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Dayforce HCM
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Talent Intelligence (3rd)
SAP SuccessFactors
Ranking in Talent Management
Ranking in Cloud HCM
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Talent Acquisition (2nd), Global Payroll (2nd)

Mindshare comparison

As of July 2024, in the Cloud HCM category, the mindshare of Dayforce HCM is 2.0%, down from 4.0% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of SAP SuccessFactors is 18.6%, down from 20.9% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Cloud HCM
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Talent Management
Talent Acquisition

Featured Reviews

Jan 30, 2024
Enables us to spend much less time doing our audits compared to other systems
The benefits offered by the product have improved a lot because earlier, the tool did not offer the option for enrollment through the mobile, but now they do allow it. The users have to put in the effort to set up the option for benefit enrollment through the mobile separately instead of just having it come from the platform. I like the compensation module because users can set up different cycles or use the old compensation plan. The tool has improved a lot, but it is not very user-friendly. The product's user-friendliness is an area with certain shortcomings where improvements are required. I would like the tool to keep up with everything from a compliance perspective. In California, there are specific compliance requirements to be followed. My company wants to ask Ceridian Dayforce HCM to let our employees review their time sheets and approve those before they go to the manager since it is not something that can be done currently with the product. My only concern is that ADP Workforce Now is not a user-friendly product, making it an area where improvements are needed.
FaizMohammed - PeerSpot reviewer
Nov 15, 2022
360-degree solution for team management with many customization options
I definitely expect more improvements to come from SAP in the future. In terms of customization and additional features, there are pros and cons to adding extra functionality in any kind of software, but it's always welcome. During and after the implementation phase we have been continually exploring the solution because once they provide us with the product, they sort of leave us to it, whether we are going to use it for only a short time or for the next decade or so. Thus, we (and SAP) need to ensure that we are able to keep customizing and tweaking processes over time. One of the most essential features that needs improvement right now is the reporting functionality. SuccessFactors' reports seem to be lagging a bit behind and we are very interested in customizing the reporting mechanism such that it pushes reports through quickly and automatically. This is one of the main areas we are looking to improve currently, but when it comes to the bigger picture, we're hoping that SAP improves on the customization aspect more generally. This will help us not only in improving our reporting system, but in other areas as well.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Statutory holiday pay is calculated automatically."
"We used the solution to do a lot of performance management during the review cycle and it helped us alleviate the administrative burden."
"Ceridian Dayforce HCM is a stable product."
"It has created efficiencies in HR and Payroll by eliminating double entry into two systems, implementing a time clock feature for hourly employees, and by having a downloadable general ledger (G/L) constructing journal entering for payroll."
"The time capture from time cards to charging to projects has greatly improved because it is now all automated and flows into the GL very easily."
"The implementation was through a team assigned to us by Ceridian. They were extremely knowledgeable and it made the implementation go very smoothly."
"The initial setup is easy."
"The solution's payroll portion is very streamlined."
"We have found objects like Foundation and MDF most valuable."
"The best features that were working well for us was the Goal Management and Performance Management. They were the most valuable to our organization."
"The solution is very intuitive. Many of the things we need to do are easily accessible."
"The most important feature is the ability to follow up on the yearly performance of the team. It's very good for management to understand how people are performing."
"One of the most wonderful features is the ability to customize the modules and workflows. So far, we've done a fair bit of customization and it is helping us a lot and really adds to the value we already get from SuccessFactors."
"It is a scalable solution."
"In terms of user experience, it is quite good."
"HR and managers can use the onboarding tool to help new employees prepare for their first day on the job, which can help them acclimate to the company culture and reduce anxiety."


