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Executive Summary
Updated on Sep 29, 2022

We performed a comparison between Azure Active Directory and SailPoint IdentityIQ based on our users’ reviews in five categories. After reading all of the collected data, you can find our conclusion below.

  • Ease of Deployment: Azure Active Directory users say that its initial setup is straightforward. Some SailPoint IdentityIQ users say that the setup can be complex and requires technical expertise.
  • Features: Users of both products are happy with their stability and scalability.

    Azure Active Directory users like its passwordless technology and multi-factor authentication and say it is secure and very reliable but that its conditional access rules are a little limiting.

    SailPoint IdentityIQ reviewers say it is very good at the management of the identity lifecycle and provides a lot of out-of-the-box functionalities. Several users mention that the solution’s interface and reporting capabilities need to improve.
  • Pricing: Azure Active Directory reviewers say its price is fair. It also has a free version. In contrast, most SailPoint IdentityIQ users feel that it is an expensive solution.

  • ROI: Azure Active Directory users report a satisfactory ROI. SailPoint IdentityIQ reviewers do not mention ROI.
  • Service and Support: Reviewers of both solutions report being satisfied with the level of support they receive.

Comparison Results: Azure Active Directory is the clear winner in this comparison. It is a feature-rich and powerful solution with an impressive ROI. It also received higher marks in the Deployment and Pricing categories.

To learn more, read our detailed Microsoft Entra ID vs. SailPoint Identity Security Cloud Report (Updated: May 2024).
771,968 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"The best feature in Omada Identity is that it enables us to implement standardized employee life cycle processes so that we don't have to create them ourselves. We can then use the standard workflows. The breadth and scope of the solution’s IGA features also fulfill our requirements.""The thing that I find most valuable is that Omada consists of building blocks, which means that you can configure almost anything you want without using custom code, making it pretty easy to do. It's possible to connect to multiple target systems and to create one role that consists of different permissions in the different target systems. So one role in Omada can make sure that you have an account in three different systems.""Omada's most valuable aspect is its usability.""The most valuable functionality of the solution for us is that when employees stop working for the municipality, they are automatically disabled in Active Directory. Omada controls that 100 percent. They are disabled for 30 days, and after that time Omada deletes the Active Directory account. The same type of thing happens when we employ a new person. Their information is automatically imported to Omada and they are equipped with the roles and rights so they can do their jobs.""The most valuable feature in Omada is the governance. We work with other products and other product vendors, but the sweet spot in the market for Omada is where things are heavy on governance.""We used to have a problem where an employee's access wasn't terminated when they left the company. Now, we have much better visibility into and control over who has access.""Omada Identity Suite has a very powerful workflow engine. It is used for requesting access for approval to everything that's around Access Management and for re-certification purposes.""It has a very user-friendly interface compared to what we are used to, and it is highly configurable. In the old solution, when we needed to do something, we had to have a programmer sitting next to us, whereas, in Omada Identity, everything is configurable."

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"It is very simple. The Active Directory functions are very easy for us. Its integration with anything is very easy. We can easily do third-party multifactor authentication.""It's very easy to run and it's part of their ecosystem and I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon.""Azure Active Directory provides access to resources in a very secure manner. We can detect which user is logging in to access resources on the cloud. It gives us a comprehensive audit trace in terms of from where a user signed in and whether a sign-in is a risky sign-in or a normal sign-in. So, there is a lot of security around the access to resources, which helps us in realizing that a particular sign-in is not a normal sign-in. If a sign-in is not normal, Azure Active Directory automatically blocks it for us and sends us an email, and unless we allow that user, he or she won't be able to log in. So, the User Identity Protection feature is the most liked feature for me in Azure Active Directory.""The solution has some great features, such as identity governance, and user self-service. The Outlook application is very good and is used by a lot of people even if they are using Google services.""Many of its features are valuable, including: facilitating application authentication, privileged access management, processes for attestation, and access reviews.""My two preferred features are conditional access and privileged identity management.""Azure Active Directory features have helped improve our security posture. The remote working has been a massive help during the pandemic.""It is a central point where we provide the cloud lock-in for our company. We focus the multi-factor authentication within Azure AD before jumping to other clouds or software as a service offerings. So, it is the central point when you need to access something for our company within the cloud. You go to Azure AD and can authenticate there, then you move from there to the target destination or the single sign-on."

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"It offers a single source of truth. Everything can be handled from one tier.""The most selling modules for SailPoint are the compliance manager and the life cycle manager.""One of the most valuable aspects of SailPoint is its open integration interface.""We are happy with the SailPoint IdentityIQ’s stability.""The solution’s stability and performance are good.""Provisioning in multiple environments.""I like IdentityIQ's granular attachment management and certification customization features.""The first valuable feature of the solution is its interface. The second feature of the solution is the level of flexibility it provides."

