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Enterprise Content Management (4th), Cloud Storage (9th), Digital Asset Management (2nd), Document Management Software (1st)
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Ranking in Content Collaboration Platforms
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As of June 2024, in the Content Collaboration Platforms category, the mindshare of Box is 12.0%, up from 8.4% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Office 365 is 3.4%, down from 8.3% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Content Collaboration Platforms
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Enterprise Content Management
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Apr 4, 2024
You can assign multiple tasks to different people on the same document, which works seamlessly
One drawback is its permissions system, which has caused issues prompting our transition to SharePoint. The reporting functionality could be improved; currently, they utilize Excel for reporting purposes. Making API calls is challenging because API calls are necessary when moving data from Box to SharePoint. Payment is required beyond a certain threshold of API calls per user, which has been quite difficult. The support could be enhanced during the transition from Box to SharePoint. Box's pricing model is based on the number of API calls, with a cap applicable to all enterprises. This limitation has been an issue. There could be better reporting systems. For example, if something gets deleted, I need to go to the user activity to check who did it. Having a more efficient way to retrieve reports would be beneficial.
Jul 8, 2021
Great vulnerability insights, offers very impressive cash savings, and offers great information security tools
It seems like every other week when we log into the administrative portals, it doesn't matter which one, it could be the active directory portal, it could be the exchange admin center or SharePoint admin center, it seems like Microsoft is consistently updating with new versions of the admin centers, which can be frustrating. This is due to the fact that, if you haven't been on in a while, sometimes it takes a good hour or two to reorient yourself -especially when you're trying to find a setting. We went through an assessment about four months ago and I had the hardest time finding certain settings in my baselines. Just being able to demonstrate something as simple as an audit log, when they move things around, can be challenging. It seems like at least once or twice a month. It gets a little confusing. On the endpoint protection side, they've done a merge with both our security center and their compliance center. You can do multiple things from doing the same thing, however, for multiple admin sites. You get used to like one and then it takes you to another. It gets a little cumbersome or confusing as the outlays are different, the menus are a little bit different. That's one of my biggest gripes about it. Sometimes, if we have a user that is doing some work from home, for example, and they're not on their corporate laptop and they're on their regular laptop, or vice versa, and they have like a personal Office 365 license, they sometimes conflict with each other, which then puts the person into an authentication loop, which basically means they can't access their stuff properly. We're running into that problem, actually, with one of our users right now. For some reason, there were three different Office products that were loaded on there. A regular Office 365, Office 365 Business, and then Office 365 Enterprise. How all three of them got on there, we're not quite sure. He can open up some of his documents normally that are stored on his machine from the OneDrive, yet, when they try to open up documents that are in SharePoint, every now and then, depending on the updates that are pushed out by Microsoft, they can't open up the documents. At that point, you kind of like have to uninstall or do an online repair of the Microsoft Office itself, and then re-install it. Due to this issue, you're losing productivity time. This guy just happens to be our corporate recruiter. We're losing time with him being able to look at resumes and stuff like that, or look at qualifications or statements of work and stuff like that. We've been working for about two hours and yeah, I mean, he can download the document and open it up, but he can't actually open it up while it's in SharePoint. When you don't have that, when you lose that capability, especially like when they're working on proposals and when time is of the essence, it can become a big issue. Sometimes when the software pushes security patches it breaks, Windows wide.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Governance and ease of use are why I think a lot of people like Box, including ourselves. Basically, we're concerned about what information is being sent to Box, so we use a lot of the Box governance features to make sure that what is being sent to Box is appropriate. If it is not appropriate, it is not allowed to be sent. It is also pretty easy to use. It is the easiest to use for customers and for technologists."
"The sharing feature, with its various permission settings, such as viewing or uploading, is convenient and helpful."
"The application is very light in terms of uploading and downloading files."
"You can upload your bin, upload your files quickly, and download your files quickly. It provides a lot of other alternatives."
"File sharing, authorization on the back, its ease of use and reliable uptime performance are valuable features of this solution."
"The interface is very good."
"Simple file sharing and sync for internal and external customers."
"It is really easy to load files to and from this solution."
"Cloud-based management is valuable and software deployment is positive."
"The cloud service and Skype are the most valuable features."
"It is stable."
