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Dayforce HCM
Ranking in Talent Management
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Talent Intelligence (3rd)
Ranking in Talent Management
Ranking in Cloud HCM
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Ranking in other categories
Benefits Administration (5th), Employee Scheduling Software (1st), Employee Time Tracking Software (3rd), HR Analytics Software (1st), Talent Acquisition (5th)

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As of July 2024, in the Cloud HCM category, the mindshare of Dayforce HCM is 2.0%, down from 4.0% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of UKG is 5.9%, up from 5.4% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Cloud HCM
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Benefits Administration

Featured Reviews

Jan 30, 2024
Enables us to spend much less time doing our audits compared to other systems
The benefits offered by the product have improved a lot because earlier, the tool did not offer the option for enrollment through the mobile, but now they do allow it. The users have to put in the effort to set up the option for benefit enrollment through the mobile separately instead of just having it come from the platform. I like the compensation module because users can set up different cycles or use the old compensation plan. The tool has improved a lot, but it is not very user-friendly. The product's user-friendliness is an area with certain shortcomings where improvements are required. I would like the tool to keep up with everything from a compliance perspective. In California, there are specific compliance requirements to be followed. My company wants to ask Ceridian Dayforce HCM to let our employees review their time sheets and approve those before they go to the manager since it is not something that can be done currently with the product. My only concern is that ADP Workforce Now is not a user-friendly product, making it an area where improvements are needed.
it_user656796 - PeerSpot reviewer
May 2, 2017
The integrated business intelligence tool is valuable.
The integrated business intelligence tool (IBM Cognos) is by far the absolute best reporting tool I have ever used in my 15 years of being in HR. The tasks that can be accomplished in Report Studio, plus the delivered reports that Ultimate has already put together, can allow any user, HR or otherwise, to make an instant impact. Ultimate Software also provides organizations with the ability to make a positive impact from the very beginning of the employee life cycle. From recruiting and onboarding, employee self-service and benefits enrollment, performance management and career development, organizations can create a meaningful employee experience that will last throughout their career. The UltiPro application will also work to create efficiencies that will make any-size HR department the hero of the organization.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Our employee benefits enrollment is managed through Ceridian Dayforce, which makes for a limited manual process."
"The time capture from time cards to charging to projects has greatly improved because it is now all automated and flows into the GL very easily."
"It provides real-time information with great reports."
"The initial setup is easy."
"The integrated time clock has provided efficiencies in payroll, as we no longer have to decipher handwritten time sheets and input them into the system."
"The tool has improved a lot in the area of its mobile application, especially considering its added security features, like single sign-on capabilities."
"The implementation was through a team assigned to us by Ceridian. They were extremely knowledgeable and it made the implementation go very smoothly."
"The solution's payroll portion is very streamlined."
"The product's most valuable feature is the ability to establish connectivity between the front and the back end, particularly the single point of data entry, to minimize mistakes."
"I have found the most valuable feature to be business intelligence and Cognos reporting."
"It is much easier to use and the customer service is better than our previous solution."
"The solution's UI is good. Also, it is very easy to use."
"The employee self-service feature is most valuable. This is the restaurant industry, and they have a mobile app that allows employees to go in and manage their data. So, employees can manage direct deposit accounts, emergency contacts, and other things in the app. That's definitely the biggest benefit."
"The most valuable feature is being able to get time management reports which break out reclassified jobs and departments to separate areas of the company. This allows for better tracking of hours spent in certain jobs and where more hours may be needed."
"The solution's employee experience is pretty good."
"I like UKG's integration."


"The solution has a lot of glitches."
"The solution's dashboards and geofencing could be improved."
"Our current software program offers a home page with important company documents and a place for company announcements. Unfortunately, Ceridian Dayfoce does not offer this."
"Management and reporting of the GL costing could be improved."
"I would like to continue to see improvements in the Recruiting module. I would like to see this module interact with Calendars, such as Outlook, etc."
"The solution's initial setup was difficult. Also, the solution's initial deployment took around six months."
"It would be nice if retro pay calculations were made automatically for salaried payroll, so a calculation and manual entry do not have to be done."
"An area for improvement could be a little more testing before implementing hotfixes to make sure they do not interfere with any active customized products."
"UKG could be a little more flexible in some areas."
"One area where UKG could improve is in its ability to understand its own competency and then work hard to improve it."
"Reporting is always a hurdle for any user just because it is so extensive. They provide a lot of out-of-the-box reports, but it is something that you always need to work on because you need more advanced writing of reports."
"Certainly, the time and attendance and the payroll integration need a lot of work. They are disjointed pieces, and they don't work smoothly together. That's the main drawback."
"The solution could improve by simplifying it even more core reports, such as more sample reports, more generic reports that you can edit and improve on yourself."
"The platform's features need enhancement while being used as a recruiting tool."
"The tool needs improvement on the configuration side."
"Since UKG is a SaaS software, other parts of the application or add-on solutions are not the best in class or very configurable."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Earlier, the price of the product was reasonable. Under present circumstances, the price or cost of the product has been increased."
"In terms of pricing, the product is expensive. However, it is crucial to take into account the manner in which the solution will be utilized and the availability of other alternatives."
"The XOXO program associated with Dayforce allows you to earn credits towards registration and accommodations at their annual Insight Conferences, which can be a real savings to the company when sending employees to the conference."
"I rate the solution's pricing a seven on a scale where one is the lowest and ten is the most expensive."
"We found the setup costs and pricing to be very reasonable."
"We paid for the implementation costs in the first year with the money that we saved by switching to Dayforce HCM."
"Ceridian continually enhances Dayforce HCM. Some of these enhancements they charge for and some are just straight enhancements with no extra charge."
"Negotiate for everything you want."
"The pricing depends on the number of licenses we buy."
"While I am unsure of the licensing cost itself, the total cost of implementation and licensing for a company with over 5000 employees would be around 6,00,000. So, there are additional costs beyond licensing."
"UKG's pricing and licensing model involves ongoing expenses based on the number of employees paid. The initial implementation cost is low when UKG implements it directly. However, when partners handle the implementation, it becomes more expensive since partners don't receive the monthly recurring fees."
"I wasn't involved in the pricing part. I'm a user, and I believe it is based on the user count. One thing that is nice about Ultimate is that you can learn how to use the system without additional fees. The learning aspect is the life of a product, and the training was a huge reason why we went with Ultimate. We did have some integration costs. They were a part of the implementation because of the integrations to other systems that we included in our implementation."
"The platform is not affordable but also not the most expensive."
"If you're going for the full suite, it can be fairly pricey."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Ceridian Dayforce HCM?
The solution's payroll portion is very streamlined.
What needs improvement with Ceridian Dayforce HCM?
The solution's dashboards and geofencing could be improved. Typically, a lot of systems have a special reason code for every field. In Ceridian Dayforce HCM, the reason code is the same section tha...
What is your primary use case for Ceridian Dayforce HCM?
I use the solution in my company for most of the work except for performance reviews and talent acquisition. My company uses the tool for its benefits, like HCM, payroll management, and time off re...
What needs improvement with UKG?
Advanced Scheduling must be improved. The system is slow sometimes.
What is your primary use case for UKG?
I am working for a retail client in the UK that is expanding its product to different countries. I am configuring the solution for them. I have done it for Romania and Slovakia, and now I am workin...



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792,621 professionals have used our research since 2012.