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Cloud Data Warehouse (1st)

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As of July 2024, in the Data Warehouse category, the mindshare of Actian Ingres is 2.0%, up from 0.6% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Snowflake is 15.2%, down from 18.8% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Data Warehouse
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Jan 28, 2021
Good multi-platform SQL compatibility, as well as performance and data integrity
We currently run Web server solutions (CMS, CRM business solutions). Our CMS solution is obviously very text-oriented, and our CRM Business Solution was built for a finance and asset management business, which is capable of handling millions of transactions. Performance, access control, data…
Mar 1, 2023
Straightforward deployment, stable, and scalable
I mostly build or design data warehouse analytics solutions using Snowflake The productivity across the teams that use Snowflake I believe is higher than it would be without the solution. Snowflake has three great features: Snowpiping is proving to be very valuable, Time Travel is excellent, and…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The deployment of our solution across a number of servers using Ingres .NET has meant that we can protect the database server behind a highly secure firewall and deploy the front end solutions on a normal web server."
"The solution is very easy to use."
"The way it is built and designed is valuable. The way the shared model is built and the way it exploits the power of the cloud is very good. Certain features related to administration and management, akin to Oracle Flashback and all that, are very important for modern-day administration and management. It is also good in terms of managing and improving performance, indexing, and partitioning. It is sort of completely automated. Everything is essentially under the hood, and the engine takes care of it all. As a data warehouse on the cloud, Snowflake stands strong on its ground even though each of the cloud providers has its own data warehouse, such as Redshift for AWS or Synapse for Azure."
"It is a very good platform. It can handle structured and semi-structured data, and it can be used for your data warehouse or data lake. It can load and deal with any data that you have. It can extract data from an on-premises database or a website and make it available in the cloud. It has very fast implementation and integration as compared to other solutions. There is no need for the DBA to manage or do the day-to-day DBA tasks, which is one of the greatest things about it."
"We find the data sharing and data marketplace aspects of Snowflake absolutely amazing."
"The technical support on offer is excellent."
"It is quite easy to manage."
"It is a very easy-to-use solution. It is user-friendly, and its setup time is very less."
"Everything is automatic, and I don't have to do any maintenance."


"The ability to reset the log file without stopping the DBMS would be helpful for us."
"They should improve the reporting tools."
"Maybe there could be some more connectors to other systems, but this is what they are constantly developing anyway."
"Its stability could be better."
"There could be better ELT tools that are appropriate for Snowflake. We decided on Matillion and it seemed to be the only one. There need to be better choices, it would be great if Snowflake provided an ELT solution that people could use. Additionally, if there was a pure cloud-based ELT tool it would be useful."
"In future releases, it can also support full unstructured data."
"These days, they are pushing users towards the GUI or graphical version. However, I am more familiar with the classic version. I'd like to continue to work with it using the older approach."
"The complexity of the initial setup of Snowflake depends on the use case. However, Snowflake itself, we don't set it up. The difficulty comes from the ingestion patterns, depending on what data I'm putting in, what kind of enrichment, and what additional value we have to add. However, it does tend to get complex because we have a lot of semi-structured data which we need to handle in Snowflake. There have been some challenges."
"The cost is a bit high."

Pricing and Cost Advice

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"It's expensive."
"Snowflake has consumption-based costs; users only pay for storage and computing."
"We used Snowflake to see if it is cheaper than using BigQuery. It was just to maintain the cost or the KPI regarding the cost of connectivity by users. Snowflake wasn't cheaper than BigQuery, and its affordability was the main issue."
"The whole licensing system is based on credit points. You can also make a license agreement with the company so that you buy credit points and then you use them. What you do not use in one year can be carried over to the next year."
"Comparing Snowflake to on-prem options such as Oracle or SAP, it seemed more cost-effective."
"Snowflake licensing is more flexible and it is cheaper than other solutions. I can use it for only 10 days for MVP, or three years, and for flexible models. I can scale up, or down, and the pricing is based on the volume and duration. There are many licensing permutation combinations available."
"We're based on credits. So, we're paying four and a half dollars of credit. There are no additional costs. I would rate it a two out of five in terms of pricing."
"I have not been billed yet, but it should be less. I'm still running the trial version, but it seems to be less than Databricks."
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What do you like most about Snowflake?
The best thing about Snowflake is its flexibility in changing warehouse sizes or computational power.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Snowflake?
The product's price range falls between average to a bit expensive range. I think the tool is worth the money if you use it properly. It is difficult for me to speak about the number of users who u...
What needs improvement with Snowflake?
I don't think that the AI tools in Snowflake are good. AI tools in Snowflake can be improved. Even if the AI tools in Snowflake are good, I feel that it would be expensive. The cost of the AI part ...



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