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Pure FlashArray X NVMe
Ranking in All-Flash Storage
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Ranking in other categories
NVMe All-Flash Storage Arrays (6th)
Hitachi Virtual Storage Pla...
Ranking in All-Flash Storage
Average Rating
Number of Reviews
Ranking in other categories
NAS (4th), Modular SAN (Storage Area Network) (4th), Frame-Based Disk Arrays (1st), NVMe All-Flash Storage Arrays (4th)
IBM FlashSystem
Ranking in All-Flash Storage
Average Rating
Number of Reviews
Ranking in other categories
NAS (5th), Modular SAN (Storage Area Network) (2nd)

Mindshare comparison

As of June 2024, in the NAS category, the mindshare of Pure FlashArray X NVMe is 1.2%, up from 0.7% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform is 6.1%, down from 7.3% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of IBM FlashSystem is 7.0%, down from 7.5% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Unique Categories:
All-Flash Storage
NVMe All-Flash Storage Arrays
Modular SAN (Storage Area Network)
Frame-Based Disk Arrays

Featured Reviews

Jul 12, 2022
Problem free scalability, reliable, with straightforward setup
It has good, reliable, and fast storage. We really like snapshot features and how automatable and programmable it is. It is all managed with ad sport and playbooks We have been using Pure FlashArray X NVMe for about a year now. Scalability has been great. We have run into a couple of instances…
Mir Gulzar Ahmed - PeerSpot reviewer
May 22, 2023
High availability and performance are key advantages, but configuration flexibility and pricing are drawbacks
The most common issues we face are connected to replication and parts replacement, such as when there is a disk drive failure. Also, there is a drawback related to Hitachi's configuration flexibility. The Hitachi storage platform solution is not flexible. That means that both the Hitachi and the partner presale guys have to do a lot of work to design a solution. Once you design a solution, you can't reverse it. There is no flexibility afterward. If you are implementing a solution for a five-year plan, for example, you discuss what the customer will need in those five years. But after implementation the customer cannot then decide they need this or that changed. Customers have to decide things at the point of sale. Other solutions have better flexibility than Hitachi.
AANKITGUPTAA - PeerSpot reviewer
Oct 18, 2022
Great visualization, minimal defaults, with scalability
Our primary use case is we are required to share storage. We share and cluster the application and databases. We use the IBM Flash System as a tier of storage. We have SND, cache, SST storage system, and staff storage. When performance or database is required we provide the storage tier from the…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The latency is good."
"The Pure1 component is most valuable at this point in time when comparing it with EMC. Pure1 is where you can have your diagnostics in the cloud, so you can look at things from your mobile phone."
"Pure FlashArray X NVMe has low latency and high Ops. It is an evergreen model."
"Technical support has been helpful and responsive."
"The tool's valuable features are speed, security, data compression, and reliability. Its data compression feature is the best that we have ever seen. It helps us to save money and resources."
"The most valuable features of this solution are its ease of use and performance."
"The most valuable features of Pure FlashArray X NVMe are its superior performance compared to other flash tiers, as well as its ease of use, with an intuitive user interface that is simple to deploy and use."
"We're able to get higher-density workloads on the same infrastructure, and we have a smaller physical footprint. The performance is excellent – during our test the bottlenecks are never on the X array, it just keeps picking up the pace to match what you need. The real-time visibility is a differentiator in my opinion."
"The most valuable feature of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series is the platform and overall usage has been good. We have not had very many issues."
"The high performance of flash storage is especially valuable to us."
"The valuable features for data management include deduplication and compression without performance impact, and the ability to virtualize old storage, making migration seamless."
"The product provides a good storage space."
"The biggest benefit of the Hitachi platform is 100 percent storage uptime. It's also highly cost-effective."
"The Hitachi VSP has significantly improved data storage scalability by addressing various issues. Through their research and development efforts, they've incorporated customer feedback regarding deployment speed and performance requirements."
"The most valuable feature is that it has 'eight nines' availability, 99.999999 percent of the time. That is the main selling point."
"One of the features, for us, that is important is the monitoring platform integrated into the solution. It has all the elements that we need to see, at all times, to be sure the platform is working right."
"The performance of the All-Flash System is very good. There is more enhanced performance and data production in the solution, which I appreciate."
"The most valuable features in IBM FlashSystem are IOPS, performance, duplication, and compression."
"We are a 100% satisfied with the stability of the solution."
"It's a mature product. It's like a BMW that evolves consistently."
"The speed and the ease of installation are the most valuable features."
"The most valuable feature of the solution is SCM (Storage Class Memory), which has the lowest latency value in the storage industry."
"The performance of IBM FlashSystem is very good. The new technology and high throughput have given us more confidence in the solution. The management of the system has improved and we can control the monitoring system alerts and multiple FlashSystems with the Enterprise Cloud Edition, which is free. The migration of recently stored data to a new flash is much easier. You can move your data because you can utilize it externally."
"The storage system is one of the best in the world."


