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Top 10 APM Solutions – Q1 2017


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Our users have ranked their solutions according to their valuable features, and have also discussed where they see room for improvement. 

You can read user reviews for the top 10 Application Performance Management solutions here, to help you decide which solution is best for you.

Users compare and give feedback on the APM solutions that they’ve used — based on product reviews, ratings, and comparisons.

#1 AppDynamics APM

AppDynamics APM is ranked by our users as the number one solution of Q1 2017, but what do users really think of the solution?

For David A. Wheeler, “the modules that we are finding most valuable are as follows:

  • Applications: This provides us insight into how our applications are performing within our environments and affords us the ability to identify opportunities and make changes to code/environment to effect positive performance lift.
  • Databases: This module is amazing; allows our developers the ability to view into the SQL nodes themselves to quickly rule in/out any hardware issues. It also provides them with access to download execution plans directly via AppDynamics, which in turn helps improve turnaround time for fixes and such.
  • End User Monitoring: Whereas the Application module gives us insight as to how our applications are performing within our environments, End User Monitoring provides us similar data from a browser perspective. In other words, it provides us the complete experience from the clients’ perspective; tremendously valuable indeed.

Gustin Eaton writes that “I think I would like to see a better way to deploy and upgrade the machine agents that we use. Currently, we have to use SCCM, and that might just be our environment with the customer. Personally, I am not the best with Linux commands; I’m learning. I’m a GUI person. Give me a button to click on with a mouse pointer, and that’s just me.

I personally don’t have anything I think they need to add. They’re the great minds. They’re the leaders of technology, so they’ll think of what I need before I do.”


IT Central Station users rank CA APM as the number two solution of the end of Q1 2017.

As said in his video review above, Mike Miller writes that “The most valuable features I believe would actually be two things I would go into: The insight it gives into the applications that it’s actually applied to, and the flexibility to do many things with those metrics, and also feed your own metrics from external sources.”

Felipe Silva Castro writes that the CA APM workstation (console) connection is too slow with some metrics.

The integration with CA Spectrum is quite difficult to create, and it is also only one way, only being used to view alarms coming from CA APM. It would be interesting to visualize APM metrics in CA Spectrum OneClick. I see a need to improve this integration.”

#3 New Relic APM

New Relic APM is ranked by our users as the number three solution of the end of Q1 2017, but what do users really think about the solution?

One DevOps engineer shares that “APM products are something that needs to be well-tailored to your specific needs and environment. for the project I’m currently working on, we chose new relic after a bake-off with another vendor. both products were great, but new relic came up on top and we’ve been very happy with the insights it provides.”

Ken Maier adds that “We really love the INSIGHTS query and dashboarding capabilities.  It would be great to see this expand even further with more options for querying.”

#4 HPE AppPulse Suite

IT Central Station users rank HPE AppPulse Suite as the number four solution of the end of Q1 2017, but what do users really think of HPE AppPulse Suite?

Joe Rolfe shares that “AppPulse Active allows us to very quickly produce synthetic monitoring for our applications, for some applications we’ve never been able to monitor before, some older Legacy applications.

It gave us a set of tools that we could use to create the transactions and to play them back flawlessly on applications that we previous hadn’t been able to. It was very quick.”

Jose Carlos Granados Chillon adds that “I think they can improve the feature that identifies the operating systems, the brand of the devices, the response time, geolocalization. Security is also important because we also use HPE Fortify on Demand, another HPE tool, to identify whether there is any security breach.”

#5 Dynatrace

Dynatrace is ranked by our users as the number five solution of the end of Q1 2017.

Arda Haliloglu writes that “The most valuable feature is that we can see every database call executed from Java applications. Since most of the workload of applications are database-based, it is important to see and analyze SQL statements.

Dynatrace provides the ability to drill down to different dashlets and see what is going clearly, which is extremely useful.”

This SysAdmin suggests the following points for room for improvement:

  • Either use fewer system resources and be faster or use more resources to pre-compute the PurePath on recent X minutes of data
  • More flexibility with refresh times
  • More UI options

#6 ITRS Geneos

IT Central Station users rank ITRS Geneos as the number six solution of the end of Q1 2017.

Ken Ramsay writes that “The ability to logically normalize data gathered from multiple types of sources via pre-built plugins is extremely powerful. This functionality, coupled with the ability to import custom data via the Toolkit plugin allows ITRS Geneos to be leveraged to monitor every system in the enterprise.”

Louis Louca explains that he “would like better access to the data that is being collected.

ITRS are addressing this by using a KAFKA API interface to the gateway. Access to the data provides the ability to summarize, aggregate and correlate events and in many cases predict outages.”

#7 Avada Software Infrared360

Avada Software Infrared360 is ranked by our users as the number seven solution of the end of Q1 2017.

For Infrared360’s valuable features, David Corbett lists:

  • Monitoring that ties into our incident management system
  • Visibility of the MQ environment to non-MQ personnel

Brad Rodgers suggests improvements that would allow “The interface just needs to keep improving to where it looks more and more like other applications.

Then, when new users come in, it’s not as hard for them to learn and navigate around the environment. It’s easy to navigate once you understand how they set their GUI up. It would be something similar to how Windows or Excel follow a certain platform design and you know exactly how they work.”

#8 BMC TrueSight Operations Management

IT Central Station users rank BMC TrueSight Operations Management as the number eight solution of the end of Q1 2017.

“The Event Management is outstanding; still is the most interesting part of the product”, writes Stefan Timmermann.

Timmermann then continues to identify areas which could use improvement, such as “The sizing (which is difficult), the maintenance of it and the upgrade paths. This is a difficult area which is not easy to cover, as every client has a different approach towards implementing the product.”

#9 Riverbed SteelCentral AppResponse

Riverbed SteelCentral AppResponse is ranked by our users as the number nine solution of the end of Q1 2017.

Bill Burke lists valuable features such as “Ability to see end to end user, application, server, and network response time and throughput data. Good reporting and alerting mechanism.

Easy interfacing with Wireshark or Riverbed Transaction Analyzer to view detailed packet data. Easy to organize web page families, network device interface, and server response time and throughout into real-time or historical views.”

Burke then adds that regarding improvement, he finds a “Need to bring back the NetFlow module for AppResponse.”

#10 Quest Foglight

IT Central Station users rank Quest Foglight as the number 10 solution of the end of Q1 2017.

Robert Singleton shares that “having standard monitoring features and a central repository saves us a lot of time and reduces the risk of incidents. It replaces a lot of manual tasks and makes it easier for us to be more pro-active and to prioritize issues across multiple systems.”

One Systems Engineer writes that “My only complaint from Foglight for monitoring is that you only get a plot for five minute average for metrics like CPU and Memory, on the application side I can see metrics more quickly at 15 seconds for metrics like active sessions, heap. I would like to see the same for CPU and memory.”

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