to a new one because some configuration has changed—I need to investigate the documentation to deal with some configuration. But it doesn't take much time, so it's okay.""Its UI needs to be improved a little bit more so that an end-user is also able to handle it. I can handle it, but others should also be able to handle it in a better way. It becomes complex when we are growing and need to add proxies. We need more scalability features and documentation for different use cases. A lot of articles are available, but they need to be in proper documentation. For example, when you have thousands of servers that have to be monitored in different regions of the world, there should be some kind of documentation to describe how you can create proxies and add them. Sometimes, when you are using the database, it can get overloaded. When the network is growing, the number of transactions becomes very high, and the database gets overloaded. There should be information about how to reduce the load on the MySQL database, which is what Zabbix is using. The market is growing a lot, and it should be enhanced for a lot more things. We are currently bringing enhancements at our end for different use cases. For example, when dockerization is going on, how can we check the logs inside the Dockers. We should also be able to monitor and check the number of logins and add features such as SSO login and two-factor authentication as a protocol. These are the security features and concerns that we have to deal with. Currently, we are developing modules to add features to Zabbix, but they should also work on these features.""We would like to monitor other touchpoints such as ATM machines. It would be great if it can provide monitoring of ATM machines. Compatibility with other products would also be great.""There's a small module of APM, however, it is not an enhanced version. People usually ask for a full-fledged APM solution.""I would like to see a more flexible mobile client, and better HA out of the box."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
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  • "We purchased Zabbix for a good price, including support"
  • "We are using the free, open-source version."
  • "It's an open-source solution that can be used free of charge."
  • "This solution is completely open-source, so it is quite affordable."
  • "Zabbix is free but if you use it in production then you have to pay for it."
  • "My manager is very happy because it doesn't cost anything."
  • "This is an open-source solution that can be used free of charge."
  • "We were searching for an open source solution and Zabbix fit the bill because it is free and open source under the GPL license."
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    610,812 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:The script-based actions have allowed us to extend the core reporting capabilities.
    Top Answer:I have found ControlUP to be more than competitive in terms of value.
    Top Answer:Solve is a quick and intuitive tool for quickly mapping data together, however, once you have the view of the data that you like, it is difficult to share this with colleagues. Being able to send a… more »
    Top Answer:There is a problems page that shows us every warning or problem that occurs on our VMs globally. The map screen is also really useful because this is something that was missing. I don't know every… more »
    Top Answer:I'm surprised that Ubuntu Linux has a paid license, even some supporting stuff included. We don't use the paid version, we only use the common edition.
    Top Answer:In terms of user-friendliness, large maps could be more interactive. We should be able to click on some areas and move some objects. It would make it simpler to see things while analyzing some… more »
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    Learn More

    ControlUp is a digital experience monitoring management platform that makes it possible for IT teams to deliver a work-from-anywhere experience for employees. The solution makes fixing and preventing issues easy, enabling IT teams to make smarter decisions. It also provides monitoring performance, availability, and useful productivity metrics.

    The ControlUp platform supports:

    • Any digital workstyle
    • Physical endpoints
    • Virtual desktops
    • Apps
    • SaaS
    • Web apps
    • Unified communications tools

    ControlUp Features

    ControlUp has many valuable key features. Some of the most useful ones include:

    • Out-of-the-box device and performance metrics
    • Custom metric and device data collection
    • Non-intrusive, secure agents with offline mode
    • Custom reporting
    • Easy-to-use dashboards
    • Scalable SaaS infrastructure
    • Built-in troubleshooting & remediation actions
    • Remote assist
    • Custom script actions
    • Multiple scripting languages
    • Automation and alerting

    ControlUp Benefits

    There are many benefits to implementing ControlUp. Some of the biggest advantages the solution offers include:

    • Wide range of platform options: ControlUp offers multiple platform options including Windows, macOS, Linux, and IGE, independent of device location.
    • Powerful analytics: With ControlUp, you can analyze across your entire infrastructure or you can collect detailed individual device performance.
    • Optimizes performance: The solution enables you to remediate issues and optimize performance with its support of both manual and automated actions.
    • Minimize user downtime: ControlUp helps you catch common issues that lead to workflow interruptions. Self-correcting capabilities and comprehensive early-warning systems address issues before they impact employee productivity.
    • Resolve issues faster: The solution enables you to spend less time on support calls and more time driving value via its real-time troubleshooting and remediation solutions.
    • Increased visibility of remote environments: Gain real-time visibility across your entire network and find new ways to deliver the best end-user experience possible.

    Reviews from Real Users

    Below are some reviews and helpful feedback written by PeerSpot users currently using the ControlUp solution.

