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We performed a comparison between Cisco Wireless and NETGEAR Insight Access Points based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

Find out in this report how the two Wireless LAN solutions compare in terms of features, pricing, service and support, easy of deployment, and ROI.
To learn more, read our detailed Cisco Wireless vs. NETGEAR Insight Access Points Report (Updated: January 2024).
757,198 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"It provides private network access, helping us protect our company’s devices.""The most valuable feature of the solution is Marvis, the AI-driven network management system.""You can easily monitor, manage, and cover all your IT equipment.""The most valuable feature of Juniper Wireless Access Points (AP Series) is the ability to troubleshoot ports on the network. Additionally, when there is an update on the APs they are able to reboot quickly reducing downtime. Other solutions have a longer downtime when updates are done.""The AI capabilities of Mist Wireless are superior to other OEMs.""The most useful feature of Juniper Wireless AP is the reporting Marvis.""In terms of reporting, in terms of all the user reports, it's very rich.""The solution is pretty generic and easy to use."

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"Cisco is one of the leading vendors and is at the top of many lists. The access software is robust, and the performance of the devices is excellent.""The most valuable features are that it is easy to install and the range is good.""The solution offers central management, reliability, and signal, ensures the bandwidth, and segregates the network. It also maintains the authentication process in the compass solution, which is good regarding multiple software.""Cisco's support team is the best in the industry.""The technical support is excellent.""Some of the valuable features of this solution are security, the controller is simple to configure, devices are easy to install, and we use the software to administrate all the APs.""Cisco's technical support is very good, I've never had an issue with their technical support.""Cisco Wireless is reliable and stable."

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"We use NETGEAR's Insight management solution to do off-property controls. It is user-friendly and provides network management, monitoring, and service deployment across multiple remote and local sites. That means I don't have to be physically at a location to do things if I want to make any changes to the network. It saves time and money.""The metrics demonstrate that NETGEAR really does a good job of balancing the load between the various access points on the networks and this results in an elimination of downtime.""The initial setup of NETGEAR Insight Access Points was straightforward.""I'm able to do a lot of things, because the GUI is designed very well. I'm able to remotely make certain changes via my phone and apply them right away. It makes life easier when it comes to managing the equipment. The Insight management solution phone app is very good. It enables me to do what I want to do.""From the WiFi aspect, it's very intuitive and easy to use. The solution enables me to manage my entire WiFi from anywhere in the world...""The product's deployment is straightforward.""[Being] able to configure the WiFi devices and to see utilization remotely, or from the cloud.""I now have the ability to remote access my network. That works extremely well. I can access it from any place. I don't need to be physically at the device. This saves me on time and travel."

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"They should include SD-WAN features to it.""The pricing is very high in the Indian market.""The pricing should be made cheaper.""Juniper Wireless AP can improve by continually improving its reporting and integration with other systems.""The price could be better.""The product should include adaptive Wi-Fi to show a more accurate location.""The solution is expensive.""Juniper Mist Wireless Access Points’ support services need improvement."

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"The product’s interface must be improved.""What my company doesn't like about the product is related to the coverage it provides to access points, an area which is one of the most important ones for us.""An expensive solution that small companies cannot afford.""Most definitely the cost.""The security must be improved.""The solution could improve by having more advanced features, such as AI that is able to do diagnosis on the network or detect incorrect configurations and is able to tell you what is the recommended practice. Additionally, it would be a benefit to have smart antennas that are able to track your movement, Wi-Fi 6 support, better transfer rates, low latency, stronger signals that can penetrate thick walls, and zero packet losses.""Cisco won't work with any other vendors. That is a significant problem with Cisco.""If they could offer better coverage, we'd be much happier."

