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We performed a comparison between Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform and HPE Primera based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

Find out in this report how the two All-Flash Storage solutions compare in terms of features, pricing, service and support, easy of deployment, and ROI.
To learn more, read our detailed HPE Primera vs. Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Report (Updated: March 2024).
757,260 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"The deduplication and compression meet all of our system requirements.""It is fast and reliable. It works.""There was a dramatic improvement in operating costs just as a result of the environmentals and space, let alone the cost of the unit itself.""It simplifies storage.""We're getting good performance, and the compression ratio is also very good in Pure Storage FlashArray.""Scalability is one of the best features. You can quickly add more. You can swap out the drives with larger sizes, you can add more shelves. All of that is perfect - the whole concept of keeping it modular...""The most valuable features are the replication of data and the continuous snapshot that we can take from the disc.""It simplifies building out the storage."

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"This is one of the most stable, high-end solutions in this area.""The most valuable features in Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F Series are Shadowimage, easy to manage equipment, and upgrading the firewire is very simple.""This is a good product with high capabilities and high reliability.""This is one of the most reliable and dependable products on the market.""The first thing that attracted this model to us was the non-disruptive migration. We had a very large database application that was on older gear and needed to be migrated to these arrays. We had experience with virtualizing behind an array and moving applications and data but this made it even better.""The most valuable feature of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series is the platform and overall usage has been good. We have not had very many issues.""It is the most stable high-end solution in this area.""The performance is very good."

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"One of the most valuable features is the ease of deployment.""HPE provides good support through their customer service.""The greatest advantage is the support when we encounter incidents, as HPE's support is highly responsive.""The product is stable.""The most important thing that we had found when we purchased this product around six months back was its 100% availability and uptime.""HPE Primera provides me with system reliability and 100% data reliability. The storage is good and is consistently reliable and scalable, allowing me to use it whenever needed. The overall performance is great. The product is stable. The customer service and support is excellent. It's a commendable solution, especially suitable for online transactions. It is reliable in meeting data requirements.""The high availability was most valuable because they come with what's called 100% data availability. With special terms, they license and guarantee 100% data availability. That was probably one of the key features or components that HPE was offering with that model.""The performance of the solution is good."

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"It is a bit expensive.""Having something native in the Pure Storage ecosystem would make it integrated and in one single company, and we wouldn't have to work with multiple organizations.""In the next release of the solution I would like to see Vormetric native block encryption.""The initial setup of the product is complex.""Data reduction is an area that needs improvement. There is a garbage collection service that runs but during that time, system utilization increases.""If we suddenly dump large amounts of data onto the storage system, it takes a while to process it.""From a scalability perspective, it is a very small storage solution, so it's not very expandable.""I would like to see data tiering to AWS."

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"At the moment, I don't see any room for improvement in Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series because my experience with the product is very good. The software is okay and you can manage the storage well. What I'd like to see in the next release of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series is for it to be a real NAS solution because right now, you need to use a Hitachi converter called HNAS which makes the process a little bit more expensive. In my opinion, Hitachi should look into the possibility of unifying the HNAS into full storage, meaning that the HNAS should be integrated into the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series.""For the support windows to work, maybe they have to upgrade the firmware of the VSP. They changed the hardware or the disk. I don't know if it was the port blade they changed or a VM for a memory cache. Also, replacing the old target with the processor target would be fine. The old equipment is very easy to manage, and I don't have any bad commentary.""In the next version I would like to see additional features like artificial intelligence and an increase in the amount of data it can store.""In the next version I would like to see more intelligence.""In terms of new features, I would be interested to see deduplication added in their next release.""For mission critical issues the performance is low.""The user experience is pretty bad in Hitachi. A lot of mandatory tasks take a long time to work through.""The life-cycle of the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series is too short. We only had approximately four or five years out of the solution before it was rendered its end of life."

