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Fortinet FortiGate
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Firewalls (2nd), Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) Solutions (2nd), WAN Edge (1st)
Meraki MX
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Unified Threat Management (UTM) (2nd)
SonicWall TZ
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Firewalls (12th)

Market share comparison

As of June 2024, in the Firewalls category, the market share of Fortinet FortiGate is 22.9% and it increased by 13.2% compared to the previous year. The market share of Meraki MX is 4.3% and it decreased by 14.3% compared to the previous year. The market share of SonicWall TZ is 3.0% and it increased by 28.0% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) Solutions
WAN Edge
Unified Threat Management (UTM)
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Featured Reviews

Feb 3, 2022
An easy-to-use product that does a lot for you and allows you to be independent
It does a lot for you for intrusion protection and as an antivirus. The threat management bundle is worth the money. You don't need another company to monitor your web traffic for you. You can do everything yourself on the firewall. You restrict your own black list for people on the firewall. You don't need to pay some other company for another product to do that for you. The firewall can do that for you. So, it's an easy-to-use product for people to be independent. They don't need to rely on other vendors to do what the firewall can do. They can do everything. The GUI is good. I'm really happy with the ease of use of the firewall. Fortinet's support is also great.
May 15, 2024
Completely cloud-controlled and provide an SD-WAN kind of experience for the customer with multiple WAN provider links to optimize
Meraki is very easy. It's very easy to manage the setup and all that stuff. I would rate my experience with the initial setup an eight out of ten, with ten being easy. Cloud Deployment: It is a solution where this can be managed through the cloud, Cisco's cloud. Meraki is the solution. You can manage it in Cisco's cloud. Generally, if you look into any router or that kind of thing, you need to put in the local IP, plug in, and do the configuration. Whereas in Cisco, you'll have a user ID and password. All your equipment will be listed in the Cisco Meraki cloud itself, where you can configure everything centrally and deploy it. Deployment time: The deployment took a few hours. Management is easy. It's centrally managed through the cloud. I don't see a challenge.
May 11, 2023
Good stability but UI could improve
If you are looking at it from a financial level, it's a good option. But I think there are other options out there. If I had found this product already in my organization when I joined, I would not have gone with this product. I would have gone with an entry-level FortiGate or Check Point. It would have been much better or easier, but SonicWall TZ is not bad, either. However, my device has almost reached the end of its life after almost one and a half years, and it's easy to switch to a different product at the end of our licensing period, which is towards the end of this year. So that would have been good for me. Overall, I would rate the solution a seven out of ten.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"I really like the captive portal feature for our guest network. It has nice VLAN features in terms of separating our network. The anti-virus is also good."
"The most valuable feature is the ease of use."
"Virtual Domains (VDOMs) are a feature that we found valuable."
"The initial setup is straightforward."
"The response is very quick and they can visually resolve our problems in a short period."
"Their reliability and their policy of pre-shipping replacements when a unit has failed."
"It is a safe product."
"FortiGate's web and URL filtering are unlike any other firewall I've used. The functionality of URL filtering in those solutions is problematic because everything is encrypted, and firewalls can't break that encryption protocol. Fortinet has an SSL proxy, so the encryption is done before the packet ever leaves the FortiGate. The URL filter is definitely one of the most helpful features."
"It is very fast to implement."
"The simplicity of configuration is the most valuable feature of the solution."
"It prevents us from being hacked and delivers information about who and where the attack came from."
"Meraki MX offers advanced filtration options, plus it behaves like a router and a firewall at the same time."
"Easy to deploy with a simple configuration."
"The product's initial setup phase is very easy."
"They have very good technical support and I have relied heavily on them."
"The solution is good for load balancing."
"SonicWall TZ is stable."
"The most valuable feature of SonicWall TZ is the double authentication, where it asks for one password and again asks for a four-digit code, which changes every 30 seconds."
"It is a scalable solution."
"The most valuable feature is content filtering and app control."
"The solution boasts good performance and is easy to use."
"SonicWall TZ is a stable product."
"It lets me monitor in live time if someone is 'hogging' bandwidth."
"Once it's configured properly, the solution is unbreakable."


