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We performed a comparison between N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management and SolarWinds NPM based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"The most valuable aspect of N-able Remote Monitoring & Management is it provides an all-in solution for the different solutions.""I like being able to get a picture of what's happening on a computer. I can just click on it, and I can see the CPU usage and the memory usage and what services and programs are currently running. I can connect remotely to a computer. All these are very useful.""The integrated backup and the scripting are good.""The reporting for this solution has been most valuable.""I find all features of N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management valuable, but the most valuable is its monitoring feature. The solution has great monitoring functionalities. For example, you can monitor a device in terms of its RAM, CPU, etc. You can also monitor the connectivity through N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management, and you can also check whether a device is down or up through the solution. I also like that you can monitor Windows servers, Linux servers, printers, network devices, and virtualization servers such as VMware and Hyper-V using N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management. You can also monitor disk utilization, HTTPS, whether an SSL certificate is valid or expired, etc., through the solution. Apart from monitoring, I also find patch management as one of the most valuable features of N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management. You can use it for Windows updates, as a patch management example. You can even manage and monitor servers and backup services via N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management, so whenever there's a backup failure or issue, you'll receive alerts from the solution, as long as it's configured as a Windows service, so you can even do a lot of preventive maintenance activities with the help of N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management. The solution is one of the best RMM solutions I've used so far. It's user-friendly, and it's pretty easy to use because you only need one interface where you can do a lot of activities. As a technician, I'm always concerned with time because if I have to troubleshoot an issue or a major incident, if I have to jump into two or three systems and open a few tabs on those systems, it'll be very hectic, especially if I have to switch between each step to see what's going on. In N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management, it's pretty easy to do because I have one interface and one tab where I can do a lot of processes and activities.""Remote support has been very handy. It also lets us know if there are failing hard drives or Windows issues.""The solution provides an administration panel where we can see what is happening on our client's stations, such as events, alerts, and all the software installed.""The most helpful feature is script deployment because we can create whatever we want to deploy on our devices. This works in a cloud environment, where we previously relied on Active Directory. Since the start of the COVID outbreak, all the staff members began working from home, and most of the people there did not use the VPN to transfer the policies."

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"We have configured multiple alerts for our network devices, including routers and switches, so that we are notified if any interface goes down.""I found a lot of valuable features in SolarWinds NPM, such as the customized application monitoring that allows you to customize any monitoring and script customization, and you also have the option to deploy and upgrade SolarWinds NPM online, which is very useful for my organization.""What I've found most valuable about the solution is that it's scalable.""SolarWinds NPM has a colorful UI and many easy-to-use features. It does not need to be configured as much and is also easy to install.""I like that SolarWinds NPM is a strong tool for monitoring network devices, switches, and routers. It's also a user-friendly tool. My team also likes how scalable it is.""The other valuable system is the DSS (decision support system). If there's a fault in the network, SolarWinds is basically capable of rectifying and resolving that problem on its own without any intervention from an IP assistant or administrator.""The most valuable feature of this solution is the alerts.""It's easy to understand, even if you are not too technical."

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"There is quite a bit of delay on the portal where we receive monitoring information from the endpoint agent on the remote device. Sometimes it gets stuck with no live response from the device, and you have to refresh the portal just to make sure that it's projecting the right information.""The solutions could improve by adding more features.""The reporting could be more customizable. RMM pulls a vast amount of data, but you need to filter through it to get a decent executive report each month. I'm pulling reports all day through the XML file and such to get the information our executive needs. They don't want a 34-megabyte Excel spreadsheet, but the overview only provides limited information, like a basic breakdown.""The SentinelOne integration is not great.""The patch management of the solution could improve.""The alerts and reporting could be done a little more clearly. They are quite cryptic, and quite often, we seem to get a lot of reports just for a computer rebooting or going offline for a couple of minutes, which doesn't seem like it's that big of a deal. Reporting could be refined and improved, and they can make it easy to decipher the reports.""We haven't had it for very long, and we're finally getting comfortable with it. The biggest improvement probably would be a little more clarification. It has few exclamation points or attention-getters when there is a computer that doesn't have the up-to-date patches, etc. However, it's not specific in terms of what you need to do. Sometimes, it says it requires a reboot, and you reboot it, but the same message still shows up. Sometimes, the messages that it gives you about how to resolve an issue are not very easy to understand.""What could be improved in N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management is the reporting, in particular, the reporting interface and the report generation method. Currently, I don't find it easy to run reports on the solution. Every time, if I want a report on a Windows vulnerability because a client requested that report, I find the process difficult. For example, out of one hundred PCs, I need to get a report on how many PCs have not been updated to a specific patch level. I need to give that report to the CTO or CEO of a particular client organization, and as running the report on N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management isn't easy, sometimes, that makes me doubt the validity of the generated report as well. It depends on each case because I do find some reports to be genuine and 100% correct, but most of the time, I have to ask for help from other engineers, and even collaborating with another engineer to run reports isn't that easy, so reporting needs improvement in N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management. Another room for improvement in the solution is patch management. The user-friendliness of the Take Control feature in N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management also needs improvement, particularly when it's used on multiple computers or displays. Switching between displays isn't as user-friendly on the technician side, so that could be improved by letting you see all displays or monitors all at once, or on a single display, rather than needing to switch from one display to another. As Take Control is on a Windows agent, or running on a client-end device, that feature of N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management could be improved as well. An additional feature I'd like to see in the next release of the solution is a mobile application, though I'm not familiar if that's already available. As an IT MSP, sometimes I have on-call jobs, and I don't always want to look at the mailbox to see if there's any alert triggered from the devices. If N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management has a mobile application that would allow my team to get push notifications whenever there's downtime or issues, then that would make the solution more reliable. I'd like to get an alert that would pop up from my mobile device, so it would be pretty easy to keep an eye on alerts, and I won't have to check my inbox every time."