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"The account management integration isn't bad, but it isn't plug-and-play like Microsoft Azure. You need some deep development knowledge to set up the connectors.""The user interface could be improved. The interface between Omada and the user is mainly text-based.""Omada could communicate better with us about the product roadmap. We haven't gotten any updates about it. The user interface is often a bit difficult to understand. It isn't optimized for small screens, so it doesn't display all of the information clearly, so users need to scroll a lot.""We are trying to use Omada's standards and to adapt our processes. But we have had some trouble with the bad documentation. This is something that they could improve on. It has not been possible for us to analyze some of the problems so far, based on the documentation. We always need consultants. The documentation should include some implementation hints and some guidelines for implementing the processes.""The user interface should have a more flexible design, where you can change it to your requirement.""Omada Identity has a steep learning curve.""The reporting on the warehouse data and the import process both have room for improvement.""Documentation can be improved. I have already filed a few suggestions to make documentation more clear and more representative of reality."

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"At the free or basic level of service, Azure should provide identity protection features including single sign-on and multifactor authentication.""The onboarding process for new users can be improved. It can be made simpler for people who have never registered to Azure AD previously and need to create an account and enable the MFA. The initial setup can be made simpler for non-IT people. It should be a bit simpler to use. Unless you get certifications, such as AZ-300 and AZ-301, it is not a simple thing to use at the enterprise scale.""The licensing cost is a bit prohibitive.""The price has room for improvement.""We would like to have more granularity in the Azure conditional access in order to be able to manage more groups for devices and for applications.""We have a custom solution now running to tie all those Azure ADs together. We use the B2B functionality for that. Improvements are already on the roadmap for Azure AD in that area. I think they will make it easier to work together between two different tenants in Azure AD, because normally one tenant is a security boundary. For example, company one has a tenant and company two has a tenant, and then you can do B2B collaboration between those, but it is still quite limited. For our use case, it is enough currently. However, if we want to extend the collaboration even further, then we need an easier way to collaborate between two tenants, but I think that is already on the roadmap of Azure AD anyway.""The only improvement would be for everything to be instant in terms of applying changes and propagating them to systems.""For example, there were some authentication features that, for security purposes, had certain limitations. Those limitations still exist, but the portal now has options so that the customers can make custom features to manage their identity."

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"What it doesn't do is provide notice in the event of a vulnerability or offense from the security.""The UI of the solution could be more customizable so we could change the workflows to suit our needs.""I would like to see more Cloud management from this product.""The connectors are far too manual. This needs to be automated a bit.""If there's a price reduction for SailPoint IdentityIQ, that would be helpful. Another area for improvement in the product is the technical support, which needs to be more friendly to customers.""It is not readily available and cannot be downloaded from the net.""I think that the onboarding framework could be improved.""It allowed to implement the automated processes when a new employee is hired. It allows to have a main central process for new hires."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "The pricing is too high for SMBs."
  • "Omada continues to be very competitive on pricing, especially on the Omada cloud product."
  • "The initial total cost of ownership to implement Omada Identity is not small. The TCO for the implementation is as high as any other solution. However, the cost of maintaining the solution is at par or lower than competitors, including adding more features or maintaining the system after the initial deployment or installation to make sure that they are available for users to use or extending the functionalities of those activities. Those maintenance costs are lower than other vendors, but the initial cost of getting the system installed is still high."
  • "It is licensed per managed user per year."
  • "There were a lot of administrator, partner, and supplier accounts for people who were no longer working for us but still in the system. So, we reduced the number of users no longer with the company, which saved us some money on licensing."
  • "It's a fair price for the on-premises system. Compared with what we had before, it's much cheaper and we get all the modules in one. We tried to go with the cloud, but it was far too expensive."
  • "From an on-prem point of view, the cost is quite transparent and reasonable. The direct cost is primarily for licenses and maintenance on licenses."
  • "My client deals directly with the Omada Identity team in terms of licensing. I never look at pricing, so I'm not aware of how much the solution costs, but it's worth the money. Often, when you begin to use Omada Identity and it takes a while to set up, it'll be irreversible, and you'd depend on and focus more on the functionality of the solution, rather than its price tag."
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  • "The licensing cost is a bit prohibitive."
  • "The licensing is really not clear unless you are a premium client."
  • "Licensing is easy."
  • "It is a really nice tool and we have a license for the more complex model."
  • "It is not too expensive."
  • "It's really affordable."
  • "I do not have experience with pricing."
  • "Licensing fees are paid on a monthly basis and the cost depends on the number of users."
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  • "SailPoint IIQ is the best of best. That is reflected in the pricing of the solution. The pricing is based on the number of identities."
  • "They are expensive."
  • "The licensing fees are on a yearly basis."
  • "SailPoint is higher in price as compared to Saviynt. The initial cost of SailPoint is very high. There are additional costs to the standard licensing fees."
  • "Its price is okay. It provides good value for money. It is subscription-based. You can go for a one-year or three-year subscription."
  • "The price of the solution could improve, it is not priced well for smaller businesses to afford."
  • "It is a costly solution. Its cost, for sure, should be reduced."
  • "You do pay one price for the license but that price depends on what you choose to include as far as the optional modules go."
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    Top Answer:The first valuable feature of the solution is its interface. The second feature of the solution is the level of… more »
    Top Answer:The product is expensive. People need to opt for a licensing plan for one year or three years.
    Also Known As
    Omada Identity Suite, Omada Identity Cloud
    Azure AD, Azure Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Authenticator
    IdentityIQ, IdentityNow, Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management
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    Omada Identity delivers an end-to-end identity and access management solution with essential identity governance functionality for secure, compliant, and efficient administration of all users' access rights across on-premises or cloud-based systems. The solution provides configurable best practice processes that covers all identity and access related scenarios from providing an access risk overview, management of identities lifecycle, to automated enforcement of policies.