"We would like to see a better training platform implemented."
"The cloud features and integration could be improved."
"They should improve the interface to make it more user-friendly."
"The initial setup is complex."
"In terms of what could be improved, the SD-WAN is quite difficult, because if you install the new box, 15 is okay, but if you change from an old configuration, if there is already configuration and a policy when you change to SD-WAN, you must change the whole policy that you see in the interface."
"From a reporting perspective, there's room for improvement. They're providing FortiAnalyzer through which one can get some enhancements, but the visibility and reporting still need slight improvement."
"It needs more available central management."
"We'd like more management across other integrations."
"The current lead time is longer for Meraki MX, and it needs to be improved."
"The product is quite complex to set up."
"More detail needed for configuration of the VPN."
"Load balancing options and ability to manage a couple of Internet connections."
"They need to improve the link between Meraki and Active Directory."
"Management can be improved in Meraki MX."
"From the improvement perspective, we need more monitoring capabilities. We want to have full-based access visibility, such as, what is happening when something is trying to reach and it is denying. We cannot see some parts of it. The integration of active directory with this product is not very fruitful. It has some bugs or lacks in the functionality of active directory integration. We are unable to identify where exactly and whether it has really applied our policy."
"When we do API integrations with Meraki, they have always been hard as well as tedious to build. The data that we want out of the API integrations has been only recently available. Six months ago, it was hard to get someone to build something correctly or useful with Meraki APIs. Recently, they have made more data available on the API, but it is just a start. They need to do more."
"If the operation increases and the bandwidth consumption increases, it does not perform as per the expectations."
"From a support perspective, if we're talking tech support I think Silver Partners, Gold Partners, Platinum, whatever level, should have a different number to call. End users can call tech support over at SonicWall if they've paid for support as part of their AGSS or whatever services they bought. The end-user can call, or we can call, however, I don't want to be calling the same line that an end user's calling. I don't want the same response time. I need a different level of expertise."
"The VPN that is available in the new version is a bit bulky and slower in speed."
"It needs more robust self-help documentation along with examples and things to watch out for."
"The solution's antivirus checking could be improved so that we can have a deeper inspection of the packets."
"There is still room for improvement, and it's not advisable even if the organization has grown."
"You need to be a certificate holder to set it up and configure it. It's really important because it looks easy, but it is complex. You need to have the knowledge and experience. But this is normal for technical products. It's not a product for regular user. It's for technical people. You need to have skills."
"I can't get the support that I need from SonicWall."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"We have the full version of Fortinet FortiGate and we are on a three-year contract with a commitment of five years."
"It's an expensive solution."
"We are on an annual license to use Fortinet FortiGate."
"There is a license to use Fortinet FortiGate."
"The price of Fortinet FortiGate is better than Cisco, Check Point, and Palo Alto. In terms of pricing, it's probably a better-priced firewall solution overall."
"Its licenses cost the same for different subscription plans."
"If the customer is looking for SD-WAN, it comes free with FortiGate."
"The price for the Fortinet FortiGate is reasonable. Secure SD-WAN is free of charge. If you have their firewall, it's free of charge. It's very tempting."
"In my country, the product is cheap compared to the UK because of the differences in taxes."
"The price is slightly increased, but reasonable."
"Meraki is the best option — based on the price and the features available."
"I think the price is comparable with other solutions of the same kind. Depending on the use case it could be cheaper or more expensive, I think it offers good value."
"Like any Cisco product, the license is really expensive for small business clients. It needs to be cheaper. If you look it up, you might go, "That doesn't make any sense.""
"Pricing varies as per the type of license."
"The price varies depending on the hardware platform as well as the type of license and whether you're adding security or not."
"The price could be lower, but compared to the TCO of other products, it's not really that expensive."
"The product is not expensive, but it is not cheap."
"Its price is very high, which makes it difficult to convince the clients to buy this solution."
"I give the price an eight out of ten."
"The price could be better for us in Bolivia."
"Licensing costs have been around $2,000. There are no other costs above the standard licensing fees."
"The licensing scheme of SonicWall TZ is cost-effective. It's an affordable product, but some competitors, e.g. Sophos and Fortinet offer more competitive pricing."
"There are a few features that are licensed and there should be more that are licensed. The price of the solution is midrange compared to others, I have not had anyone complain."
"The price is high compared to some other solutions."
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The solution is moderately priced, where it's neither cheap nor expensive.

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FortiGate 60b, FortiGate 60c, FortiGate 80c, FortiGate 50b, FortiGate 200b, FortiGate 110c, FortiGate
MX64, MX64W, MX84, MX100, MX400, MX600
Dell SonicWALL TZ

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