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We performed a comparison between ConnectWise Control and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

Find out in this report how the two Remote Access solutions compare in terms of features, pricing, service and support, easy of deployment, and ROI.
To learn more, read our detailed ConnectWise Control vs. Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Report (Updated: March 2023).
686,748 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"Offers more security than TeamViewer, Google Remote Desktop, and Zoom. It's a stable, feature-rich solution that's easy to set up and easy to scale.""ConnectWise Connect is very convenient as we can remote to a PC even when it is not within our LAN.""It's very low maintenance.""I do love the monitoring page. If you are using ConnectWise Control, which is the on-prem version, when you are logged into the admin panel, there is a status page that checks network connectivity, the status of the license, and so on.""Control lets us do remote management of machines without having to be on the VPN. It's super simple and super easy.""Due to the fact that we can help our clients virtually, the solution has allowed us to reduce our travel costs by about 90%."

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"We use it to connect to the legacy system.""I like the way it can assess our system.""What I found most valuable in Microsoft Remote Desktop Services is accessibility because the solution lets you take control of your computer remotely.""It works fine, and it is largely issue-free.""The product is stable.""The most valuable features of the solution are ease of use and the simple environment.""It's pretty stable.""The installation is straightforward."

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"Something that I would like to see in the future is mobile video streaming. They do provide audio conferencing, but seeing the problem makes it easier to solve the problem. If they had video streaming, if a client had a physical problem with something and I couldn't get remote access, the client could use his mobile phone to show me the problem. In these cases, even if a client's systems were down, I could help, so long as I had a mobile phone environment.""At the moment, there's absolutely no specific feature that we actually need additionally since all the features that we need are available.""On a Linux machine, there are different limitations that are not there on a Windows Server. Much more limitations exist on Linux deployments.""I would like ConnectWise Control to be more transparent on the real costs to renew their license.""There could be improvement to the remote command line tools."

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"Remote Desktop Services doesn't scale well.""Microsoft Remote Desktop Services is only available for the professional version of the Windows operating system. This restricts a lot of users. The feature should be available for all versions.""Sometimes the server stops working, and we don’t know why. Occasionally we’ll get a message to the effect of "There is no remote license."""Microsoft Desktop Services is stable but it takes up a lot of resources in the CPU. It's a bit heavier than some solutions.""The only problems that you're going to have with the remote desktop are going to be firewall ports, security, and NLA, which is a net network level access control, or TLS transfer layer security or some other SSL-type of security.""Users have to re-enter their ID and password every time they log on, which is tedious and repetitive.""I would say it's expensive as there similar products available for free.""The pricing could be better."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "ConnectWise Control is not an overly expensive tool. Its pricing is reasonable."
  • "We pay an annual licensing fee."
  • "We pay $85 per month for each user for a ConnectWise package with multiple solutions."
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  • "Its licensing is on a yearly basis. We're on the educational or academic license, and our terms are good. We're very happy with the pricing."
  • "The pricing could always be improved."
  • "The solution is overly expensive."
  • "The solution comes free with Microsoft Windows."
  • "The price of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services is reasonable."
  • "I would say it's expensive as there similar products available for free."
  • "Microsoft Remote Desktop Services comes free as part of Microsoft Windows."
  • "I am aware that for Azure we do have an extra license because we are leveraging on different tenants."
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    686,748 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:You can bring up a command prompt remotely and execute commands without having to disturb the user.
    Top Answer:We pay $3,000 USD for the service, yearly upfront. There are no costs in addition to the standard licensing fees.
    Top Answer:I really didn't care for the onboarding process and it is something that should be improved. They just sent me an email and said, "Hey, here's your account", and I have a group of folks using it. I… more »
    Top Answer:Microsoft Remote Desktop Services is less expensive than some other solutions on the market. I rate the price of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services a three out of five.
    Top Answer:Microsoft Remote Desktop Services could improve by allowing the sharing of the office application. For example, the ability to replace a PC when something is wrong.
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    out of 35 in Remote Access
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    Also Known As
    Remote Desktop Services, MS Remote Desktop Services
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    ConnectWise Control is a fast, reliable and secure remote support, access and meeting solution. Use remote support and access to repair computers, provide updates, and manage machines. Conduct online seminars and presentations using remote meetings. ScreenConnect includes the same features as competing remote control solutions.

    Microsoft Remote Desktop Services is a highly regarded remote access tool in addition to being a top-ranked Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution in the marketplace today.

    Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is a suite of valuable elements of the Windows operating system (OS) that serve specific desired objectives. Microsoft RDS integrates various features that allow approved users to gain access to graphical desktops and Windows applications remotely. Approved users are able to deploy applications or even a complete desktop without having to install anything on their devices. Everything remains in the cloud. This ensures that there are never any compatibility issues and keeps the organization's original network secure at all times. Administrators are also able to ensure that data cannot be stored in any unapproved location, such as the local device, unapproved drives, or any other location.

    Microsoft RDS makes it easy for business organizations to access Windows Desktops and other Windows applications remotely to ensure today’s busy enterprise organizations are able to maintain the highest levels of productivity at all times. There are two basic ways organizations can effectively utilize RDS.

    • Microsoft Remote Desktop Component: This allows users to connect with various alternate desktops from their current device. Once the user has gained a secure connection based on the approved administrative permissions, the user can seamlessly access and interact with the remote desktop. Users have the feeling of having this new virtual desktop installed directly on their machine.

    • RemoteApp: Users are able to easily access cloud-based applications via their own personal desktop computers or other approved mobile devices. This application ensures overall application management is centralized and consistent throughout the entire business enterprise.

    Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Benefits

    Microsoft Remote Desktop Services has many benefits. Some of its most valuable benefits include:

    • Access Windows applications remotely from any device
    • Enhanced consistent application performance
    • Increased computing resources
    • Secure cloud-based data storage.
    • Streamlined management processes
    • Reduction in technical administrative resources
    • Reduction in hardware and device costs.
    • Improved employee productivity
    • Cost-effective
    • Improved Profitability
    • Reduce carbon footprint

    Microsoft Remote Desktop Services makes it easy for busy enterprise organizations to stay productive and remain competitive in today’s aggressive marketplace. An organization's end-users can be given access to their own specific desktops from any location, anytime, using any approved device. Additionally, users can access Microsoft applications without having an effect on their device's resource capacity or performance.

    Reviews from Real Users

    “What I found most valuable in Microsoft Remote Desktop Services is accessibility because the solution lets you take control of your computer remotely, and that's a good feature.” Pascal B., IT consultant at Secoptrial

    “The most valuable features of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services are unification, central management, and accessibility.” Jan S. Solution Architect at a tech services company

    “The most valuable features are that it is fast and cost-effective. I am not aware of a replacement currently on the market.” Ramon H. Director at Empaco

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    Jon Rosen Systems
    Bank Alfalah Ltd.
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    Hospitality Company13%
    Energy/Utilities Company13%
    Media Company13%
    Wellness & Fitness Company13%
    Computer Software Company17%
    Comms Service Provider8%
    Healthcare Company7%
    Financial Services Firm20%
    Manufacturing Company14%
    Healthcare Company9%
    Comms Service Provider9%
    Computer Software Company15%
    Comms Service Provider11%
    Financial Services Firm6%
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    Small Business52%
    Midsize Enterprise20%
    Large Enterprise28%
    Small Business35%
    Midsize Enterprise16%
    Large Enterprise49%
    Small Business41%
    Midsize Enterprise23%
    Large Enterprise36%
    Small Business27%
    Midsize Enterprise16%
    Large Enterprise57%
    Buyer's Guide
    ConnectWise Control vs. Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
    March 2023
    Find out what your peers are saying about ConnectWise Control vs. Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and other solutions. Updated: March 2023.
    686,748 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    ConnectWise Control is ranked 7th in Remote Access with 6 reviews while Microsoft Remote Desktop Services is ranked 1st in Remote Access with 39 reviews. ConnectWise Control is rated 9.6, while Microsoft Remote Desktop Services is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of ConnectWise Control writes "Multifeatured remote access software which offers security, stability, and easy scalability". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services writes "Light, built into the operating system, and requires no implementation". ConnectWise Control is most compared with LogMeIn Pro, Check Point Remote Access VPN, TeamViewer, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and BeyondTrust Remote Support, whereas Microsoft Remote Desktop Services is most compared with VMware Horizon, TeamViewer, Parallels Access, VMware Workstation and Citrix Workspace. See our ConnectWise Control vs. Microsoft Remote Desktop Services report.

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    We monitor all Remote Access reviews to prevent fraudulent reviews and keep review quality high. We do not post reviews by company employees or direct competitors. We validate each review for authenticity via cross-reference with LinkedIn, and personal follow-up with the reviewer when necessary.