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Fortinet FortiGate
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Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) Solutions (2nd), WAN Edge (1st)
SonicWall TZ
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No ranking in other categories
WatchGuard Firebox
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Unified Threat Management (UTM) (4th)

Market share comparison

As of June 2024, in the Firewalls category, the market share of Fortinet FortiGate is 22.9% and it increased by 13.2% compared to the previous year. The market share of SonicWall TZ is 3.0% and it increased by 28.0% compared to the previous year. The market share of WatchGuard Firebox is 4.1% and it increased by 30.0% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) Solutions
WAN Edge
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Unified Threat Management (UTM)

Featured Reviews

Feb 3, 2022
An easy-to-use product that does a lot for you and allows you to be independent
It does a lot for you for intrusion protection and as an antivirus. The threat management bundle is worth the money. You don't need another company to monitor your web traffic for you. You can do everything yourself on the firewall. You restrict your own black list for people on the firewall. You don't need to pay some other company for another product to do that for you. The firewall can do that for you. So, it's an easy-to-use product for people to be independent. They don't need to rely on other vendors to do what the firewall can do. They can do everything. The GUI is good. I'm really happy with the ease of use of the firewall. Fortinet's support is also great.
Feb 7, 2022
Multifeatured firewall solution with a user-friendly interface, high availability, scalability, and stability
Support for SonicWall TZ needs improvement, particularly the time it takes before you're able to speak to a support person, e.g. you have to wait for at least 30 minutes on the phone, and this needs to be improved. This is an affordable solution, but a competitor like Sophos can give SonicWall a run for their money. Sophos and Fortinet are major competitors of SonicWall, and the way they package their solutions, especially Sophos, they're cheaper, so for some customers who aren't technical, they will just run to these competitors because they're cheaper. However, once you explain to the customer that this is the situation, mostly we're able to win the business for SonicWall. An additional feature I'd like to see in the next release of SonicWall TZ is enhanced automation.
Arkadiusz Charuba - PeerSpot reviewer
Feb 3, 2023
Fast, reasonably priced, and reliable
We primarily use the solution to secure our networks in branch via SSL and VPN. We also use it for our web pages hosted on our servers. This product handled everything UTM The solution has benefitted us by offering a secure connection. We don't spend as much time analyzing when traffic goes…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"There is an easy process for configuring it, and it is straightforward to implement the device from scratch."
"The CLI is robust and powerful, enabling rapid, consistent changes via SSH."
"The most valuable features are simplicity, management, and that it's constantly evolving."
"The security features are about the best that I've seen anywhere."
"The most valuable feature of FortiGate is FortiView which provides proactive monitoring."
"Some of the key features of the solution is that it has good reporting, you can receive many details from the connection, for example, clients and website information."
"The most valuable features of Fortinet FortiGate are the rules and quality of service."
"It increases security posture and is helpful for firewall reporting, intrusion protection, web filtering, and SD-WAN implementation."
"The installation is straightforward and took approximately 30 minutes."
"It protects against intrusion while allowing needed access."
"SonicWall TZ is very user-friendly and has network MAC binding. Additionally, the firewall works well."
"The stability is very nice."
"It lets me monitor in live time if someone is 'hogging' bandwidth."
"It's a very cost-effective solution."
"Access restriction and IP whitelisting are the most valuable features."
"The most valuable feature of SonicWall TZ is the double authentication, where it asks for one password and again asks for a four-digit code, which changes every 30 seconds."
"It has everything we need in terms of functionality."
"The set up was quite straightforward and we handled it in-house. It took a few hours to deploy the product."
"The most valuables feature of WatchGuard Firebox are the VPNs, and web filtering where we can stop users from going to malicious sites."
"Intrusion Prevention is my primary focus so that's what I find most useful. The why is straightforward: It's to prevent intrusion."
"Firebox operates effectively in the background, blocking potential threats without a need for constant monitoring."
"The features that I have found most valuable are the FireWall features. The management side of WatchGuard is quite easy because it supports two ways to manage it - by the web and the other one they call WatchGuard systems manager. I used to be familiar with WSM only, but they improved their GUI in the web browser and now it is much easier to do it within the web browser."
"The throughput is great. It's perfect. We have no issues whatsoever. The management features are very powerful..."
"I like their management features a lot. Their System Manager server as well the System Manager software make managing them, and tracking changes, very easy and complete."