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"There is always room for improvement.""The registration is annoying. I have to go back to NETGEAR and log tickets. Access points and router registration are something that they need to address in Insight. They need to fix the bug of getting the devices activated and enrolled in Insight without fighting with them. I have probably done about six of these in the last month. You get to see patterns.""Due to certain shortcomings in the solution's stability, I feel that the solution's stability requires improvement.""The product's UI needs to be simplified and made more straightforward.""Ubiquiti is a very good company. NETGEAR should look at that model and expand on its remote capabilities. Ubiquiti seems to have a better product.""My major problem is right now, the area which I need to cover is around 7,000 to 10,000 square feet...I would like NETGEAR Insight Access Points to extend the area coverage they provide.""A con is the backend system which is very, very slow.""The biggest issue I've had is that it works very well with the WiFi, but it does not offer any assistance at all with the routers. You can't control them or manage them at all. As soon as you want to use anything on the network side—because I have multiple 28-port switches—you can't manage them using this app."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "We pay maybe 1000 SEK per year, per access point."
  • "Juniper Wireless AP's price is a little more expensive than other solutions, but you get what you pay for."
  • "The pricing is something Juniper Wireless Access Points (AP Series) can work on. The pricing is very high compared to the competition."
  • "The pricing is too high."
  • "The solution is expensive."
  • "I rate Juniper Mist's pricing a ten out of ten since it is expensive."
  • "I rate the pricing an eight out of ten."
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  • "It is an expensive solution."
  • "Expensive."
  • "As far as I know Cisco is very competitive, price-wise. Talk to your third-party vendor. It all depends on the company size - how many employees, how big the building is. If it's wireless, and you have only 50 employees but you're using a large building floor, in that case you need many access points. But if you have 50 employees using two or three rooms, then you probably don't need it and it's going to be high density, so there is a different design. So you need to talk to a subject matter expert. Talk to them and design accordingly."
  • "Cisco is more on the expensive side, as compared to Aruba, but I must say Cisco's quality is unmatched, for sure."
  • "I am not a fan of Cisco's software pricing model. Their management software is far too expensive."
  • "The pricing is high. It could be cheaper."
  • "Never pay the full GPL price."
  • "Pricing is a bit on the high side compared to its competitors but we have to consider the support and usages of the solution. Licensing is now RTU and smart licensing. We need three types of licenses. One for each of the: APs, HA, controller."
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  • "Price-wise, it is a little too high, about $20 higher than what it should be, but it's worth it. It's cheaper than Cisco's access point, but the products are not apples to apples."
  • "It wasn't much more than 100 dollars a year. For the devices that we have, the pricing was pretty fair."
  • "The pricing seems to be reasonable."
  • "For what you get, the price of Insight access points is very reasonable."
  • "Their pricing is perfect for smaller businesses who are money and budget conscious. There are a lot of other solutions out there that are two to three times more expensive."
  • "I can source the stuff pretty quickly wherever I go through the distributor. There is pricing available at NETGEAR if you can spend between $2,000 and $5,000 on a solution. So, there is special pricing that they can help with. The vendor's reps are very responsive. They have a good channel system."
  • "It is an expensive solution."
  • "My company does not need to pay anything related to the solution's licensing costs."
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    757,198 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:You can easily monitor, manage, and cover all your IT equipment.
    Top Answer:I rate Juniper Mist's pricing a ten out of ten since it is expensive.
    Top Answer:The pricing is very high in the Indian market. Eight to nine OEMs are also available in the market, giving you their… more »
    Top Answer:Cisco Wireless is very robust, very rugged, and can handle indoor and outdoor coverage extremely well. We found it to be… more »
    Top Answer:Ruckus Wireless offers users the benefit of being both easy to set up and get running as well as being very user… more »
    Top Answer:On the most basic level, Cisco Wireless can offer a rather straightforward initial setup. In the span of about three… more »
    Top Answer:Our company sometimes uses the solution's technical support, and we have seen that they sort out our general problems… more »
    Top Answer:My company does not need to pay anything related to the solution's licensing costs.
    Top Answer:Due to certain shortcomings in the solution's stability, I feel that the solution's stability requires improvement.
    Also Known As
    Juniper Wireless Access Points (AP Series), Mist Access Points
    Cisco WLAN Controller
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    Juniper Wireless Access Points work in conjunction with Juniper Mist Cloud Services and Mist AI to deliver premier wireless access capabilities. The Juniper Mist Edge extends microservices to the campus to bring agility and scale while enabling new applications at the edge.

    With Cisco Wireless you will successfully plan, deploy, monitor, troubleshoot, and report on indoor and outdoor wireless networks - all from a centralized location.

    At NETGEAR, we turn ideas into innovative networking products that connect people, power businesses, and advance the way we live. Easy to use. Powerful. Smart. And designed just for you.

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    Top Industries
    Computer Software Company19%
    Manufacturing Company7%
    Educational Organization6%
    Comms Service Provider13%
    Manufacturing Company10%
    Computer Software Company9%
    Computer Software Company17%
    Manufacturing Company7%
    Comms Service Provider7%
    Computer Software Company15%
    Manufacturing Company8%
    Comms Service Provider7%
    Company Size
    Small Business42%
    Midsize Enterprise17%
    Large Enterprise42%
    Small Business30%
    Midsize Enterprise17%
    Large Enterprise53%
    Small Business36%
    Midsize Enterprise24%
    Large Enterprise41%
    Small Business25%
    Midsize Enterprise15%
    Large Enterprise59%
    Small Business67%
    Midsize Enterprise11%
    Large Enterprise22%
    Small Business32%
    Midsize Enterprise14%
    Large Enterprise54%
    Buyer's Guide
    Cisco Wireless vs. NETGEAR Insight Access Points
    January 2024
    Find out what your peers are saying about Cisco Wireless vs. NETGEAR Insight Access Points and other solutions. Updated: January 2024.
    757,198 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Cisco Wireless is ranked 2nd in Wireless LAN with 19 reviews while NETGEAR Insight Access Points is ranked 19th in Wireless LAN with 3 reviews. Cisco Wireless is rated 8.2, while NETGEAR Insight Access Points is rated 7.8. The top reviewer of Cisco Wireless writes "Easy to deploy with a user-friendly GUI, but can be expensive". On the other hand, the top reviewer of NETGEAR Insight Access Points writes "A product with load-balancing features that offers scalability to its users". Cisco Wireless is most compared with Aruba Wireless, Ruckus Wireless, Ubiquiti WLAN, Cisco Meraki Wireless LAN and Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess Stellar, whereas NETGEAR Insight Access Points is most compared with Ubiquiti WLAN, Aruba Wireless, Ruckus Wireless, Omada Access Points and Cisco Meraki Wireless LAN. See our Cisco Wireless vs. NETGEAR Insight Access Points report.

    See our list of best Wireless LAN vendors.

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