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Microsoft Intune
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Configuration Management (3rd), Remote Access (4th), Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) (1st), Microsoft Security Suite (3rd)

Mindshare comparison

As of June 2024, in the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) category, the mindshare of Cisco Meraki Systems Manager (MDM+EMM) is 2.2%, down from 3.0% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Microsoft Intune is 36.2%, down from 39.4% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
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Configuration Management
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Featured Reviews

Horacio L. Mille - PeerSpot reviewer
Jun 22, 2023
Complete solution for managing and deploying remote sites and networks
It requires a higher expenditure compared to other solutions, but it's a complete solution. It works well, has a great interface, and the support is very expensive, but it's good It helps us deploy and manage remote sites, as well as maintain security on remote networks. The proprietary…
Kevin Egger - PeerSpot reviewer
Feb 12, 2023
The solution's ability to set conditional access polices significantly reduce your risk from unpatched software
Intune helps us from a compliance standpoint by making it easier for system admins to configure devices and ensure they conform to business policies. It gives us more visibility into where the devices are and their postures. I try to use conditional access policies for every client I can. It's essential for a zero-trust security posture. Conditional access policies make it possible. This dramatically reduces the risk of unpatched devices connecting to our corporate network. The conditional access policies, compliance, and updates affect employees positively. Once the value is explained to them, they don't complain much about MFA. You can use Endpoint Manager to see whether or not a device is compliant and apply conditional access policies in Entra to only allow connections to your environment from compliant devices. That significantly reduces your risk from unpatched software because that device cannot connect to your machine or environment. Using those two features together definitely helps protect us. It saves some time. Either way, you will have to manage an Active Directory environment, but Intune allows you to manage devices over the internet. You don't need to worry if the machines are connected to a VPN or on-site.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Initial setup was easy."
"The cloud dashboard's analytics data is particularly valuable, giving me insights into user activities and making it easy to track and manage devices."
"We use this solution for MDM."
"The solution is simple."
"Security is the main feature because the company is reliable."
"I have found the location analytics feature that is built into the APs to be the most valuable. It allows you to compare data and to single out individuals who are repeatedly coming into your store. We can observe different trends. This is what separates it from a lot of the other solutions."
"We experience no downtime, no breakdowns, all the user readings are exact, and it gives us quick analysis so we can apply security measures."
"It's a very easy solution for the most part, it's very easy to implement and very easy to administer."
"Microsoft Intune is easy to use, and it is able to enforce policies towards multiple devices. It is able to bring multiple classes of devices into the same security posture. I found that very useful."
"It has a useful device management feature."
"If the product works, remote access will be a benefit. To this point we have not had reason to have confidence in achieving that access."
"Compliance and the policies that can be set are the most valuable features."
"For Windows services, there are multiple options within Intune to modernize it to be more internet-facing and dynamic."
"I like the fact that it's integrated with the rest of the Microsoft products, so customers can manage it from their Office 365 portal or Azure portal."
"It provides control over all mobile devices that are being connected to the corporate network."
"I believe that the solution is actually in Gartner's top quadrant at the moment for mobile device management."


"One area for improvement in Cisco Meraki Systems Manager is the ability for more advanced users to make detailed and non-standard changes."
"We've really only experimented with their iOS client. This is due to the fact that their Windows client has a lot to be desired. We first tried experimenting with the Windows one but very quickly determined that it wasn't going to cut it for most Windows cases. The Windows portion of this product needs improvement. I'd say that it's not really viable."
"I've participated in numerous product launches primarily focused on HP and Dell. Consequently, there should be a vested interest in local gatherings to showcase product advantages and performance. Particularly in Singapore, it only has so limited integrators to engage in IP product sales. There's room for improvement through dedicated workshops and training. The European and Western markets differ significantly from the context here. The physical location holds more importance. Thus, they should have a survey to evaluate demand, supply, and sales points, tailoring strategies accordingly."
"Integration with other tools, such as, ConnectWise Automate."
"Meraki is limiting our connections."
"I would rate my experience with the initial setup a four out of ten, where one is difficult, and ten is easy. It is more difficult."
"In my opinion, the equipment availabilities and competitive pricings could be improved."
"The tool's pricing needs to be more flexible like Cisco's."
"It's the granularity: 'Is your firewall on? Is BitLocker on?' It's not amazing granularity. But I've looked into other products, like Duo, and they're all similar."
"Integration with Mac devices requires some improvement."
"Cost is the biggest factor for us right now. Microsoft Intune and AD P1 together in a bundle is a good thing to have, but it is very costly compared to other products in the market. Otherwise, Microsoft Intune is the best."
"The most important thing is reporting. They should improve their reporting. They should give a free hand to users. In SCCM, I can create my own reports. For example, in SCCM, I can create an inventory report for my PC or for all PCs, but in Intune, we don't have an option to create any report. Microsoft claims that Intune is a successor of SCCM, but SCCM is more powerful than Intune. So, they should develop Intune more and make it equivalent to SCCM. Then, their product will be great in the market."
"I have a lot of Apple products in my environment. It would be nice to have an improved integration of Apple products with Microsoft Intune without Jam."
"There's quite a lot of development that they can do within their Intune dashboard. I think there are too many lines hyperlinked to move you around. Others, in contrast, give you a simple dashboard and an intuitive administrative walkthrough."
"There are a few security features that are not available in Microsoft Intune, when compared to other products."
"It should be easier to define policies and comply with those policies."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The price is high for the market."
"It's extremely competitive and very good for a product in this sphere."
"My customers at times have issues with the price of the solution. It is expensive, but overall it is worth it. The licensing model cost is based on how many devices you require."
"This product is reasonably priced."
"The cost of installing this solution can be more expensive depending on who is doing the installation. Cisco is very expensive."
"The storage is affordable and the system has some price-related issues. Therefore, keeping the price in mind, I would rate it seven out of ten."
"Meraki MDM is the cheapest solution we have used."
"My clients find it a bit expensive compared to other systems."
"Pricing depends on the features. Microsoft offers special packages if there are more than 10,000 users, and you may be able to get a reduced rate."
"The product is relatively pricey, but considering its benefits, I'd say it's fair. The benefits outweigh the expensive licensing fees, especially for large organizations, but medium-sized and smaller businesses may be unable to afford it."
"It is reasonable. When you have Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 license, it is already licensed in that license. So, you could say it is free."
"This cost is approximately $30 USD per user per month."
"We use Defender ATP and E5 licenses."
"Licensing depends on how you are providing support to your enterprise, whether it's device-based or user-based."
"The pricing of Endpoint Manager is fine. The licensing is not that complex, but small and midsized organizations might have challenges with the pricing plans. There are a lot of categories—E2, E3, E5—to choose from."
"For Microsoft 365 E5 clients, cost is not an issue as this product is one of the benefits."
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What needs improvement with Cisco Meraki Systems Manager (MDM+EMM)?
Sometimes, the integrations are a bit tough. It might require some technical information.
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