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Which is the better NGFW: Fortinet Fortigate or Cisco Firepower?

I'm researching Firewalls. Which NGFW do you recommend between Fortinet Fortigate and Cisco Firepower NGFW?


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More than the products themselves and their capabilities, you must consider the support you get from their respective vendor

In our case, we're a Cisco shop and have several Firepowers. We scan them for vulnerabilities or have FIPS as a requirement. 

In some cases, the cipher settings for SSH or SSL are old and can't be updated to use ciphers that are a few years old. 

Putting them in the FIPS mode can also create problems that Cisco isn't interested in fixing. 

"Smart" licensing is also problematic as we don't technically allow the management plane of our infrastructure from accessing the public internet. 

I'd recommend staying away from Firepowers.

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Cisco Firepower is good

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