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Updated on Jun 29, 2023

We performed a comparison between Grafana and Splunk ITSI (IT Service Intelligence) based on real PeerSpot user reviews in five categories. After reading all of the collected data, you can find our conclusion below.

  • Ease of Deployment: Grafana had mixed difficulty levels for initial setup depending on user experience and use case, while Splunk ITSI was generally easy with only logging in and connecting APIs. Some users found Splunk ITSI complex at first but were able to learn and improve with their team.
  • Features: Grafana boasts customizable graphs, flexible integration, open source nature, and multiple use cases. Meanwhile, Splunk ITSI stands out with its integration with DLP, automated dashboarding, and increased security. It also offers episode reviews, glass tables, and correlation search features. 
  • Pricing: Grafana's pricing is moderate for some, but others find it expensive due to the variability of metrics ingested per day. However, the free version is still effective for visualization. Splunk ITSI's pricing is generally high, but not unaffordable, and the customer support is good. The pricing can also be adjusted to be more competitive.
  • Service and Support: Some users find Grafana's technical support helpful, while others rely on the community forum. Similarly, Splunk ITSI's support quality varies with some people having positive experiences and others facing issues.
  • ROI: Grafana is praised for its enriched data visualization and easy monitoring that provide a positive ROI. Meanwhile, Splunk ITSI is said to reduce costs for data reports through DB Connect implementation.

Comparison Results: Grafana is the preferred option over Splunk ITSI due to its open source, cost-effective, and integrative nature. While Splunk ITSI is praised for its ease of integration and automation, it is viewed as expensive and lacking in enterprise solutions. Grafana is a highly recommended monitoring tool that is user-friendly, flexible, and has a strong community with numerous features.

To learn more, read our detailed Grafana vs. Splunk ITSI (IT Service Intelligence) Report (Updated: September 2023).
734,678 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"The comparison feature is very good.""The dashboards are very easy to work with.""The solution can scale well.""Kubernetes could help us to better visualize the trend of our data by recording and displaying our history over a chosen duration, such as the last 30 days.""It is a stable, reliable product.""It provides a graphical representation and it's clear to see what's happening.""There are multiple kinds of models there to create dashboards, which is quite useful.""It is easy to change and move virtual servers."

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"The feature that stood out to me most from Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) was automated dashboarding or reporting. The solution lists the severity level of issues, and the response times.""In my opinion, Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) is better than QRadar. With the help of Splunk, we can get results.""It's scalable and expands well.""The solution has been stable.""The most valuable feature is the Glass Tables. It gives you a nice, good overview of your KPIs. It's really slick and clean.""The glass tables are very helpful.""ITSI's most valuable feature is that it's easy to integrate DLP.""One of the excellent features is the service analyzer, which is truly impressive."

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"I would like the ability to download my results into any format in order to share the information with my clients.""There is room for improvement when using multiple dashboards because they can become complicated to keep track of and use.""Grafana doesn't provide anything for reporting.""Grafana need to improve the logging functionality.""Writing queries can be a bit difficult because the syntax must be maintained.""There are not a lot of plugins for financial market monitoring.""Lacks event management which affects our DevOps people.""The solution has room for improvement with a better API to help automate the construction of the dashboards easier."

