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What is ADP Workforce Now?

ADP Workforce Now is a web-based, complete HR suite that integrates the essential payroll and human resource management procedures into a single database-driven platform. This safe and simple solution gives you everything you need to maximize your workforce and communicate with your staff.

ADP Workforce Now is designed specifically for your company's needs. As a result, the menus and menu selections you see will differ depending on your function and the services your firm uses. As a portal administrator, you customize the site and control what employees can view and do. You can design your site's theme, set approval and notification processes, and manage security groups.

ADP Workforce Now includes these useful capabilities:

  • Payroll computation and tax filing
  • Performance regulation
  • Compensation handling
  • Talent acquisition
  • Time and labor logistics
  • Benefits governance
  • Analytics
  • Total management of human resources

ADP Workforce Now Features

ADP Workforce Now has many valuable key features. Some of the most useful ones include:

  • Single dashboard, single database: Manage your whole workforce from a single dashboard, which is powered by a single database, ensuring that the relevant data is always available when you need it.
    • Get a complete HR suite that includes payroll, time, HR, talent, and benefits all in one place.
    • Enter data once and it will function across all workflows
    • With proactive error detection and can't-miss alerts, you can cut down on mistakes.
    • Protect your business with enterprise-grade data security privacy procedures and extensive compliance experience.
  • Powerful analytics and reporting: With a single database that connects your entire firm, you can access all of your data in one location.

    • Create better reports in less time, without ever leaving the page you're on.

    • Make use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you make confident decisions based on personalized information.
  • Robust management of HR: Spend less time on paperwork and more time on managing and improving your employees.
    • Workflows can be customized, and documents can be stored online.
    • Self-service functionalities enable employees and supervisors to be more productive and collaborative.
  • Customized service and implementation: ADP Workforce Now offers community and chat support and a dedicated implementation team.
    • In-house implementation by a team of professionals who understand how to optimize the solution for your industry.
    • For all your questions, ADP Workforce Now offers quick response support, training, and in-product resources.
    • Client-service specialists with years of experience offer deep knowledge and skills to assist, secure, and support your business.
    • Flexible service choices can assist your company in navigating strategic and tactical changes, as well as continual system optimization.
ADP Workforce Now Customers

Lawrence and Schiller, The Children's Center, The Kansas City Royals

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Buyer's Guide
Download our free Cloud HCM Report and find out what your peers are saying about ADP, UKG, Workday, and more!
Updated: November 2022
Buyer's Guide
Download our free Cloud HCM Report and find out what your peers are saying about ADP, UKG, Workday, and more!