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"The product's stale snapshots feature needs improvement.""We've encountered issues in the past where maintaining a read-only state is essential to prevent data encryption when VPN access is impacted.""We cannot use this storage for critical applications and data.""The product’s price needs improvement.""HPE Primera's pricing model is an area of concern and can be considered for improvement.""We face challenges with false alarms, particularly daily alerts related to replication link breaks. I'm not happy with the customer service and support.""Some application solutions can be more acceptable on the HPE Primera site.""Only HPE can manage the product."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "We feel that the pricing is fair and the licensing process was easy for both."
  • "There is always room for negotiation."
  • "The price was slightly higher than others, but competitive, if you consider all the other features that you get from it."
  • "It is a more expensive solution, but it is worth it. You are getting what you paid for."
  • "For pricing, you have to take into account their performance on deduplication and compression in a $/GB comparison."
  • "We have seen a reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO)."
  • "It is a cheaper solution."
  • "Pure Storage is all-flash, so this sometimes tends to make it a bit more expensive in the beginning."
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  • "The pricing we get is very competitive when compared to other vendors. Hitachi is working on their licensing model and it is improving but can be irksome when many different items are not bundled or enterprise size."
  • "Our main issue with the Hitachi G-Series is what we consider to be an archaic software licensing scheme and high maintenance costs."
  • "It is a little expensive."
  • "I would like to see better pricing and more discounts."
  • "Pricing could be better, because the cost is very high."
  • "This solution is cheaper than Dell EMC VMAX. When you are looking for a high-end solution, price matters, but availability and stability are more important than the price."
  • "This is an expensive solution."
  • "When you are looking for high-end solutions such as this, price is less important than stability and availability."
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  • "The price of this solution is good for medium-sized and large businesses."
  • "From what I see, this is competitively-priced and HPE are doing their best to stay competitive."
  • "The price to capacity ratio is good."
  • "It is basically in the mid-range of the price. It is not cheaper than Hitachi, but it is cheaper than Pure Storage. There are no additional costs. Everything was taken care of in the price."
  • "Licensing fees are billed on a yearly basis and the cost of GreenLake service is included."
  • "I believe HPE Primera and Pure Storage are similar in price."
  • "There is only a one-time license purchase needed and no additional costs. If HP could reduce the training cost, then that would be advantageous to the seller."
  • "The price of HPE Primera could improve, it is expensive."
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    757,260 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:Both are great platforms, but if you are considering all flash solutions, I would recommend you to consider Pure… more »
    Top Answer:We consume less physical storage because of the solution’s deduplication and compression.
    Top Answer:We have customers who use a three-year or five-year license. We also have customers who use Evergreen.
    Top Answer:The deduplication is useful for us because we don't have that much money for our lab infrastructure. Deduplication means… more »
    Top Answer:One problem is that there are too many management tools for the F Series and for all the other Hitachi storage systems… more »
    Top Answer:We're only using the F Series in our lab for hosting lab infrastructure for all our colleagues. We needed fast storage.
    Top Answer:HPE Nimble is a versatile synced WAN San solution. It is easy to use and doesn’t require much training for admins. The… more »
    Top Answer:HPE Primera has many great features but one of the best is that it is very easy to deploy. From an overall perspective… more »
    Top Answer:Stability-wise, I rate the solution a ten out of ten.
    Also Known As
    Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F Series, Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform 5000 Series, Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E Series, Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform N Series, Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series
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    Pure Storage
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    Pure Storage FlashArray is the world’s first enterprise-class storage array that runs exclusively on the nonvolatile memory express (NVMe) protocol for memory access and storage. It represents a totally state-of-the-art type of storage technology. It offers users shared accelerated storage that delivers cutting-edge features in the realms of performance, simplicity, and consolidation. Pure Storage is fresh and modern today and will be for the next decade. Without forklift upgrades or planned downtime, Pure Storage takes the work out of storage ownership and delivers unprecedented customer satisfaction.

    Pure Storage FlashArray is built with simplicity and reliability in mind. The solution can be implemented and optimized in hours, as opposed to other similar solutions that can take days. It has no moving parts, which removes areas where it could potentially be vulnerable to suffering errors. It is highly stable and gives users the ability to manage system shutdowns in a way that  prevents data loss.

    Benefits of Pure Storage FlashArray

    Some of the benefits of using Pure Storage FlashArray include:

    • A much higher level of speed than similar pieces of technology. Pure Storage FlashArray maximizes the speed at which data can be transferred while at the same time minimizing system latencies that might slow the transfer down. Additionally, it offers users quick memory read and data access speeds.

    • A higher bang for your buck in terms of the storage capabilities you get for the money you pay. They are smaller in size than more standard storage technologies, but they offer flash memory, which enables users to store larger amounts of data than the current standard.

    Reviews from Real Users

    Pure Storage FlashArray is a highly effective piece of storage technology which stands out among its competitors for a number of reasons. Two major ones are its overall robustness and the value that it offers by way of its reliability and ease of use. It provides users with many valuable features that allow them to maximize what they can do with this solution. Pure Storage FlashArray’s reliability and ease of use make it a highly valuable solution. 