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"We're using predictive analytics, and there are three or four algorithms. It would be helpful if this process were more standardized and scalable.""The cost of the license could be lower.""I believe the refresh time should be faster.""Splunk ITSI generates numerous false positives and has the potential for enhancement.""The data recovery has room for improvement.""It would be good if an interface was included in the next release.""It could be a little easier to use with the thresholding. We've struggled a little bit with thresholding.""It is pretty okay. I am not sure whether the current release has already moved to the new framework where instead of the glass tables, we can directly use the Dashboard Studio. It would be nice to have that integrated into the same framework."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "I use the open source model so it is free."
  • "My company uses the open-source version of Grafana, so it's free."
  • "We use the open-source version of Grafana."
  • "We are using the open-source license."
  • "I give the price an eight out of ten."
  • "You need to purchase the solution's license for its commercial use."
  • "The solution is expensive."
  • "Since Grafana is an open-source solution, it is free of cost."
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  • "Splunk pricing is high."
  • "The pricing of Splunk is a bit high."
  • "Splunk ITSI is a pay-per-use service that is priced fairly based on the amount of data we use."
  • "Its pricing has been changed as per the market. You get a good support service with it as well. They have 24/7 customer support. There is a portal, and if you are having issues, they are available in order to resolve them. So, its pricing isn't too much."
  • "Splunk ITSI is expensive; however, with the appropriate use case, it justifies the cost."
  • "Splunk ITSI is an expensive tool, and we need to purchase the utility license."
  • "Pricing has some room for improvement."
  • "It is interesting. I am not involved that much lately, but if I recall correctly, you license primarily on the volume of data that you are using in Splunk ITSI, but there is no way Splunk can ever check if that is true, so that is interesting. We are not doing it, but someone can pretend to just use 10%, and it would be super cheap. It is tricky, but it is more tricky for Splunk than for us."
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    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:Hi @Faustine Chisasa,  I will go with ELK + Grafana. Elasticsearch is highly distributed, scalable and fast. You got power of storage. Logstash is highly pluggable and rich in plugins. You can use… more »
    Top Answer:The most valuable aspect is customization. There are many customizations possible, so I like that.
    Top Answer:It would have been good if the product cost was much lower.
    Top Answer:If the product had some prebuilt machine learning features, it would add value to our use cases. It would be very good if the product had some in-built predictive analytics and future forecasting… more »
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    Grafana is a powerful open-source analytics and visualization platform that allows users to monitor, analyze, and understand their data in real-time. 

    With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, Grafana enables users to create customizable dashboards, charts, and graphs to visualize data from various sources such as databases, cloud services, and IoT devices. It supports a wide range of data sources including Prometheus, Elasticsearch, InfluxDB, and more. 

    Grafana also offers a vast library of plugins and extensions, allowing users to extend its functionality and integrate with other tools seamlessly. With its alerting and notification features, users can set up alerts based on predefined thresholds and receive notifications via various channels. 

    Grafana is highly scalable and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, making it suitable for organizations of all sizes. Whether you are a developer, data analyst, or IT professional, Grafana provides a comprehensive solution for data visualization and monitoring.

    Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) is a powerful analytics-driven monitoring and analytics solution that provides real-time insights into the health and performance of IT services. 

    It enables organizations to proactively identify and resolve issues, optimize service delivery, and improve overall IT operations. With its advanced machine learning capabilities, ITSI automatically detects anomalies, predicts future events, and prioritizes alerts based on business impact. 

    The solution offers a centralized view of IT services, allowing users to visualize and analyze data from multiple sources in a single dashboard. ITSI also provides customizable KPIs, service-level agreements (SLAs), and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure and track service performance. 

    With its intuitive interface and powerful analytics capabilities, Splunk ITSI empowers IT teams to deliver reliable and efficient services, ensuring maximum uptime and customer satisfaction.

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    Large Enterprise79%
    Buyer's Guide
    Grafana vs. Splunk ITSI (IT Service Intelligence)
    September 2023
    Find out what your peers are saying about Grafana vs. Splunk ITSI (IT Service Intelligence) and other solutions. Updated: September 2023.
    734,678 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Grafana is ranked 7th in Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability with 33 reviews while Splunk ITSI (IT Service Intelligence) is ranked 9th in Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability with 17 reviews. Grafana is rated 8.0, while Splunk ITSI (IT Service Intelligence) is rated 8.2. The top reviewer of Grafana writes "Agent-free with great dashboards and an active community". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Splunk ITSI (IT Service Intelligence) writes "Provides a unified view of alerts and supports heat maps and glass tables for visualization and monitoring". Grafana is most compared with Azure Monitor, Dynatrace, New Relic, Sentry and, whereas Splunk ITSI (IT Service Intelligence) is most compared with ServiceNow IT Operations Management, Dynatrace, Splunk Enterprise Security, AppDynamics and Zabbix. See our Grafana vs. Splunk ITSI (IT Service Intelligence) report.

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