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Atera vs Kaseya VSA comparison

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Executive Summary

We performed a comparison between Atera and Kaseya VSA based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

Find out in this report how the two Remote Monitoring and Management Software solutions compare in terms of features, pricing, service and support, easy of deployment, and ROI.

To learn more, read our detailed Atera vs. Kaseya VSA report (Updated: September 2022).
633,184 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"I really like the Shared Script Library and automation tasks which they have implemented... because all the Atera users in the community can share their scripts and their automation tasks knowledge. The same goes for the Shared SNMP Template Library.""The most valuable features of this solution are automatic batch matching and unattended support access.""Atera saves money. A trip to the customer costs between $20 to $30. Then, you need to charge the customer $20 to $30 for the travel. However, if you are doing this work remotely, then you are not driving. This makes the process easier and saves money for you and the customer. For example, if it is just one machine, then the savings comes out to $50 to $60. If we are talking about a huge client, who has hundreds of machines and is changing their infrastructure, that is a lot of money.""Pricing is definitely my favorite part of it. It is also extremely easy to use.""I have better access when I go to look for something regarding either a specific user or software. It is easier to locate. When I am troubleshooting with my clients on the phone, I am not fiddling around looking through a bunch of ticket notes trying to locate something. It makes me a lot more efficient.""I would say it's the number one tool for all ITMS.""We value the alerts that come with the product which allow me to reach out to my clients. Overall, Atera generates additional revenue streams for work done on their machines.""There are a lot fewer hardware replacements. Once people migrated from old style hard disks over to SSDs, you have things like hard disks filling up faster. So, I run a script to clear out all the waste, e.g., all the temporary files and downloads. A lot of our business runs through a custom web application that we built. This involves people downloading a lot of PDFs and Excel files, and not just having them sitting in folders. With Atera, I can just go through and clean the temporary files out."

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"The ease of access and ease of use was great.""The solution was scalable.""I like the Live Connect module provided by Kaseya. It is a powerful module. I also like the Agent Procedure module. We work with it most of the time.""When compared to what we were previously using, one of the most appealing features is that it combines remote control, patch management, and software management into a single portal.""I like the remote control, audit, inventory, patch management, software management, and monitoring features.""The most valuable part of this solution is the security features that it offers.""Being able to connect to client computers without them necessarily needing to be there and being able to put in the patches and manage different information systems is valuable.""This solution is our RMM tool and we love the deployment features."

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"Having more freedom to perform identity access management would be great.""The chat solutions need improvement because we first need to connect to the customer. This needs to improve so that there is a particular feature that can provide support to customers even if they are not connected to a computer.""The one thing that could do with improvement is the reporting. This is from someone who worked in an MSP, where I would want to run a report and be able to just present that to a client.""I also use Apple Zoho, which does not require you to download anything. You can get help from Zoho. Atera, on the other hand, requires you to download an applet.""They are working on an update, and I would like to see more stuff outside of just computers and servers. Increasingly, we need to be able to monitor and manage network devices. Atera is improving on that already, which is one place that it is currently lacking.""Customization could be improved.""I would like to see more mobile device management. iPad is a big one. I know they've been working on some of that. For me, it would be amazing if I could do tablet devices and even expand it to POS systems or the like. I know that a lot goes into that but I've seen it is an area they're looking at.""The solution is scalable. However, in the past, we did have some issues."

