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As of June 2024, in the Content Collaboration Platforms category, the mindshare of Box is 12.0%, up from 8.4% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Microsoft OneDrive is 8.3%, down from 13.9% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Content Collaboration Platforms
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Featured Reviews

Dec 7, 2023
Seamless and secure cloud-based content management with notable advantages such as efficient file sharing and customizable access controls
We utilize Savient to oversee our Box accounts, along with the associated files, folders, and Box groups. This platform serves as our central hub for storing and organizing files. Additionally, we leverage Box for seamless sharing of files with our customers, catering to these specific use cases…
Sep 27, 2020
Collaboration and sharing that is experiencing growing pains as it comes into its own
Syncing is one area that can be improved. When you click on sync on the online version, what happens is that it creates a drive on your desktop. Basically, it is like you have the online version directly on your desktop. Syncing has been an issue sometimes when there are huge folders. It might not be a huge folder in terms of space, but when there are a large number of files. When there are a lot of files, that is when the issue arises. For example, say you have a folder that has 200 files. When you sync it to a computer, it takes some time to load. When people start updating stuff in that same folder, it can slow down your computer because it updates you locally as well every time there is a change. That constant syncing can cause performance issues. It works fine if it is a smaller number of folders and files, but whenever there is a large number of files, that has been an issue for sure. They need to really improve on that. That is the biggest weakness of the solution, I would say. Syncing is number one. Another thing is when you delete stuff. You do not get a notification if you delete something online. So for example, if you are the owner of a folder and I have access to that folder and there is a file there and I delete it, it actually goes to your recycle bin. In other words, it goes to the owner's recycle bin. That is fine, but then the owner never gets a notification. So, if you have 10 files and then you notice that one is missing, you do not even know who deleted it or when it got deleted. It is residing in your recycle bin, and you can see that it is there. But you do not even know that you have to look at your recycle bin because you never got a notification. That is really a potentially huge issue with the solution. If you are a team leader and you do not know if someone is deleting your stuff, you might eventually lose something by accident. Another thing is permissions. There is no way to set non-delete permissions. You can be a viewer or an editor. If you are an editor, you can delete files. If you are a viewer, you can not delete files. But there is no option to remove the delete privileges from an editor. I think other companies, like Box and Dropbox, have that feature and they allow you to make it so you can edit but you do not have the ability to delete. You want people to be able to edit without deleting probably most of the time. I think that these are some pretty basic and fundamental things that Microsoft just does not have. But they could do even more with permissions. Just having viewing and editing permission is pretty basic, but even in Box, a person can view and edit, but not download. Or a person can view, edit, and download. The point is that there is more to do than just view and edit. There are many different options and combinations in Box that OneDrive just does not have. It is not so interesting to just have more new features. What is more important is having features that are really necessary and already exist in other competing products. That is something that I think Microsoft should strive for with OneDrive. Microsoft is probably one of the biggest companies in the world. If something like Box or Dropbox has better features than you, then you really need to look at your products and make some revisions.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The solution is scalable."
"I like the ease of use."
"File sharing with collaborators not on the same domain with offline access from multiple devices: I work on many projects that are multi-organizational, such as with customers, suppliers, or acquisitions."
"The collaboration of the solution is good."
"The sharing feature, with its various permission settings, such as viewing or uploading, is convenient and helpful."
"Box is very simple and effective, so I prefer Box."
"Sharing and collaborating across files and folders has been a massive game changer."
"The most valuable feature of Box is security."
"The most valuable feature of the solution is the amount of space allotted to each user that is issued a subscription."
"The backup capability is one feature I love about OneDrive. I also like how it syncs when you're working offline. Everything is updated once you connect again."
"They have support for integration with a lot of tools."
"It is simple to use and it allows me to give me the opportunity to access anything I want from any device."
"With this solution, the sharing of documents if very easy to do. There's a lot of collaboration you can do with your colleagues."
"It helps you keep organized."
"It's quite easy to use and then of course it is quite well integrated to the rest of Office 365."
"We use Microsoft OneDrive for file sharing without the need for additional hardware (such as flash drives or external hard drives)."


"The UI should be faster. Sometimes it lags when switching between documents."
"Tasks and comments could be easier to see, report, search, and manage."
"One thing that Box would benefit from is a records management component."
"I would love to see the ability to invite collaborators extended to a file level, not just the folder level."
"Maturity of the enterprise security around user management."
"The search features and role permissions are not very user friendly. It only searches the first few pages of a document, which is quite a problem."
"The integration with other products should be improved."
"Like all cloud platforms, there are always areas of improvement around sync to local devices."
"Support has not been the same since the beginning of COVID lockdowns."
"There are not enough ways to assign permissions to shared folders and files."
"The website could be improved. Sometimes I try to login and the website has issues, I can't retrieve my documents."
"No one gets an alert when files are deleted."
"The solution has sub-folders, which are visible to various team members. If you want to ensure the information is private, you would need to have a certain level of seniority in the office."
"The initial setup is not easy."
"If I want to pick out certain criteria of pictures, Google enables me to do that whereas OneDrive is a bit sort of flaky."
"Microsoft OneDrive could improve because it doesn't support backing up .PST files, which are Outlook data files, and email archives. This is a substantial setback when it comes to Microsoft OneDrive."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"My organization pays for the license."
"Better sign a full year's contract to get a discount."
"The pricing may seem steep at first, but delve into the features and you'll soon realize it is incredible value for what you get."
"They are very price competitive when pushed. Initially, they come out with a standard list price, but they are willing to be very competitive. The Box price was pretty much equal to or lower than the Citrix price, and Box has more features."
"It is expensive per head, as you need the enterprise license to get full security and tools. So negotiate a discount!"
"There's a free version that allows you to use it with almost full-feature access. Even in the free version, it gives you all you need."
"A business account has a minimum of three users. If you are more than three people in-house, go for the Enterprise version. All the external users are free of charge."
"The more you dig, the deeper the level of tools, and the more expensive it becomes."
"The price of Microsoft OneDrive is reasonable and compatible with competitors."
"We pay a lot for the Enterprise version, but it is a premium service."
"This is a pricy solution, given that we are only using it at 50% capacity."
"It is free if you are using Office 365, and you get a terabyte of storage with your account."
"Costwise, it is a great option. In most cases, it is a free space, which will be more than enough for most customers."
"Using this software, it has had an amazing impact moneywise on our business. It allows us to share documents without the need of extra hardware."
"OneDrive comes with Microsoft 365 so it is just an added part of that package."
"The licensing is expensive and on a yearly basis."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Box?
The solution is used for data storage and any kind of visualization.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Box?
The solution is expensive when it comes to API calls.
What needs improvement with Box?
One drawback is its permissions system, which has caused issues prompting our transition to SharePoint. The reporting functionality could be improved; currently, they utilize Excel for reporting pu...
What do you like most about Microsoft OneDrive?
The backup capability is one feature I love about OneDrive. I also like how it syncs when you're working offline. Everything is updated once you connect again.
What needs improvement with Microsoft OneDrive?
It takes too long for OneDrive to synchronize various applications, especially when you are saving office data. It also requires too much bandwidth.
What is your primary use case for Microsoft OneDrive?
We use OneDrive to share documents throughout the organization and collaborate. It is also used for backups.



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