    A Chair, IEEE Consumer Technology Society - Dallas,Texas, USA at a non-profit says, “In terms of the public cloud, ControlUp's features make us feel very secure. Security, uptime, and reduced capital expenditures are the main reasons we use ControlUp. So basically, the money that we consume is based on the amount of time we are using a service. ControlUp offers a return-on-investment type of approach that helps us.”

    A VP Virtualisation and Citrix Engineer at BlackRock mentions, “Solve is quickly becoming one of the most-used features. Its interface allows us to connect to all 54,000 monitored endpoints in real-time. The script-based actions have allowed us to extend the core reporting capabilities. Combined with the triggers, we have been growing their usage to fix things before they become an issue. Lastly, the controller view allows us to compare the configurations of settings side-by-side which is extremely helpful when tracking down the RCA of an issue.”

    A Senior Citrix Remote Access Engineer at Rabobank comments, “The high-level view of the estate coupled with powerful administration tools has been great. We can see real-time performance and trends and can create triggers for common issues with associated scripts that can automate a lot of the previous manual remediation steps.”

    Zabbix is a free software tool traditionally used for monitoring your organization’s IT infrastructure, including networks, servers, virtual machines, and cloud services. Zabbix makes it possible for you to maintain control of your infrastructure by collecting any metric from any source. The solution also offers agentless monitoring, synthetic monitoring, custom collection methods, and data transformation.

    Zabbix offers:

    • Network monitoring
    • Server monitoring
    • Cloud monitoring
    • Application monitoring
    • Service monitoring

    Zabbix Features

    Zabbix has many valuable key features, including:

    Action Log, Anomaly Detection, Auditing, Automated Actions, Availability Reports, Capacity Planning, Custom Scripts, Custom Templates, Data Retrieval, Drill-Down Reports, Encryption, Event Correlation, History Data Analysis, Metric Collection, Multiple Authentication Methods, Multiple Severity Levels, Native WMI Support for Windows Agent, Network Discovery, Notifications, Root Cause Analysis, Trend Prediction, WMI Support, Web Services Widget-based Dashboards, Zero-Maintenance

    Zabbix Benefits

    There are several benefits to implementing Zabbix. Some of the biggest advantages the solution offers include:

    • Flexible deployment options: Zabbix can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud to help you stay fully in control of your data.

    • Unlimited scalability: Zabbix is scalable to any infrastructure. It can easily scale for your personal home, or can scale for a large enterprise environment.

    • Ready-to-use templates: Zabbix comes with ready-to-use templates which makes it easy to integrate with systems you already use.

    • External vault: Zabbix enables you to keep your data secure and safe by providing an external vault storage option.

    • High availability: By using Zabbix’s high availability solution, you can negate the risk of data loss and gain 24/7 uptime.

    • Partner and vendor-backed: The solution is backed by 250+ global partners and multiple external vendors, giving you confidence in the solution.

    Reviews from Real Users

    Below are some reviews and helpful feedback written by Zabbix users.

    PeerSpot user Shibu B., Regional Manager/ Service Delivery at ASPL Info Services, says, "The solution is quite mature and very stable. The monitoring capabilities of the product are excellent.” He also adds, “The solution is very easy to scale and the product is open-source, meaning there aren't any licensing costs associated with it.”

    Julian L., Senior Specialist Critical Infrastructure at an educational organization, comments that the solution is “A complete solution that doesn't cost anything, does what I need it to do, and has easy-to-use templates and very good scalability.” He also mentions “The agents are pretty cool. They're easy to roll out. The standard out-of-the-box templates are also pretty easy to use. The integration with other learning products is also good.”

    Faycal N., CEO/Founder at Zen Networks, praises the product, mentioning, “Its overall flexibility is most valuable. When our customers have some custom applications that are not necessarily covered by the community or a standard monitoring tool, we use Zabbix to build our own modules with our own templates. This feature has been useful in using Zabbix for infrastructure and IT monitoring. It has also been useful for industrial equipment monitoring. Zabbix is very lightweight. It is efficient in terms of performance because it doesn't use a lot of resources."

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    Buyer's Guide
    ControlUp vs. Zabbix
    July 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about ControlUp vs. Zabbix and other solutions. Updated: July 2022.
    610,812 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    ControlUp is ranked 22nd in IT Infrastructure Monitoring with 3 reviews while Zabbix is ranked 1st in IT Infrastructure Monitoring with 48 reviews. ControlUp is rated 9.4, while Zabbix is rated 8.4. The top reviewer of ControlUp writes "Makes us leaner through automation and optimization of processes ". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Zabbix writes "Very mature, easy to scale, and free to use". ControlUp is most compared with eG Enterprise, Goliath Performance Monitor, vRealize Network Insight, SolarWinds NPM and LogicMonitor, whereas Zabbix is most compared with Nagios XI, Centreon, Nagios Core, Splunk and PRTG Network Monitor. See our ControlUp vs. Zabbix report.

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