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"Robustness of network element mapping tool could be better""There should be a little bit more integration in some of the other tooling and utilizing the APIs of devices or tools could be a little bit better.""The evaluation time for the product is too short especially for large corporations.""SolarWinds could offer more support and insights for a broader range of devices. Currently, it focuses on routers, switches, and some load balancers. However, it lacks an out-of-the-box dashboard for monitoring firewalls and some other modern network security devices. We have to customize it a lot.""Being able to detect devices that are trying to connect wirelessly would make using this solution much easier.""We also had to be attentive to vulnerabilities, because SolarWinds NPM have some issues in that area. We had to work with our security team, so that they could help us check and backup the data, and check what they needed to secure.""The product is scalable, but at a cost. Extra modules have to be purchased for each extra server. The initial set up isn't complex, but will require someone who is experienced with the network monitoring system""It would be nice to have a test to check if you can access a particular device via API without installing it and waiting for a poll cycle. You should have the capacity to initiate a test to see if it was reachable and get the results almost immediately."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "We use SolarWinds RMM on a pay-as-you-go monthly basis, so the cost can be highly variable because it depends on a few factors such as how many devices you need to support and what extra features you want to use. The more devices you have, the more you'll pay, and the same goes for extras."
  • "There is a license required for this solution."
  • "I haven't paid a whole lot of attention to that since I set it up. It has per-user licensing. If I remember it correctly, it worked out to about $10 a month per user. There were no additional costs. It was pretty straightforward and simple."
  • "Out clients pay monthly for the license of N-able Remote Monitoring & Management."
  • "As I'm not part of the procurement team and because I'm 100% technical, I'm not that familiar with the costs associated with N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management, but I can say that in my location, particularly here in Sri Lanka, it's more expensive than other RMM solutions. I'm working for an Australian IT MSP, and over there, the solution isn't as expensive, but where I'm located, it is, so this is the reason why sometimes, clients don't go with N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management. Licensing cost is also the reason why my organization is looking into Kaseya RMM. My current organization merged with another organization that's using both Kaseya RMM and Connectwise."
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  • "The licensing is based on the number of nodes, interfaces, and volumes."
  • "There are a lot of sub-products and it just continued to increase the price."
  • "There is a permanent license and also a subscription level which has annual fees. The price of the solution is fair."
  • "There can be fees in addition to the licensing fees if you add on."
  • "The NPM component of the system costs approximately $1,000 USD per year."
  • "We have a multi-year license for the use of this solution. There are additional costs for recourses in the environment."
  • "Quite highly priced"
  • "There's standard licensing, and then it depends on the size of the customer."
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    653,522 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:As I'm not part of the procurement team and because I'm 100% technical, I'm not that familiar with the costs associated with N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management, but I can say that in my… more »
    Top Answer:I'm working for an IT MSP, so I have clients for whom I've deployed the N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management probe to monitor client infrastructures, such as servers, switches, firewalls… more »
    Top Answer:I find all features of N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management valuable, but the most valuable is its monitoring feature. The solution has great monitoring functionalities. For example, you can… more »
    Top Answer:It actually depends on the exact purpose or kind of devices (network devices, servers, something else). Some tools are better for only network devices while others are better for a cloud monitoring or… more »
    Top Answer:From my point of view, SolarWind is the best tool.
    Top Answer:We are partners with SolarWinds and we sell a lot of Network management to large enterprises also because of scalability, products like Network Performance Monitor & Netflow Traffic Analyzer are… more »
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    Average Words per Review
    Also Known As
    N-able Remote Monitoring & Management, SolarWinds MSP Remote Monitoring & Management, MSP RMM, SolarWinds RMM, SolarWinds Remote Monitoring and Management
    Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor, SolarWinds Network Bandwidth Analyzer
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    RMM software designed for next-level protection

    Defend Windows and Apple devices with flexible, real-time remote monitoring and management, and a simple dashboard highlighting critical information during operational peaks.

    Patch Microsoft and more

    Keep devices compliant and secure with flexible patch management that easily allows MSPs to patch every aspect of the MSFT Environment and beyond.

