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Pure FlashArray X NVMe
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Dell PowerStore
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Hitachi Virtual Storage Pla...
Ranking in All-Flash Storage
Ranking in NVMe All-Flash Storage Arrays
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NAS (4th), Modular SAN (Storage Area Network) (4th), Frame-Based Disk Arrays (1st)

Mindshare comparison

As of July 2024, in the All-Flash Storage category, the mindshare of Pure FlashArray X NVMe is 0.8%, down from 1.3% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Dell PowerStore is 20.7%, up from 14.8% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform is 3.3%, up from 2.9% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
All-Flash Storage
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NVMe All-Flash Storage Arrays
Modular SAN (Storage Area Network)

Featured Reviews

May 21, 2021
Reasonably priced, scales well, and offers good stability
We primarily use the solution for cluster applications and databases. We use the solution on the DBA and those that use double machines Being able to have broken files on-site on the same appliance is quite useful. The newer version of NVME has a really noticeable difference in quality versus the…
May 22, 2024
Helps improve security, latency, and our speed to market
We have a lot of distribution centers, and we are looking at infrastructure that gives us that low latency and helps us with the IoT and edge computing, like, robotic arms and things like that. We implemented Dell PowerStore to address security and latency in our infrastructure The biggest…
Joshua Kurian - PeerSpot reviewer
Feb 19, 2024
Leverages a 3DC architecture with VSP for disaster recovery, offering a 100% data availability guarantee
VSP systems run on our core OS as our storage recovery solutions, including SVOS (Storage Virtual Operating System). We primarily use it for data stability and various hospital operations, including RMAs, patient responses, faxes, emails, and scheduling tasks. We use primarily mid-range storage…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The standout features for us in Pure FlashArray X NVMe are its robust DDoS protection, seamless transparent failover, and failback capabilities ensuring high availability."
"Overall stability is very good. It is a very stable solution."
"The latency is good."
"What I really like about this program, is that it is easy to use and easy to configurate."
"It has good, reliable, fast storage."
"Pure FlashArray X NVMe helps to improve our processing speed. It is user-friendly and easy to use."
"It has benefited my organization because it has reduced time to insights."
"The tool's valuable features are speed, security, data compression, and reliability. Its data compression feature is the best that we have ever seen. It helps us to save money and resources."
"The product's initial deployment phase has been straightforward."
"The solution is stable."
"It's really good, price-wise. It's cost-effective."
"The simplicity and performance are great."
"It is a stable solution."
"Dell PowerStore is an easy and fast tool to work through our company's data."
"Gives us flexibility, performance, and ease of use. It also has some very good compression capabilities. We were looking for a solution that was easy to install in our VMware environment, that was flexible. PowerStore X is a type of a VMware cluster that you install inside your environment. If you have a VMware environment, like we have in production, it's easy to install and use."
"The support is very good."
"This is one of the most reliable and dependable products on the market."
"The solution is very user-friendly in terms of maintenance and configuration. It's also possible to connect the solution to other storage management solutions."
"Overall, the solution is strong, easy and fast."
"It's best features are its reliability and stability."
"This is a good product with high capabilities and high reliability."
"The service provided by Hitachi is good, and I get the IT support I need from the vendors."
"The deduplication is useful for us because we don't have that much money for our lab infrastructure. Deduplication means we have more storage available. And the IOPS are really fast."
"It is a very stable solution. Stability-wise, I rate the solution a ten out of ten."