"The products are quite simple for the end-users to use, the up-time is very good, the product is practically maintenance-free, and the multi-layer security is excellent from the security standpoint."
"If you have a global solution, you can go from one product to the other very easily. And then you can share data between all the different tools of Office which is good because participation and sharing is very good. That's the most important aspect of Office 365."
"The most valuable feature of this solution is the integration."
"The most valuable feature is the integration with OneDrive, which has allowed us, a small business, easy access to a cloud environment, with no need to back up the data from five different computers."
"Quarantine email alerts to users to allow the email to their inbox (tricky but handy) - tricky if one doesn't have third-party email security, handy if one has got good third party email security)."


"Working on documents in real-time is sometimes faulty and could be improved."
"The UI should be faster. Sometimes it lags when switching between documents."
"The search features and role permissions are not very user friendly. It only searches the first few pages of a document, which is quite a problem."
"Tasks and comments could be easier to see, report, search, and manage."
"I haven't really come across a case where we're not able to use it for what it is, so I don't really have anything holding us up or any customers holding us up at this point that I know of. There are always some limitations, but as a technologist, I just live with them, and there is always room for improvement, but I don't have anything quantifiable."
"In future releases, there could be encryption, to have better security."
"They could integrate better with other platforms."
"The integration with other products should be improved."
"There are several additional features we would like to see, such as advanced features of SAN protection in Office 365. The main thing is the SAN protection; we would like to see a lot of advanced features added because we had a lot of spam attacks."
"Using Office 365 is not that flexible on some mobile devices, like Android."
"Using Visual Basic, I have had a lot of trouble with relative paths when programming for Excel, and sometimes it is very difficult to debug programs."
"Constantly evolving with new features, which can be challenging for users."
"I would like to see better integration with Teams, and better usability with SharePoint."
"It seems like every other week when we log into the administrative portals, it doesn't matter which one, it could be the active directory portal, it could be the exchange admin center or SharePoint admin center, it seems like Microsoft is consistently updating with new versions of the admin centers, which can be frustrating."
"Normally, they have a way to work with specific developments, and I think they shouldn't allow the partners to make some changes they have made. When I have a client with a lot of changes, we have a problem with that because there aren't rules to develop inside the ERP, so you can do anything."
"I started working a lot on Microsoft Teams and I find it a bit vast. It should be divided out a bit so that someone can use it for basic functionality, like audio, video, and calls. Then, if someone wants more advanced functionality for file sharing and team creation, and so on, they could use a separate app."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"There's a free version that allows you to use it with almost full-feature access. Even in the free version, it gives you all you need."
"Box needs to improve with their pricing in terms of licensing costs."
"Box's pricing is excellent."
"I have to pay for Box. It could be a little cheaper. On a scale from one to ten, I would give the pricing a five."
"I believe Box is cheaper than SharePoint."
"We are using the free version of the solution. There is a free version and monthly and yearly subscriptions available."
"The more you dig, the deeper the level of tools, and the more expensive it becomes."
"Better sign a full year's contract to get a discount."
"For the moment, we are paying on a monthly basis because we are still adapting the support and how we want to proceed. I think we will move to paying for the annual license."
"The pricing is good for all the features that we receive, e.g., Skype for Business."
"The pricing is not really high, but one can get the software with the license key for free."
"The pricing is high and has actually caused us to limit the number of licenses we purchase due to budgeting."
"Most of the time, we purchase Microsoft Exchange licenses, which are less expensive and provide only an email platform and 50 gigabytes of email storage for free."
"Good reporting and good value subscriptions for international calls."
"The price of Office 365 is very expensive."
"Licensing fees are paid on a monthly basis, or we prepay them."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Box?
The solution is used for data storage and any kind of visualization.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Box?
The solution is expensive when it comes to API calls.
What needs improvement with Box?
One drawback is its permissions system, which has caused issues prompting our transition to SharePoint. The reporting functionality could be improved; currently, they utilize Excel for reporting pu...
What do you like most about Office 365?
The most valuable feature of Office 365 is automatic saving. If something happens on the computer your work is saved.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Office 365?
I’m not sure of the exact cost. In the past, it might have been free. However, now, people do need to pay in order to use it. I would put the pricing around two out of five. It's not the cheapest p...
What needs improvement with Office 365?
Office 365 could be easier to use at first. Tutorials are needed to know how to use the solution.



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