    SolarWinds NPM is a network monitoring solution that enables you to detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance issues and outages quickly and efficiently. The solution is a powerful tool that can help you increase service levels, reduce downtime with multi vendor network monitoring, simplify the management of complex network devices, improve operational efficiency, and much more.

    SolarWinds NPM Features

    SolarWinds NPM has many valuable key features. Some of the most useful ones include:

    • Increased scalability
    • Fault, performance, and availability monitoring
    • Dynamic network discovery and mapping
    • Cross-stack network data correlation
    • Customizable topology
    • Dependency-aware intelligent alerts
    • Intelligent maps
    • Automated capacity forecasting, alerting, and reporting
    • Logical and physical network monitoring
    • Monitor Azure vNet gateway visibility

    SolarWinds NPM Benefits

    There are several benefits to implementing SolarWinds NPM. Some of the biggest advantages the solution offers include:

    • Comprehensive monitoring for advanced network devices: With SolarWinds NPM, you can gain insight into the health and performance of your load balancers, Cisco ASA and Palo Alto Networks, firewalls, and Cisco Nexus switches.
    • Hardware health monitoring: SolarWinds NPM makes it easy for you to monitor, alert, and report on key device metrics, including power supply, fan speed, and temperature.
    • Customizable performance and availability reports: With this feature, you can choose from more than 100 templates to schedule and also generate custom network performance reports.

    Reviews from Real Users

    Below are some reviews and helpful feedback written by PeerSpot users currently using the SolarWinds NPM solution.

    PeerSpot user Andrew N., Senior Network Engineer at Element Critical, says, “The "Performance Analyzer" feature is the solution's most valuable aspect. It's able to do the bounded graphs of all the interface stats, from errors to broadcasts and to current traffic. With a click of a button you're able to, in one interface, look at historical data for those items.” He also adds, “From the troubleshooting point of view, just having that peace of mind is great. And, The solution is extremely stable. We haven't had any issues in that regard. We haven't had issues with bugs, glitches, or crashes."

    Daniel S., Systems and Data Warehouse Supervisor at MMSD, mentions, “The alerting and usage tracking is a valuable feature because it alerts us when we're getting near capacity on disk space, network utilization or processor utilization. It helps us manage our capacity and enables us to be proactive.”

    A Senior Vice President and CIO at a financial services firm explains, “As we look to add more servers to our virtual environment and to understand the impact, the solution allows us to dig into the historical charts related to capacity planning. It also gives us visibility of spikes and allows us to track down the reasons for their occurrences. So too, it makes room for potential processes that have gotten hung or runaway and to know when it's time to reboot a server or service.”

    Dinesh N., Digital Innovation at Bobcat Company, states, “The best part of the solution is the sharing display. It gives a general public ID wherein everyone can link to a public display. That's a good feature.”

    Fazal A., Implementation & Support Specialist at 360Factors, comments, “We have configured multiple alerts for our network devices, including routers and switches, so that we are notified if any interface goes down. In the event an interface goes down, we have multiple reports that include availability monitoring, network uptime monitoring, and network downtime monitoring. These reports are on multiple schedules such as the end of the day, end of the last business day of the week, monthly, and quarterly. This gives us the ability to provide reports to our management and let them know the performance of our network.”

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    Sample Customers
    NetSys Network Systems
    Microsoft, Federal Express, Hewlett-Packard, and MasterCard
    Top Industries
    Computer Software Company21%
    Comms Service Provider17%
    Manufacturing Company6%
    Real Estate/Law Firm5%
    Comms Service Provider13%
    Computer Software Company11%
    Financial Services Firm10%
    Healthcare Company9%
    Computer Software Company20%
    Comms Service Provider13%
    Financial Services Firm7%
    Company Size
    Small Business82%
    Midsize Enterprise9%
    Large Enterprise9%
    Small Business39%
    Midsize Enterprise15%
    Large Enterprise46%
    Small Business32%
    Midsize Enterprise18%
    Large Enterprise50%
    Small Business23%
    Midsize Enterprise15%
    Large Enterprise62%
    Buyer's Guide
    Remote Monitoring and Management Software
    November 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about Atera, Kaseya, ConnectWise and others in Remote Monitoring and Management Software. Updated: November 2022.
    653,522 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management is ranked 4th in Remote Monitoring and Management Software with 9 reviews while SolarWinds NPM is ranked 4th in Network Monitoring Software with 47 reviews. N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management is rated 8.8, while SolarWinds NPM is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management writes "User-friendly and allows you to do different activities on a single interface, and gives you visibility into multiple devices, but its reporting interface and report generation could be improved". On the other hand, the top reviewer of SolarWinds NPM writes "Simple to set up with good visualizations and helpful support". N-able N-sight Remote Monitoring & Management is most compared with NinjaOne, ConnectWise Automate, PRTG Network Monitor, Zabbix and N-able N-central, whereas SolarWinds NPM is most compared with Zabbix, ManageEngine OpManager, PRTG Network Monitor, LogicMonitor and NETSCOUT nGeniusONE.

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