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"The response to bugs is slow and software improvement comes slowly too. The lack of response to our feature requests made it feel like they were going into a black hole. Additionally, when we encountered bugs or issues with the VSA, they were slow to respond to those too.""It never functioned as intended.""The UI could be streamlined. The menu has 18 options, but we only use three. It has a lot of redundant stuff. Software management, software deployment, patch management, etc., all do the same thing, but they're different programs and licenses.""The solution is hard to use at first until you understand how it works.""Kaseya VSA could be improved with more features to support the latest operating systems.""Our main concern is related to security. Kaseya had a ransomware attack a few months ago, and it was a big concern for us because Kaseya was the main RMM tool that we were using. We faced a lot of difficulties accessing our users and systems. So, security is our main concern.""The deployment process could be better.""The way it is laid out can be improved. If it could be a little more intuitive, it might be a little bit easier. Sometimes, it is hard to find features because they're called something weird, or they're in an interesting location that you wouldn't have thought that they'd be in."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "Atera happened to have the best pricing model."
  • "The value of the product is perfect, neither cheap nor expensive. I think it is the right rate. It would be awesome if it continued to be the same price because it is a great solution that I like. I like it because I'm not paying per device. I have some customers on monthly contracts and some of them are on break'n fix. If I have a client who is on break'n fix, and they need to pay per agent, then I am losing money. If they were ever to change structures, going to pay-per-device model, then I would need to think about changing to something else."
  • "With Atera, the more you add, the cheaper the cost of the additional endpoints will be."
  • "Our company is a startup. The initial reason I looked into Atera was the fact that you pay by the technician, not per-device. That means you are able to jump right in with a service without having a large overhead."
  • "Atera's pricing stays fixed and predictable, enabling us to add more customers and unlimited monitored devices. We still have a number of clients who fit a break/fix IT model. This is something where clients are complaining more about having to pay extra month-by-month for technology services. With Atera's model, we don't have to be going out and asking for more from clients each month. Right now, with where we are at in terms of scale, this is very important to us."
  • "One of the biggest issues I face is the need to pay per technician. I've dealt with other platforms that you need to have 250-500 devices. Even though the cost declines as the number of devices a person has increases, they still require you to pay for 250 or 500, respectively. With Atera, the number doesn't matter as you always pay the same amount. I approximate that Atera saves me $100 per week."
  • "As an internal IT, it's gold right there. It is money in the bank."
  • "It comes with unlimited devices, so the fixed price cost is taken out of my budget. So, I'm all good."
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  • "I think it costs more than ManageEngine."
  • "The dollar exchange rate in Brazil is very high, so the price should be better for our country."
  • "It depends on what products you want. Kaseya loves packages, and if you are packaging, it is more affordable. If you're not packaging, it tends to be a little bit more expensive than others."
  • "It is not expensive. Anyone can afford it. Most of the time, we get a discount for licenses. We had about 5,000 agents, and we received a discount on the price. There is only the licensing cost. If you use the on-prem version, you also have the infrastructure cost."
  • "With the on-prem, you buy the agent license. That's a one-time fee, and it varies depending on how many you have. You also pay annual maintenance on the number that you have. So, there are two fees involved: a one-time fee and a recurring fee."
  • "We pay a monthly fee, but it's a three-year contract divided by 36. They don't offer a true SaaS plan where you can add licenses monthly as you go. The cost is $7 per person per month, and we are paying about $1,700 a month."
  • "We were looking at a price of $22.50 cents per user."
  • "Licensing is available on a yearly basis and is priced per node."
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    633,184 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:I really like the Shared Script Library and automation tasks which they have implemented... because all the Atera users in the community can share their scripts and their automation tasks knowledge… more »
    Top Answer:Atera is competitively priced compared to other RMM solutions. There are some integrations, like antivirus and online backup, that will increase your monthly fee. There's also a Network Discovery… more »
    Top Answer:The billing module has a standard layout which is too limited for my needs. I look forward to being able to customize the billing layout. They're working on that already.
    Top Answer:The remote support is the most valuable aspect of the solution.
    Top Answer:We actually upgraded the solution due to the fact that we needed the support for Apple devices. We haven't had a chance to test that part of the product just yet, however, that was our biggest… more »
    Top Answer:We primarily use the solution for remote support.
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    Average Words per Review
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    Atera offers a comprehensive solution for MSPs and IT Professionals. The platform provides in one integrated solution: full remote monitoring and management (RMM), PSA, remote access, patch management, billing, reports, and so much more! Atera’s disruptive pricing model also helps managed IT service providers scale their business while providing continued best-in-class service. All plans include unlimited devices, meaning you only pay per technician.Everything you need, in one easy-to-use platform

    • Thousands of paying users in over 75 countries
    • Free 30-day trial, no credit card or commitment required
    • No hidden fees or restrictions, all plans include unlimited devices
    • Seamless integration with your favorite IT tools including: Splashtop, AnyDesk, TeamViewer, and ScreenConnect

    What can Atera do for you?

    • Improve Efficiency. Atera delivers customers the tool suite for IT management. Everything you need in an all-in-one, easy-to-use platform.
    • Automation. Set alerts and proactively prevent issues for your clients. Minimize time spent on manual tasks and spend more time on what matters most, serving your customers.
    • Disruptive Pricing, Unlimited Devices. Per technician-based pricing with unlimited servers and workstations means you can cover it all, at one fixed price.

    Kaseya is a provider of complete IT management solutions for Managed Service Providers and small to midsized businesses. Kaseya allows organizations to efficiently manage and secure IT in order to drive IT service and business success. Offered as both an industry-leading cloud solution and on-premise software, Kaseya solutions empower businesses to command all of IT centrally, manage remote and distributed environments with ease, and automate across IT management functions. Kaseya solutions currently manage over 10 million endpoints worldwide and are in use by customers in a wide variety of industries, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, education, government, media, technology, finance, and more. Kaseya, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland is privately held with a presence in over 20 countries.

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    Sample Customers
    MSPs, IT consultants, and IT departments worldwide trust and use Atera. 
    Sage UK, MSP, CodeBlue Ltd, Connect Work Place Solutions, All Covered, 501cTech, Chairo Christian School, Green Duck
    Top Industries
    Comms Service Provider22%
    Computer Software Company14%
    Educational Organization6%
    Computer Software Company22%
    Comms Service Provider12%
    Healthcare Company5%
    Company Size
    Small Business100%
    Small Business38%
    Midsize Enterprise20%
    Large Enterprise42%
    Small Business70%
    Midsize Enterprise20%
    Large Enterprise10%
    Small Business34%
    Midsize Enterprise20%
    Large Enterprise47%
    Buyer's Guide
    Atera vs. Kaseya VSA
    September 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about Atera vs. Kaseya VSA and other solutions. Updated: September 2022.
    633,184 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Atera is ranked 1st in Remote Monitoring and Management Software with 12 reviews while Kaseya VSA is ranked 2nd in Remote Monitoring and Management Software with 16 reviews. Atera is rated 9.2, while Kaseya VSA is rated 7.4. The top reviewer of Atera writes "Helps us illustrate issues and justify suggestions we make to fix them, giving us transparency vis-a-vis our clients". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Kaseya VSA writes "Broken from the beginning and never functioned as anticipated". Atera is most compared with NinjaOne, Datto Remote Monitoring and Management, N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management, Comodo RMM and Microsoft Windows Server Update Services, whereas Kaseya VSA is most compared with Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, NinjaOne, Microsoft Windows Server Update Services, ConnectWise Automate and N-able N-central. See our Atera vs. Kaseya VSA report.

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