"It's more multi-tenant functionality in their Pure1 manage portal that is lacking."
"It is on the expensive side."
"I'd like to see the product implement active replication for vehicles such as VMware."
"Our use cases require more multi-tenant capabilities and additional VLAN interfaces for separating different customers. We currently use it to provide storage, sometimes shared storage, to different customers, but it is less flexible in comparison to a dedicated solution."
"There is room for improvement in catering to midrange storage needs, especially for customers seeking Enterprise-class features."
"Every time I think of something that needs to improve, they're one step ahead, which I love. The only area I wish to see improve, I believe is coming, is in the FlashBlade product. Blade implementation fell short on a few of the services."
"In the next release, I would like to see real-time analytics for further insight into consumption models."
"Many options to check performance, like read, writes, random writes, and random reads, are missing in Pure FlashArray X NVMe."
"The controllers in the product do not provide options for scalability."
"The complex setup phase is an area where improvements are needed."
"Hitachi Vantara has invested heavily in improving their management interface, however, they still have a way to go to catch up with many of their competitors."
"The installation procedure it a bit difficult, because it is a high-end solution. With this type of product, the original company is interested in doing the setup for customers in the area, but because of sanctions we were not able to get support in our area. We faced many issued trying to learn to run this product."
"In the next version I would like to see more intelligence."
"I would like to see an audit account set up such that the user can log in, see the configuration, and see the logs, but they cannot make any changes."
"The deployment could be a bit easier, because it's a bit tricky"
"For the support windows to work, maybe they have to upgrade the firmware of the VSP. They changed the hardware or the disk. I don't know if it was the port blade they changed or a VM for a memory cache. Also, replacing the old target with the processor target would be fine. The old equipment is very easy to manage, and I don't have any bad commentary."
"The solution is not easy to implement. It takes a lot of time to study the product and it's a little complicated in general."
"Sometimes the performance is effective but it gets resolved in the process."
"We had issues when attempting to do a flash, we hope to resolve it soon."
"The solution's pricing is a bit high so there is room for improvement."
"The solution has a low number of NVME host attachments at 16 per IO group over the fiber channel."
"The marketing could be improved."
"The GUI for monitoring performance metrics could provide better visibility. For example, it doesn't let me segregate the IOPS per volume."
"I would like to see an improvement in the handling of large amounts of rights."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Given its price, Pure is not the first option."
"With Pure Storage, we would like to continue seeing price reductions with flash storage. I don't think we're any different than anybody else when we continue to look to the industry for price reductions of both NVMe and traditional SSD storage. We would like to see these prices continue to decline and erode, even displacing large spinning disks."
"The licensing is on a yearly basis."
"The tool's pricing is cheap; I rate it a six to seven out of ten. Most of our sales are not subscription-based. We sell the hardware, and customers keep using it. They only renew the service part annually. The support can be a bit pricey, but the solution is more cost-effective than anything else out there."
"They can tout the functionality and cutting edge technology that they have, but that's where the price tag comes in. The cost is high, but I think as they grow their business and get more customers that it will probably go down a little bit."
"The tool is an investment that we've budgeted for. While the prices may be higher than those of other vendors, we see it as a market leader with benefits. We don't regret purchasing it."
"We pay approximately $50,000 USD per year in licensing fees."
"Our licensing fees are $500,000+ USD."
"Pricing could be better, because the cost is very high."
"Hitachi VSP's pricing is good compared to other brands."
"I would like to see better pricing and more discounts."
"Architecture-wise, it's actually at a competitive price point. It is not cheap."
"Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series tools are highly specialized, such as management and performance tools and the overall solution is expensive. If customers want to have a lot of data in their hands, they need to purchase several solutions."
"The price per gigabyte is good and it is low when it comes to terabytes."
"I would rate the solution's pricing at around eight or nine on a scale of one to ten. While the solution may be priced higher than some competitors, we prioritize the quality and durability of the storage."
"The product is reasonably priced."
"I'd rate the basic licensing and the Virtualize software a ten out of ten, and the extra Spectrum and other an eight out of ten."
"The price depends of the technology that our customers need. The price can come at a lower cost but this may increase as storage is added."
"The tool is cost-efficient."
"Our customers would like IMB FlashSystem to be less expensive."
"Pricing can be considered as per market competition."
"We have no issues with the price as it is very competitive."
"For a yearly license, it is about $100,000. There are no additional costs. The entire system is included."
"This is an expensive product and if the price were reduced it would be better."
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Comparison Review

it_user277539 - PeerSpot reviewer
Jul 30, 2015
Hybrid storage, all-flash storage, and hyper-converged products offer software capable of running on commodity hardware, providing a better end-user experience at a reduced price.
Originally posted at Over the last 15 years, the storage industry has primarily been dominated (market share) by six companies, EMC, NetApp, IBM, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), HP and Dell. In 2013, these six companies made up approximately 85% of all storage sold in the…

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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Pure FlashArray X NVMe?
Pure FlashArray X NVMe helps to improve our processing speed. It is user-friendly and easy to use.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Pure FlashArray X NVMe?
The tool is an investment that we've budgeted for. While the prices may be higher than those of other vendors, we see...
What needs improvement with Pure FlashArray X NVMe?
The tool's pricing is higher than competitors.
What do you like most about Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F Series?
The deduplication is useful for us because we don't have that much money for our lab infrastructure. Deduplication me...
What needs improvement with Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F Series?
One problem is that there are too many management tools for the F Series and for all the other Hitachi storage system...
What is your primary use case for Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F Series?
We're only using the F Series in our lab for hosting lab infrastructure for all our colleagues. We needed fast storage.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for IBM FlashSystem?
I rate the pricing a three out of ten. The tool is cost-efficient. The prices are good.
What needs improvement with IBM FlashSystem?
Customization features must be improved.

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Pure FlashArray//X NVMe, Pure FlashArray//X, FlashArray//X
Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F Series, Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform 5000 Series, Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E Series, Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform N Series, Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series
IBM Storwize



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