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StarWind Virtual SAN
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Software Defined Storage (SDS) (1st), HCI (4th)
Cisco HyperFlex HX-Series [...
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VMware vSAN
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HCI (2nd)

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As of June 2024, in the HCI category, the mindshare of StarWind Virtual SAN is 2.3%, up from 1.4% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Cisco HyperFlex HX-Series [EOL] is 3.0%, down from 6.6% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of VMware vSAN is 15.9%, down from 20.1% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Software Defined Storage (SDS)
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Featured Reviews

Jan 24, 2019
It is more flexible than most VSAN solutions. You can run it across two hosts. You don't need a third host observing it.
For improvement, I would like to see how the software determines which networks to use for which purpose. It seems like the naming terminology changes a bit from here to there. When I access the console on the computer, where is it going in through: * The computer's connections? * The heartbeat connection? * The iSCSI connection? It is a little odd as far as making sure those networks are isolated just for their function. On the console, there is no good way to see how all the networks are allocated. Other than that, once they are set up and allocated, everything seems to run nicely. I just don't want, e.g., my heartbeat network bleeding into other things, like the iSCSI. For this market, in general, it would be nice if I could go to a website where they had all the pricing listed comparatively, then maybe I could shop around.
Apr 13, 2023
Works faster and is flexible to use
We use the solution to combine and migrate regular servers to a hyper-converged infrastructure The solution works faster and is easy to use than any regular system. Also, its fabric interconnect provides flexibility for the system to scale up. The solution's most valuable feature is the high…
Jan 20, 2022
Simple to set up and manage without the need for configuration
I am a system integrator, and this is one of the products that we implement for our customers. VMware vSAN is used in the deployment of OpenShift Containers It is simple to manage without the need for configuration which is the feature that I like the most. The simplicity, as well as the…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Immediately we noticed huge performance gains, even on older hardware and once we implemented a 10GB link between both servers, the sync was near-instant after the initial sync was complete."
"Having the ability to migrate machines live in our environment was made possible by this software."
"They offer top-tier support."
"StarWind Virtual SAN can improve an organization's storage infrastructure by providing high availability, scalability, cost-effectiveness, performance, and ease of use."
"As the client had acquired another company some distance away, they were concerned about having a single SAN in one location or the other. StarWind vSAN allowed us to keep a copy of the data local to each site without asking the client to pay for two SANs in addition to the two new servers they needed."
"It eliminates the use of expensive physical shared storage."
"The top-notch support before, during, and after deployments are better than any other vendor I have come across."
"The support team is available to solve any problem efficiently."
"The most valuable feature was the backup - it was easy to back up. It was also very easy to administrate and manage the system; much easier and faster. Finally, it was easy to extend the disk capacities."
"It's very easy to integrate with the ACI network."
"The ROI we have seen from the high performance that has saved us time and money."
"Cisco offers very good quality."
"The most important benefits that we've seen from this solution is that it reduces the cost of management and it has easy monitoring systems."
"The storage system is its most valuable feature. It has eliminated our entire need for having to worry about storage. We were storing a lot of syslog data and using a lot of templates in our data center. With the storage system, we are now saving an enormous amount of space."
"The software defines networking, storage, and processing."
"The most valuable feature is that it is something small that can be more easily deployed than a full data center set of servers."
"VMware has been around for a long time are are doing a decent job at catching up with the latest technologies i.e. bringing in kubernetes and containerization. Overall, this is a great tool for virtualization."
"Allows us to implement more quickly, and to ease the maintenance."
"The solution fits well with my requirements."
"Scalability in vSAN has been really good. It's very easy to add nodes in, to automatically generate the drives and the disk groups. It has been a piece of cake, surprisingly so."
"vSAN has just one datastore. so customers do not need to think where to put their VMs, how to design the physical disk RAID, the LUN size, the LUN mapping, etc. when they use NetApp/EMC/HDS or other storage systems."
"The feature that I have found most valuable is that it is easy to deploy. It is easy to create and delete virtual servers. It is easy to create the load balancing and the clustering."
"We are finding that vSAN is a lot more scalable and adaptable, because we can go in with hybrid arrays for our lower-end storage needs or with all-flash versions of vSAN for places where we need more performance, and it's coming in at a lower cost point than an actual traditional array."
"Stretched Cluster is one of the big features that we use across multiple data centers."


