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Over 1 year ago
You can use fortinet Firewall SSLVPN as well ipsec vpn.   If you tell me what are services need to accessed by remote users.  I suggest you the correct model.  nevertheless it has to be 600 Series or above.  And you need have enough upload speed.
Over 1 year ago
I recommend Fortinet High-End F-Series firewalls. Fortinet Fortigate is a robust firewall and security device. They have different models depending upon number of users on the network, internet speed, UTM security & throughput needed. All their models are unlimited users…
About 2 years ago
If you have SIP phones which need to access PABX from wan (internet) you need forward sip from wan to LAN PABX. If you have more than 2 devices that need to share the same internet connection. You have to enable NAT. NAT support devices are following devices 1. Any…
About 2 years ago
About 2 years ago
Immediate Ransomware Prevention Tips The best ways to prevent ransomware are to maintain good security practices, back up files, and use Antivirus & Anti-ransomware software. For comprehensive ransomware protection, enterprises should deploy next-generation…
Over 2 years ago
Better go with FortiGate 60E.
Almost 5 years ago
I can support on Fortinet Firewalls and its integration.