    Microsoft Entra ID, previously known as Azure AD (Active Directory), is Microsoft's cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution. Designed to help organizations of all sizes manage user identities and create an intelligent security perimeter around their cloud and on-premise resources. Microsoft Entra ID or Azure AD is integral to the Microsoft 365 and Azure ecosystems. It provides a robust set of capabilities to manage users and groups and secure access to applications in a centralized, streamlined manner.

    Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) is a login system, morphing into a sophisticated identity and access management (IAM) solution for the modern, hybrid workplace. Imagine a single vault for all your digital keys – that's the essence of Entra ID's identity management. It acts as a central repository for user identities, encompassing usernames, passwords, and even additional attributes like department or employee role.

    These capabilities enabled simplified administration using a unified platform for adding, modifying, and deleting user accounts. Users no longer need to remember login credentials for a plethora of applications. Entra ID streamlines access by using the same identity across various cloud services and on-premises resources (if integrated). Centralized identity management allows for stricter enforcement of security policies and password complexity requirements across the organization.

    Authentication sits at the heart of the solution, ensuring only authorized users gain access to sensitive resources. It employs a multi-pronged approach:

    • Password Authentication: The traditional method of username and password is still supported, but Entra ID encourages stronger authentication methods.
    • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Adding an extra layer of security, MFA requires users to verify their identity beyond just a password – through a code sent to their phone, fingerprint recognition, or a security key.
    • Single Sign-On (SSO): This user-friendly feature eliminates the need to enter credentials repeatedly. Users sign in once to Entra ID and gain seamless access to all authorized applications, boosting productivity.
    • Conditional Access Policies: Providing granular control over how and when users can access resources. Based on conditions like user role, location, device state, and the application being accessed, Conditional Access policies help ensure that only the right people under the right conditions can access sensitive resources.
    • Seamless Integration: Seamless integration with thousands of SaaS applications, Microsoft 365, and on-premises applications via Application Proxy or third-party identity bridges.
    • Advanced Security Reports and Alerts: Sophisticated security monitoring, reporting tools, and automated alerts. These features enable to identify potential security issues, such as atypical behavior or attempted identity attacks, allowing for swift remediation actions.

    For organizations with on-premises infrastructure, Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) offers hybrid identity options. This allows for a smooth integration between on-premises Active Directory and Entra ID, providing a consistent identity for users across both environments. It enables organizations to leverage their existing investments in on-premises infrastructure while taking advantage of cloud scalability and flexibility.

    In conclusion, Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) is a comprehensive IAM solution that addresses the complex challenges of managing and securing identities in a cloud-centric world. Its blend of ease of use, security, and integration capabilities makes it an essential component of modern IT infrastructure, supporting both operational efficiency and strategic business objectives.

    Additional links:

        SailPoint Identity Security Cloud is a comprehensive identity security solution designed to manage and govern user access in cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments. It enables organizations to automate identity processes and enforce access policies, ensuring compliance and mitigating risks associated with unauthorized access.

        The SailPoint Identity Security Cloud solution offers robust identity governance capabilities, including user provisioning, access request management, and access certification. It provides advanced analytics and AI-driven insights to help organizations detect and respond to potential security threats. The solution integrates seamlessly with various applications and platforms, supporting a wide range of IT environments and enabling organizations to streamline identity management processes. SailPoint IdentityIQ, a key product within this suite, focuses on on-premises identity governance, offering similar capabilities tailored for complex enterprise environments. IdentityIQ provides extensive configurability and customization, making it suitable for organizations with intricate identity management needs.