"When StarWind Virtual SAN for vSphere nodes go offline unexpectedly, the nodes have to re-sync disks fully which takes a long time. We had a power failure and when both nodes came online, VMware vSphere didn't see StarWind disks before I manually re-scanned them form ESXi administration console even though it should happen automatically"
"I would like to see more monitoring and alert tools."
"I would love to see more vendor selection to be available for the HCA/vSAN appliances."
"It would be good to have a little more access to control certain aspects within the UI."
"I see no need for major improvements but there could be some improvements in the form of notifications and the simplifying of maintenance mode."
"The documentation could be clearer in terms of explaining the installation."
"The product can include a more simple way of synchronization after a forced shutdown as the current process has a few more steps to check that hosts have synchronized and this can be automated."
"Being able to run StarWind vSAN on top of any free UNIX operating system to build a resilient iSCSI/FTP/SMB storage system would be useful."
"We need to be able to scale out and not just up. When you want to scale up or scale out, you are quite limited."
"The initial setup of the Cisco HyperFlex HX platform was medium-level difficult. It's a little bit different from traditional servers. It takes getting used to the learning curve."
"The primary improvements should be made in the cluster storage controller VMs so that they don't break the upgrade process."
"The initial setup is very complex because there were some issues. It is not clear to how set up this solution."
"Technical support is very good. Not excellent, but good. There's still not enough data available on the web. For example, for the integration to VMware, I had a case recently and I searched for more information but didn't find any."
"One aspect that really needs to be looked at, is to fix the bugs issue."
"I haven't been too impressed with the Cisco HyperFlex HX, honestly. It's a hard concept."
"We would like HyperFlex to connect the storage directly into Fabric Interconnect along with the features of the solution. We have enough ports in HyperFlex. We don't want to buy another set of switches to connect to Fabric Interconnect, complicating the solution."
"There are certain shortcomings in the stability of the product where improvements are required."
"I would like to see some of the more traditional SAN functions that are out the now. I can list them: being able to Snapshot on the back-end, better de-dupe, and better compression. Those are the major ones."
"The only negative point relates to the licensing. If you want multiple, different servers, it costs money, but you have all the capacity for vSAN. You do not reach the data, but the processor arrays and the current architecture."
"Lacks sufficient storage terabytes."
"Currently, one of the available features is shareable VMBKs. You can create the VMBK disc and you can make them shareable between the ends. But as soon as you start using this feature, you lose the ability to create snapshots."
"I would love for this product to be cheaper and easier to configure."
"I would like to see more comprehensive lifecycle management. The current path and process for upgrading or updating the firmware, as well as the storage controller software to interact with that firmware, is fairly manual and not very well documented. A little more time and effort spent on the documentation of the lifecycle management for vSan would be really great."
"It could be more robust. The latency is also an issue for us, and the reliability. I would like it to be faster and a little more flexible."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"I would suggest that you download the free version, deploy in your lab, and play with it."
"There are two tiers of support and in my opinion, support is worth the cost."
"Their pricing seems pretty good, and their licensing structure is pretty straightforward."
"The licensing is straightforward, with free and trial versions available."
"This solution has a great price for the functionality."
"I think that purchasing StarWind Virtual SAN Professional Edition would be optimal for most."
"We are happy with the price."
"This is a good, economical solution compared to data storage systems."
"The pricing is a bit expensive."
"Cisco HyperFlex HX-Series is expensive. It's a standard license, and we pay for it yearly. I think we pay about 700."
"Our licensing costs are large, but it is combined between all of the Cisco products that we have."
"It's much more expensive than rack servers. It was an issue, but when you compare it to the number of people who were administrative assistants before, it's on the positive ROI side. It's much cheaper."
"There is a license required to use this solution."
"It's roughly $30,000 per Hyperflex license, so that would be about $60,000 a year."
"One of the challenges we have with HyperFlex is that they have a subscription fee for the operating system that runs on it, and if I remember correctly, it costs approximately $15,000 USD per month."
"If you don't look at the costs of the systems, the scalability is quite good."
"The licenses are very expensive. The renewal of licenses has extra costs attached to it."
"The product's price is not high. The tool is available at a normal price."
"I have been told that if I used VxRail it would be cheaper than the system we are using now with buying the products separately. The solution is expensive overall."
"The licensing cost is high and should be taken into account."
"The price of the solution package depends on the nodes and other factors. The cost some of our customers paid was $500,000. The licensing cost for the components is very good."
"It is expensive. It should be cheaper. It has a perpetual license as well as a subscription-based license, but they are moving towards subscription-based licenses."
"We pay for a license to use the solution through our company CapEx and then we continue to pay annually."
"For a classical node plus storage solution, the price is higher."
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