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Ping Identity Platform
Ranking in Single Sign-On (SSO)
Ranking in Access Management
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Authentication Systems (5th), Data Governance (6th), Identity and Access Management as a Service (IDaaS) (IAMaaS) (5th), Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) (3rd), Directory Servers (1st)
Symantec Siteminder
Ranking in Single Sign-On (SSO)
Ranking in Access Management
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Web Access Management (2nd)

Mindshare comparison

As of July 2024, in the Single Sign-On (SSO) category, the mindshare of Ping Identity Platform is 16.6%, down from 18.0% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Symantec Siteminder is 2.8%, up from 2.7% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Unique Categories:
Authentication Systems
Data Governance
Access Management

Featured Reviews

May 23, 2023
A robust cloud-based multi-factor solution with a good customer support team
I wonder if there are multi factors in improving. It's always a deterrent to productivity, naturally. Since I've been on this journey for three years, I've seen the product improve in the sense that it's less impact on productivity. In the beginning days, we had challenges with paying, finding the network, and signing its back-end service in the cloud. However, that's been drastically improved over the years. The other thing we did was allow users to manage their device profiles. So they can either go in and register on Ubiquiti or a phone directly with the user interface now or web interface, and they can also set their default device which they want to use. So they, like Ubiqui working with PingID, tend to be the default of choice. So they set their Ubiquiti to the default device. And then whenever MFA is prompted, they have the Ubiquiti or default device. So that was a great improvement. And the way we implemented PingID, it's the same user interface regardless if you're getting into VPN, the vault applications, or a laptop or desktop. So it's the same user interface to manage profiles centrally on a server. Hence if they change it for one use case, they change it for another.
Mar 18, 2024
Integrate with different systems and quite easy to set up, especially for a lot of applications
It doesn't have a feature for... or maybe it has, but for modern authentication, like OAuth or OIDC. We haven't utilized that portion; we haven't really looked at it because our priority is LDAP integration. Modern authentication, like SAML-based or OAuth. But in our case with SiteMinder, we haven't utilized that portion of the feature. In future releases, I would like to see maybe some more modern authentication, OAuth, OIDC, some of these plus identity mapping… It probably already has some of this, but we would want to ask for more identity mapping. Also, development of support and compatibility to configure these, like with container-based deployments like Docker.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The mobile biometric authentication option improved user experience. It's always about security because, with two-factor authentication, it's always a separate device verifying the actual user logging in."
"The only feature we were looking for in PingID was SSO integration with our existing web app."
"It is a very stable solution."
"The soundness of the solution is its most valuable feature. For example, if you are in our corporate network, you can log on without any traffic interfering."
"PingFederate is very flexible. We can do many customizations, and it also provides an SDK to tailor it to our specific requirements. There are also numerous plugins available. I've worked with tools like ForgeRock and Okta, but I find PingFederate to be the most customizable."
"Setting up the infrastructure with Ping Identity Platform is very easy compared to other IAM products."
"The solution is stable. We haven't experienced any bugs or glitches."
"People use the solution to secure their applications and authenticate particular processes."
"All of our applications get a point, click, and you are in, while we increase security at the same time."
"SAML is the best thing we're using right now because there is no need for creating an external account."
"You can quickly deploy the entire product with a basic config within couple of hours."
"As our identity model continues to mature, probably the Federation is most valueable."
"I liked the debugging part. There are only two files (trace file and log file) that you need to look into while performing debugging, and the logs give you the exact info on where and what needs to be fixed."
"It has considerably reduced the amount of time that new users would take to join into the organization. Previously, it was a lengthy, manual process because it's a very secure environment, where they need to verify the user before they can actually grant him a user-ID and password. Integrating with the built-in custom application, and exposing CA Single Sign On to the internet, we were able to get the employees onboard. The time that we gained was: previously it would generally take from four to eight weeks for each employee, we brought it to one to two days."
"IWA is an out-of-the-box feature. The SAML-based federation is standard for all tools. However, CA Single Sign-On has made the federation configuration way too simple and handy to set up and use."
"Authentication & Authorization are important because all the sites need authentication for security purposes. That has been handled pretty well all these years with SSO."


"I think that the connection with like Microsoft Word, especially for Office 365, is a weak point that could be improved."
"The product is not customizable."
"PingID should put a little more effort into making a pretty self-explanatory deck about their tech features and the services they offer."
"The initial setup appears to be difficult in the beginning."
"The management console needs to be improved. PingID should revise it."
"PingID classifies the type of environment into internal and external, which is an area for improvement because you need to take additional steps to trust internal and external users."
"The solution should allow for better integration with other platforms and the UBT."
"PingFederate's UI could be streamlined. They have recently made several improvements, but it's still too complex. It's a common complaint. The configuration should be simplified because the learning curve is too steep."
"Better documentation. I went through some sessions on single sign-on for version 12.7."
"I think they need to integrate some of the newer types of authentication into the product. I'm not seeing the innovation when it comes to biometrics in the product."
"The support could be faster."
"The main thing is we do not have the traceability and good monitoring that CA can provide us to capture problems when they occur."
"Some of the new protocols, like OAuth 2.0, could be improved."
"If the reporting feature can be integrated into SSO itself that will be an icing on the cake."
"In future releases, I would like to see maybe more capabilities with some more modern authentication."
"I would prefer to see their SAML integration be a more streamlined and easier interface."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"PingID's pricing is pretty competitive."
"The tool is quite affordable."
"Ping offers flexible pricing that's not standardized."
"The product is costly."
"Ping Identity Platform is not an expensive solution."
"PingID pricing is a ten out of ten because it's a little bit cheaper than other tools, such as Okta and ForgeRock, and supports multiple tools."
"The pricing is neither too expensive nor too cheap."
"Compared to some SaaS-based solutions, the platform is relatively cost-effective."
"Siteminder is a little costly. You pay for licensing, and they offer packages, so if you have less users, then you have to buy different products at different prices. If you have more of a user base, then the package is different. They also include other features—for example, if you have a database and you're using Siteminder, then it's good to use a Semantic-specific database, but if you are using less, then you have to purchase the database separately. Whereas if you are going for a bigger license, then it comes within the package. It depends on which plan you are using."
"CA solutions are generally expensive but for the customer the ROI is big."
"The price is quite comparable to the other enterprise-level solutions in that market."
"Symantec Siteminder is expensive; they could definitely do better on the price."
"The licensing is fair for this solution."
"The pricing is reasonable."
"I recommend conducting a PoC on every available product before choose one."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about PingID?
The mobile biometric authentication option improved user experience. It's always about security because, with two-factor authentication, it's always a separate device verifying the actual user logg...
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for PingID?
The pricing is neither too expensive nor too cheap.
What needs improvement with PingID?
The management console needs to be improved. PingID should revise it.
What do you like most about Symantec Siteminder?
It's agent-based. It's convenient to deploy and integrate.
What needs improvement with Symantec Siteminder?
It doesn't have a feature for... or maybe it has, but for modern authentication, like OAuth or OIDC. We haven't utilized that portion; we haven't really looked at it because our priority is LDAP in...

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