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Fortinet FortiGate
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Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) Solutions (2nd), WAN Edge (1st)
SonicWall TZ
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Sophos XG
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Market share comparison

As of June 2024, in the Firewalls category, the market share of Fortinet FortiGate is 22.9% and it increased by 13.2% compared to the previous year. The market share of SonicWall TZ is 3.0% and it increased by 28.0% compared to the previous year. The market share of Sophos XG is 14.4% and it increased by 45.3% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) Solutions
WAN Edge
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Featured Reviews

Nov 30, 2023
Helps reduce our cybersecurity risks, enhances security, and performs well
FortiGate helped us meet our ISO requirements. In the time we have been using FortiGate, we have not had any security breaches. FortiGate has reduced the risk of cyberattacks that can disrupt our production. Since implementing FortiGate we have not dealt with any such attacks. I'm unsure whether centralized FortiGate management enhances efficiency, but our experience with it has been exceptional. We haven't encountered any issues, and the operational aspects have been seamless. Additionally, there was no downtime, which is crucial for our operations. Our Fortinet security fabric has enhanced security across our industrial control system. By safeguarding our production environment and ensuring the security of VPN access granted to individuals, we have achieved comprehensive data protection. We have not experienced any incidents that would have occurred if our firewall was inadequate. FortiGate does a lot of research, and the product is regularly updated, especially in the ransomware area. I know of a couple of other companies around us that had some ransomware incidents, but we never have. From that perspective, FortiGate has helped mature our approach to cybersecurity a lot.
Feb 7, 2022
Multifeatured firewall solution with a user-friendly interface, high availability, scalability, and stability
Support for SonicWall TZ needs improvement, particularly the time it takes before you're able to speak to a support person, e.g. you have to wait for at least 30 minutes on the phone, and this needs to be improved. This is an affordable solution, but a competitor like Sophos can give SonicWall a run for their money. Sophos and Fortinet are major competitors of SonicWall, and the way they package their solutions, especially Sophos, they're cheaper, so for some customers who aren't technical, they will just run to these competitors because they're cheaper. However, once you explain to the customer that this is the situation, mostly we're able to win the business for SonicWall. An additional feature I'd like to see in the next release of SonicWall TZ is enhanced automation.
Asad Fida - PeerSpot reviewer
Feb 9, 2024
The configuration complexity, limited port availability and higher price compared to competitors are the main drawbacks
I encountered an issue while implementing web filtering for users. Specifically, when attempting to access reports detailing which sites users are visiting, the diagnostic report fails to display the complete URLs of the websites visited. This becomes particularly problematic when users utilize proxy software to bypass the firewall, as it renders tracking their website visits nearly impossible. Training presents a major challenge as there are numerous features available, such as IPS and IDS, which many network administrators are unfamiliar with and tend to leave disabled. Users are unable to enable these features themselves due to their lack of understanding of their functionalities and configuration processes. The training manual provided to users lacks proper guidance on configuration procedures. The content outlined in the user manual differs significantly from the live configuration process.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Our project needs to link two sides through the internet. One of these was in Cairo and the other in another city. We used FortiGate as the integrating solution between the two locations, i.e. the Fortinet 30E & 100E."
"FortiGate SD-WAN facilitated a smooth transition for our customers between their two internet service providers, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity without any downtime."
"It is a safe product."
"Whenever we raise a complaint with FortiGate, their response and resolution times are minimal."
"It's an easy solution to set up."
"We are using the FortiGate 100D series. VPN, firewall, anti-malware, OTM, and intrusion prevention are useful features."
"The most valuable feature of Fortinet FortiGate is load balancing. It can provide central management and VPNA. Additionally, it has enhanced our security environment."
"We purchased Fortinet because of the pricing, its functionality, because it met our requirements, and the total cost of ownership over five years was quite reasonable. In the market, Fortinet is rated quite well."
"The solution is stable."
"It is very user-friendly, and there is no problem in using its interface."
"SonicWall TZ is a very cost-effective solution that provides good security."
"SonicWall TZ is stable."
"It's been very easy to implement and deploy."
"It lets me monitor in live time if someone is 'hogging' bandwidth."
"I have found the stability of this product to be excellent."
"Technical support is good."
"The most valuable features are the central management, the user VPN, and communications."
"It's a product that is in continuous improvement and is following what the customer is asking for. They are taking inputs and designing new releases specifically according to the client and their needs."
"All of the features are amazing, especially Sandstorm, which prevents bad traffic or downloaded files from reaching our customers' and partners' networks."
"My clients gain efficiency in protecting against attacks from malware such as ransomware and hacker attacks. It also provides them efficient internet access control, and full visibility of ports, applications, and websites."
"We recommend Sophos XG as a priority as it is much more reliable and has efficient technical assistance."
"IPS works smoothly."
"I like the tunneling part which we are using for the VOIP. We have various other sites where we connect via tunneling. The tunneling part is very fast and easy to implement."
"It's a complete firewall solution that has everything."