    PeerSpot user Prabakaran K., a technical consultant at Injazat Data Systems, notes the robustness of this solution when he writes, "FlashArray has many valuable features. It's very user-friendly and it has high availability, so there is comparatively less downtime. During maintenance, there is no shutdown procedure, so you can directly power off the Array and manage the shutdown process without any data loss, which is a unique feature. Managing replication and data migration is also very easy."

    PeerSpot user Jason D., a cloud solutions architect at a tech services company, notes three features that make this solution valuable when he writes, "We've had different types of storage, and three things of this solution are valuable. The first one is its outstanding performance. The second one is its stability. In the about three years that we've had it, we've had component failures, but we never had a service interruption or any data loss. The third one, which is really critical, is that it is super easy to use in terms of provisioning, storage, and managing the arrays. I'm able to maintain a multi-site environment with a couple of dozen arrays with a single mid-level storage admin."


    With adaptive, guaranteed data reduction and a 100% data-availability guarantee, Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F series helps you tackle complicated business challenges. Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) VSP F series delivers up to 4.8M IOPS with sub-millisecond response times.
    Featuring legendary Hitachi reliability, VSP F series arrays are backed by the industries only 100% availability guarantee. For these reasons, 80% of the Fortune 500 choose Hitachi all-flash arrays to accelerate the performance of mission-critical applications like Oracle, SAP, Virtualization, Microsoft apps etc. With over 350 patents in flash technology, Hitachi’s innovative mix of flash hardware and software accelerates ROI with enterprise-class reliability and performance.

    HPE introduces HPE Primera, a new storage platform designed to deliver superior simplicity, availability, and performance for mission-critical applications
    HPE Primera advances the HPE Intelligent Data Platform, a portfolio of products and solutions designed to help customers transition from delivering storage to unlocking business value with intelligent data

    Sample Customers
    Nielsen, Lamar Advertising, LinkedIn, Betfair, UT-Dallas
    Turkcell, Owens Corning, Region Nord, Net Credit Financial Group (NFC Group), Russian Railways
    Information Not Available
    Top Industries
    Financial Services Firm19%
    Healthcare Company12%
    Manufacturing Company10%
    Computer Software Company8%
    Educational Organization32%
    Computer Software Company12%
    Financial Services Firm8%
    Manufacturing Company8%
    Financial Services Firm24%
    Comms Service Provider20%
    Computer Software Company12%
    Computer Software Company20%
    Financial Services Firm15%
    Manufacturing Company8%
    Financial Services Firm26%
    Computer Software Company21%
    Comms Service Provider11%
    Educational Organization37%
    Computer Software Company11%
    Financial Services Firm7%
    Manufacturing Company6%
    Company Size
    Small Business27%
    Midsize Enterprise16%
    Large Enterprise57%
    Small Business17%
    Midsize Enterprise41%
    Large Enterprise42%
    Small Business34%
    Midsize Enterprise24%
    Large Enterprise42%
    Small Business26%
    Midsize Enterprise18%
    Large Enterprise57%
    Small Business47%
    Midsize Enterprise17%
    Large Enterprise36%
    Small Business17%
    Midsize Enterprise46%
    Large Enterprise37%
    Buyer's Guide
    HPE Primera vs. Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform
    March 2024
    Find out what your peers are saying about HPE Primera vs. Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform and other solutions. Updated: March 2024.
    757,260 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform is ranked 8th in All-Flash Storage with 13 reviews while HPE Primera is ranked 7th in All-Flash Storage with 19 reviews. Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform is rated 8.6, while HPE Primera is rated 8.4. The top reviewer of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform writes "A robust and dependable product that ensures a 100 percent data availability guarantee". On the other hand, the top reviewer of HPE Primera writes "A tool that offers quality, stability, scalability, and features that are good for storage purposes". Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform is most compared with IBM FlashSystem, Dell PowerStore, NetApp AFF, Dell Unity XT and IBM System Storage DS8000 Series, whereas HPE Primera is most compared with HPE 3PAR StoreServ, HPE Nimble Storage, Dell PowerStore, NetApp AFF and Huawei OceanStor. See our HPE Primera vs. Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform report.

    See our list of best All-Flash Storage vendors.

    We monitor all All-Flash Storage reviews to prevent fraudulent reviews and keep review quality high. We do not post reviews by company employees or direct competitors. We validate each review for authenticity via cross-reference with LinkedIn, and personal follow-up with the reviewer when necessary.