"We would like to see VNC integration or be able to use Pure Storage with VNC."
"We've seen that when we create a POD in synchronous mode, it increases the latency."
"Efficiency improvements would always be welcome, but I'm not sure if they could get more efficient."
"I want to see Pure Storage not only be for fast storage, but I want to see it be for the entire data center."
"It's more multi-tenant functionality in their Pure1 manage portal that is lacking."
"I would like to see replication and DR features in the next release of this solution."
"The UI for this solution needs to be improved."
"I'd like to see the product implement active replication for vehicles such as VMware."
"Where the system needs to improve is by adding more enterprise features like replication on other sites. We would also like it to be much more aligned with the VMware version. For example, today we have two different versions of VMware ESXi running to keep the PowerStore online. It would be better if the software cycling was faster."
"The price is on the higher side."
"It was very new when we first deployed it a year ago. Even the upgrade processes and knowing what to expect, as well as documentation, could be more robust."
"PowerStore's management console could be improved."
"The pricing could be lower. It is very expensive."
"Horizontal scaling has room for improvement."
"As a partner, I'd like to be added to each customer's CloudIQ to take a look."
"I have not seen anything specific. The only thing I can think of that needs improvement is the price."
"I would like to see Hitachi improve their management software. It's been three years since they introduced Ops Center, their management product, and it still hasn't reached at least 50 percent of the capability we require. We are using legacy software because the product Hitachi offers does not stack up in functionality."
"The initial setup was difficult, as we don't have access to assistance. We had some issues around configuration. We needed to know things like what kind of rate is the best, or what kind of replication is ideal. We had to seek out answers online to get the information we needed."
"In terms of ransomware, Pure Storage is probably a couple of steps ahead of Hitachi, but Hitachi does not rush in terms of features. They want to be really sure that the hardware works properly without any kind of problem in new environments, and the implementation or improvement does not affect the customer installation. They really want to make sure that customers are not affected in any way."
"At the moment, I don't see any room for improvement in Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series because my experience with the product is very good. The software is okay and you can manage the storage well. What I'd like to see in the next release of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series is for it to be a real NAS solution because right now, you need to use a Hitachi converter called HNAS which makes the process a little bit more expensive. In my opinion, Hitachi should look into the possibility of unifying the HNAS into full storage, meaning that the HNAS should be integrated into the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series."
"Hitachi should launch some small machines in Brazil. The smallest machine here in Brazil is VSP 350, which can be quite big for some of the customers. In China, Hitachi has small models of this equipment, but those models are not available in our region. Its pricing is a big issue for us. We are resellers, and we face some competition from other vendors. Hitachi doesn't always have a good position in terms of the price. Its user interface is also not as good as some of the other competitors, and it can be improved."
"The distributor needs more knowledgeable resources for technical support. It would be better to connect directly to the vendor in case of queries."
"The installation procedure it a bit difficult, because it is a high-end solution. With this type of product, the original company is interested in doing the setup for customers in the area, but because of sanctions we were not able to get support in our area. We faced many issued trying to learn to run this product."
"The snapshot and clone operation functions can be made easier."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Pure FlashArray X NVMe’s pricing is cheaper than other products."
"We pay approximately $50,000 USD per year in licensing fees."
"Our licensing fees are $500,000+ USD."
"They can tout the functionality and cutting edge technology that they have, but that's where the price tag comes in. The cost is high, but I think as they grow their business and get more customers that it will probably go down a little bit."
"The tool's pricing is cheap; I rate it a six to seven out of ten. Most of our sales are not subscription-based. We sell the hardware, and customers keep using it. They only renew the service part annually. The support can be a bit pricey, but the solution is more cost-effective than anything else out there."
"As far as the licensing costs, everything is included in the license."
"Given its price, Pure is not the first option."
"The support cost per array is about $20,000 a year for 24/7 support."
"The price is not cheap, but it's worth it for the features you get from the storage. If you can afford it, you are probably buying the best solution that you can have for this virtual environment."
"There's still a cap on the upgrade path, where you can consume all the engines within the frame before you have to go to another frame... Normally, we exceed the IOPS on the frames before we can ever exhaust the storage, so anything they can do to help us avoid stranded storage capacity, capacity that we couldn't get to, would be beneficial."
"We purchased it with a five-year warranty."
"It is easy to work with Dell from the licensing perspective."
"The solution's price was comparable to other products for the use case, size, and setup."
"The price of Dell PowerStore could improve. The price should be managed more compared to Huawei Dorado or IBM All-Flash series."
"It is expensive compared to one of its competitors."
"Dealing with the licensing part of the product is very simple, especially considering the fact that we don't have many licenses associated with the tool."
"The product is reasonably priced."
"Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform is a very expensive product."
"The price per gigabyte is good and it is low when it comes to terabytes."
"This is an expensive solution."
"When you are looking for high-end solutions such as this, price is less important than stability and availability."
"It is expensive. Everything is included in the license. There is no additional cost."
"The costs were primarily in line with every other vendor at the time."
"The pricing we get is very competitive when compared to other vendors. Hitachi is working on their licensing model and it is improving but can be irksome when many different items are not bundled or enterprise size."
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Pure FlashArray X NVMe helps to improve our processing speed. It is user-friendly and easy to use.
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The tool's pricing is cheap; I rate it a six to seven out of ten. Most of our sales are not subscription-based. We se...
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One point I'd like to improve is that the tool should start selling small boxes again. It discontinued some products ...
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The deduplication is useful for us because we don't have that much money for our lab infrastructure. Deduplication me...
What needs improvement with Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F Series?
One problem is that there are too many management tools for the F Series and for all the other Hitachi storage system...
What is your primary use case for Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F Series?
We're only using the F Series in our lab for hosting lab infrastructure for all our colleagues. We needed fast storage.

Also Known As

Pure FlashArray//X NVMe, Pure FlashArray//X, FlashArray//X
Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F Series, Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform 5000 Series, Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E Series, Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform N Series, Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series



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Fremont Bank, Judson ISD, The Nielsen Company
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Turkcell, Owens Corning, Region Nord, Net Credit Financial Group (NFC Group), Russian Railways
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792,905 professionals have used our research since 2012.