"The Web-filter in this solution is not very good."
"There are problems with the custom reporting of the unique traffic. The data is there, but it is too difficult for us to extract."
"The logging details need to be improved."
"The captive portal could be improved."
"Some of the filtering is not robust, you can escape it with a VPN. Some of the users bypass some of the filters. It catches some but it also misses some, that area could be improved. It's functioning reasonably but there's room for improvement in that area."
"Vulnerability scanning could be improved."
"We sometimes have issues with FortiGate's routing table in the latest firmware update. We had to downgrade the device because our customers complained about bugs."
"Fortinet already improved FortiGate, but in the current market, many brands of security devices have improved together. Fortinet still needs to catch up with market standards. Fortinet is lacking in features in comparison to competitors."
"The log sections could be done more clearly."
"GUI interface could be improved."
"The interface and technical support are probably the two most important things that I would like SonicWall to improve."
"The price could be better for us in Bolivia."
"The user support could be improved because you have to go outside to get that kind of support."
"You need to be a certificate holder to set it up and configure it. It's really important because it looks easy, but it is complex. You need to have the knowledge and experience. But this is normal for technical products. It's not a product for regular user. It's for technical people. You need to have skills."
"It could be made more user friendly."
"We require centralized monitoring of the network features, which they have but they are not to the level that we require."
"It's easy to use, but it's hard to configure exact settings. They need to make it easier to access advanced features."
"While it is possible to configure between two of the solution's devices in the same model, the high available usually fails."
"Lacking network access control, user profiling and analytics dashboards."
"The solution could be improved if it offered more documentation or at least provided more information about the products themselves."
"When it comes to improvements that the vendor can make, we see that the cloud integration for managing all the firewalls is essentially a replacement of the on-prem version we had and is not sufficiently mature."
"There could be some room for improvement in its pricing since my clients usually feel like the product is on the expensive side."
"Could have a more simplified functionality for users."
"The VPN features can be improved. Due to covid-19, we have a lot of employees that work from home and we need better VPN capabilities."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The license for Fortinet FortiGate is affordable in my country."
"The price could be lower."
"The pricing for this solution is good."
"The price is highly competitive when compared to other brands that offer similar functionality."
"Fortinet is the least expensive solution."
"The price of Fortinet FortiGate is reasonable for an SME."
"Each feature costs money, so it is important to study your needs."
"The price of FortiGate is average and I would say that based on the top five products available on the market, it is in the affordable range."
"The product pricing is relatively good, compared to other products, including the licenses."
"The price is fair for the solution for the quality you receive."
"The price is fair."
"Its pricing is okay as compared to other solutions."
"It comes to a range between five hundred to seven hundred dollars."
"The solution is moderately priced, where it's neither cheap nor expensive."
"The price could be better for us in Bolivia."
"The solution is expensive."
"The product is well priced."
"The tool's pricing is cheaper compared to other alternative products."
"The price is reasonable."
"Sophos XG is a reasonably priced solution."
"Annual standard licensing fee."
"The cost could be lower especially if you want to add other features."
"It is not very expensive."
"The price of Sophos is reasonable. It's not too expensive — I think it's worth it."
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