"Quality control on their firmware versions needs improvement. When they introduce new firmware, there tend to be bugs."
"If I had any criticism that I would give FortiGate, it would be that they need to stop changing their logging format. Every time we do a firmware upgrade, it is a massive issue on the SIM. Parsers have to be rebuilt. Even the FortiGate guys came in and said that they don't play well in the sandbox."
"We would like to have the ability to disable some of the security functionalities."
"It should have a better pricing plan. It is too expensive. It should also have a more granular view of the attack. I don't have FortiAnalyzer, and it is difficult for me to have a complete view when there is an attack on my server."
"The central management for the FortiGate Fortinet Firewall needs improvement. They have the manager to do the essential management for both SD-WAN and for the security policy. They should also improve the SD-WAN function."
"Some configuration elements cannot be easily altered once created."
"Fortinet FortiGate could improve by adding enhancements to FortiMail, FortiSOAR, and FortiDeceptor."
"There are some license issues. Not every feature must have a separate license. There must be some of kind synergy between the license so we don't have to pay for every individual license that we would like to have."
"I would like them to make the interface a little bit easier to use so you can find out where in the heck you're going instead of having to go to 15 different places to get something installed."
"The VPN that is available in the new version is a bit bulky and slower in speed."
"The user support could be improved because you have to go outside to get that kind of support."
"Sonic Analyzer could be improved. It's difficult to manage and not very intuitive."
"The lack of support is having me look into other solutions to replace SonicWALL."
"We would like to improve the rules configuration in SonicWall TZ. Sometimes the rules don't work."
"There is a point I don't like about SonicWall in the past and now. Most of the destinations we look at when we're detecting some user using too much bandwidth or something like that, SonicWall just gave us destination IP address, instead of the full qualified domain name. I think that's the most important part that is still missing. I think that's the most important for us."
"The interface and technical support are probably the two most important things that I would like SonicWall to improve."
"I'd like to have better access to workstation monitoring, connection monitoring, and the amount of time an address is being used, to better gauge proper network utilization. If I knew that something was connected to a particular external location for an extended period that seems abnormal, I'd be able to act upon it."
"I haven’t dug deeply into the reporting features yet or if they are working well. However, I have generated several reports and there was too much unnecessary information, in comparison with the reporting features in the Sophos firewall. Sophos' reporting is more readable and easier to configure."
"The solution is lacking a professional website, they should be updated more often."
"There should be better integration and a way to configure multiple vendors into the same data center in order to offer more flexibility."
"In terms of the reporting and management features — and this isn't necessarily a WatchGuard issue, this seems to be more of an industry-wide issue — you get reports, but a lot of times you don't know what you're looking at. You're so overwhelmed with the data. You're getting a lot of stuff that doesn't matter, so it takes time to parse through it, to actually get what you want to know."
"The scalability of the solution needs improvement."
"It's very difficult to find a reseller of WatchGuard Firebox to purchase a license"
"We were able to take from an older configuration, build a new one quickly, and get it up and running, which didn't take long, but there was some pain around it."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The price is okay."
"Setup costs and pricing depends on many variables, but it's mostly affordable."
"Work through partners for the best pricing."
"The cost is too high... They have to focus on more features with less cost for the customer. If you see the market, where it's going, there are a lot of players offering more features for less cost."
"Our licensing costs are on a yearly basis."
"The price of FortiGate is good."
"The price depends on the size of the company. From the beginning, you just want to know the internet bandwidths, speed, and the number of users to be able to offer the right product and model. They have a lot of products in FortiGate according to the size of the company, like 200D and 300D."
"I think the price of Fortinet FortiGate is very reasonable."
"Licensing fees are on a monthly basis."
"The price is high compared to some other solutions."
"License renewals come in around $35,000 to $45,000."
"It is an expensive solution compared to one of its competitors."
"The solution is expensive."
"The licensing scheme of SonicWall TZ is cost-effective. It's an affordable product, but some competitors, e.g. Sophos and Fortinet offer more competitive pricing."
"The license that we purchased is good for three years."
"The price is fair."
"We pay about $3,500 every three years."
"The two larger devices are about $1,000 each and the smaller ones are about $500 or $600 each... It's cheaper and you have more control because it's self-managed."
"I find the solution to be very affordable."
"I buy a three-year renewal on the main device, which is usually around $3,000 to $4,000. They usually upgrade the device when I do it. You get a big discount when you do three years."
"Very competitive pricing regarding throughput compared to other alternatives."
"Each one, for the primary unit, was $8,600 and the High Availability unit was $2,000. That's with three years of subscription and support and the Total Security Suite."
"The cheapest configuration, for maybe five people, is approximately $500."
"We only license our corporate one and the one we have at our DR site, we don't worry about the branches. It doesn't pay for us to license the ones at the branches. What they charge for what they call basic maintenance is extremely high for those little fireboxes."
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787,560 professionals have used our research since 2012.