        What are the valuable features of SailPoint Identity Security Cloud?

        • User Provisioning and Lifecycle Management: Automates the process of creating, managing, and disabling user accounts across various systems.
        • Access Request Management: Simplifies how users request and obtain access to resources, ensuring that access approvals are in line with compliance policies.
        • Access Certification: Periodically reviews and certifies user access to ensure compliance and security.
        • Advanced Analytics and AI: Uses machine learning to identify risky behaviors and automate responses to potential security threats.
        • Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly connects with a wide range of applications and IT systems, enhancing the flexibility and scalability of identity management.

        What benefits should users look for in reviews when evaluating SailPoint Identity Security Cloud?

        • Enhanced Security: Reviews often highlight how the solution improves overall security by automating identity processes and enforcing stringent access controls.
        • Regulatory Compliance: Users frequently note the ease of meeting compliance requirements through automated access certifications and audits.
        • Operational Efficiency: Many users appreciate the reduction in manual tasks and errors, thanks to automated provisioning and access management.

        In specific industries like healthcare, financial services, and government, SailPoint Identity Security Cloud is implemented to ensure strict compliance with industry regulations, protect sensitive data, and streamline identity management processes. For example, in healthcare, the solution helps manage access to patient records while complying with HIPAA regulations.

        SailPoint Identity Security Cloud and IdentityIQ offer powerful identity governance solutions that enhance security, ensure compliance, and improve operational efficiency across various IT environments.

        Sample Customers
        Bayer, ECCO Shoes, Vattenfall, NuStar Energy, Unicredit, Schiphol Group
        Microsoft Entre ID is trusted by companies of all sizes and industries including Walmart, Zscaler, Uniper, Amtrak,, and more.
        Adobe, AXA Technology Services, Cuna Mutual Group, Equifax, ING Direct, Orrstown Bank, Rockwell Automation, SallieMae, Spirit Aerosystems, TEL
        Top Industries
        Financial Services Firm11%
        Educational Organization11%
        Financial Services Firm16%
        Computer Software Company13%
        Manufacturing Company7%
        Computer Software Company14%
        Financial Services Firm14%
        Non Profit6%
        Educational Organization5%
        Educational Organization26%
        Computer Software Company12%
        Financial Services Firm9%
        Financial Services Firm33%
        Computer Software Company20%
        Energy/Utilities Company10%
        Financial Services Firm17%
        Computer Software Company14%
        Manufacturing Company9%
        Insurance Company6%
        Company Size
        Small Business17%
        Midsize Enterprise6%
        Large Enterprise77%
        Small Business18%
        Midsize Enterprise14%
        Large Enterprise68%
        Small Business33%
        Midsize Enterprise14%
        Large Enterprise53%
        Small Business18%
        Midsize Enterprise35%
        Large Enterprise47%
        Small Business33%
        Midsize Enterprise11%
        Large Enterprise56%
        Small Business18%
        Midsize Enterprise12%
        Large Enterprise70%
        Buyer's Guide
        Microsoft Entra ID vs. SailPoint Identity Security Cloud
        May 2024
        Find out what your peers are saying about Microsoft Entra ID vs. SailPoint Identity Security Cloud and other solutions. Updated: May 2024.
        771,968 professionals have used our research since 2012.

        Microsoft Entra ID is ranked 1st in Identity Management (IM) with 190 reviews while SailPoint Identity Security Cloud is ranked 2nd in Identity Management (IM) with 62 reviews. Microsoft Entra ID is rated 8.6, while SailPoint Identity Security Cloud is rated 8.2. The top reviewer of Microsoft Entra ID writes "Saves us time and money and features Conditional Access policies, SSPR, and MFA". On the other hand, the top reviewer of SailPoint Identity Security Cloud writes "Flexible, easy to customize, and not too difficult to set up". Microsoft Entra ID is most compared with Microsoft Intune, Google Cloud Identity, CyberArk Privileged Access Manager, Ping Identity Platform and RSA SecurID, whereas SailPoint Identity Security Cloud is most compared with Saviynt, One Identity Manager, ForgeRock, Microsoft Identity Manager and Oracle Identity Governance. See our Microsoft Entra ID vs. SailPoint Identity Security Cloud report.

        See our list of best Identity Management (IM) vendors and best Identity and Access Management as a Service (IDaaS) (IAMaaS) vendors.

        We monitor all Identity Management (IM) reviews to prevent fraudulent reviews and keep review quality high. We do not post reviews by company employees or direct competitors. We validate each review for authenticity via cross-reference with LinkedIn, and personal follow-up with the reviewer when necessary.