"Dayforce has its gaps like every HR system, but nothing comes to mind at the moment."
"I would also like to see some improvement in standard reports. A standard report should be available to pull the required information for Affirmative Action Plans. I do not think I should have to build or create one."
"The reporting could be improved."
"I would like the solution to improve its customer service communication."
"The solution's dashboards and geofencing could be improved."
"Many things are presented as though they will be included with the system but then require costly upgrades."
"The solution's initial setup was difficult. Also, the solution's initial deployment took around six months."
"Our current software program offers a home page with important company documents and a place for company announcements. Unfortunately, Ceridian Dayfoce does not offer this."
"The solution needs more localization, especially for the Middle East and Russia."
"There are a few features that are missing. There are specific features on the HTM, such as telecom safety, that just isn't there. It's not a very detailed solution in that sense. However, it is maybe not expected to have those kinds of features on the surface level of the product."
"We lack information regarding how to build a network."
"SAP SuccessFactors needs to improve the LMS and performance management."
"I would like to be able to configure objects from instances, not from import and export files."
"We have many interruptions and disconnection points into processes, which is why we are looking to another solution. We are not so happy with the system. We believe we have in the market better solution, so we are looking for alternatives but so far the system has been used a lot."
"SAP SuccessFactors' pricing structure could be improved."
"The GUI needs to be enhanced to be in line with the latest and complete version of the solution."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The XOXO program associated with Dayforce allows you to earn credits towards registration and accommodations at their annual Insight Conferences, which can be a real savings to the company when sending employees to the conference."
"Earlier, the price of the product was reasonable. Under present circumstances, the price or cost of the product has been increased."
"We paid for the implementation costs in the first year with the money that we saved by switching to Dayforce HCM."
"Negotiate for everything you want."
"In terms of pricing, the product is expensive. However, it is crucial to take into account the manner in which the solution will be utilized and the availability of other alternatives."
"I rate the solution's pricing a seven on a scale where one is the lowest and ten is the most expensive."
"Ceridian continually enhances Dayforce HCM. Some of these enhancements they charge for and some are just straight enhancements with no extra charge."
"We found the setup costs and pricing to be very reasonable."
"SAP SuccessFactors requires an annual subscription."
"This is a more costly solution than comparable products, and training is not available in the open-market, so this has to be purchased separately from the vendor."
"I think the pricing is a little better than most solutions out there. There are reasonable prices when it comes to some of the modules such as the Payroll module, and for the remaining modules I believe the pricing is fair in comparison to the rest of the market."
"I have raised change requests for some modules within SuccessFactors. For example, when you're using Recruiting Management, there's a feature called Interview Central you can use to reach the candidates you're interviewing. I wanted to add a writing assessment when I select the competency on that platform. It varies from consultant to consultant, depending on what module they use."
"The licensing fees are based on the number of modules that are being used, and the number of users."
"Due to the way in which we purchased SuccessFactors as a module along with other SAP modules, we were able to procure it at a slightly better price than usual. I would rate their pricing 5/5 stars."
"For SAP, the product is pricey, both CAPEX and the OPEX. It's something that could be improved."
"The price of the solution is highly expensive."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Ceridian Dayforce HCM?
The solution's payroll portion is very streamlined.
What needs improvement with Ceridian Dayforce HCM?
The solution's dashboards and geofencing could be improved. Typically, a lot of systems have a special reason code for every field. In Ceridian Dayforce HCM, the reason code is the same section tha...
What is your primary use case for Ceridian Dayforce HCM?
I use the solution in my company for most of the work except for performance reviews and talent acquisition. My company uses the tool for its benefits, like HCM, payroll management, and time off re...
What are the biggest differences between Workday, Oracle Cloud and SAP SuccessFactors?
Differences between Workday, Oracle Cloud,w and SAP SuccessFactors:w Oracle: "simple interface and deep customization to suit the purpose." SAP: Multiple functionalities that increase process effi...
What is better, SAP HCM or SAP SuccessFactors?
When it comes to user experience, SuccessFactors is unquestionably superior, as it provides end users with a new experience and an advanced user interface. Additionally, the entire concept of SF is...
What do you like most about SAP SuccessFactors?
The tool is easy to use for performance management. We haven't experienced any issues with SAP SuccessFactors for performance management, which is great. However, since we're still learning to use ...



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