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Application Performance Management (APM)
August 2022
Find out what your peers are saying about Dynatrace, Datadog, AppDynamics and others in Application Performance Management (APM). Updated: August 2022.
621,593 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"The stability of New Relic APM is very good.""The most valuable feature is the ability to receive in-depth information about applications. It can detect a lot of important information.""The most valuable feature is application monitoring.""The breakdown of the response time of different components and getting in-depth details of the slow component are the most valuable features. It is easy to use, and it gets the job done.""Working with the solution is very easy. It's user-friendly.""The monitoring so far has been good and we are happy with it.""There are many valuable features in New Relic APM. We developed some software applications and we are able to monitor the errors very easily. Their log security retention is very good.""It does everything we wanted it to do."

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"If there are any issues, it triggers an alert within 30 seconds. When it triggers the alert, we go ahead and check it immediately. The alert is triggered on a real-time basis.""There are custom reports available along with the inbuilt reports.""This solution has numerous advantages. It's extremely simple to configure. Either digital monitors or single-URL monitors are simple to configure and build.""The best feature of AlertSite is that it shows you a visual graph and also sends you notifications about errors, so you get immediate notifications about errors which means that your support team can start taking steps and more quickly make sure the site is up and that customer experience isn't interrupted in terms of using your system and your products. AlertSite is a very good tool. It's user-friendly, and you can see everything on the dashboard. Configuring it is also easy."

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"We were able to integrate with the messaging tool, Slack, which meant that we got notifications whenever something was not quite right."

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"The solution could improve by having more network monitoring features, such as for all the infrastructure.""New Relic APM could improve error debugging and the correlation with the logs. We are receiving some alerts or alarms but we need to correlate with the error log, but it is difficult if it is more than seven months retention period, it is hard to trace. We need this especially for getting historical information.""The older view is much better than the new view that they have. We'd like to go back to that previous version. The user interface just isn't as nice as it used to be.""There has been some problem with the agent, and it is just not working well. It is not able to record information with the application server. They have been able to fix the issue, but it took quite a long time. This is the main issue in the APM products and also in New Relic. The mobile application monitoring has been pretty difficult to set up and also quite expensive. It should be a little bit easier and cheaper. Because it is pretty difficult and expensive, many customers don't take it.""How granular I could go down at looking at certain data, especially related to the operations, is limited.""New Relic APM can improve the information when we dig deeper to check a problem. There should be more detailed information provided.""It would be nice if there were pre-made dashboards.""It is very difficult to award the service level cycles at an endpoint level."

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"It is not compatible with all of the product platforms that we use.""I would like the ability to get more data points with regard to some of the unique requirements that we have.""AlertSite sometimes triggers false alerts or fake alerts, which needs to be rectified. When we see an alert and go ahead and run certain tests on it, the test always passes. However, on the main screen, it shows up as critical. Therefore, the false alert needs to be fixed.""What needs improvement in AlertSite is the documentation, particularly the lack of documentation. If there's a specific activity you want to do, you can't even find information on how to do it, so you have to contact the AlertSite support team to assist you, and only then would the issue be resolved. At the moment, it's not easy to find or get full documentation on how to deal with different issues. You always have to go back to AlertSite support and get help. The documentation for AlertSite could be improved and it's what I'd like to see in the next release of the tool because at the moment, the documentation isn't complete, so you'll have to contact support, but contacting support isn't an issue because the team responds to you quickly."

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"There are certain features that are not supported in New Relic, such as CATSEARCH, which allows you to do a full-text search."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "The price was one of the reasons we chose this solution."
  • "I think the pricing is reasonable."
  • "The price of the solution could be less expensive. You have to pay a lot for each user. There is an additional cost for extra features."
  • "This is an expensive tool."
  • "The price of New Relic APM could be less expensive. We are using the New Relic APM pro account and it is more costly. When compared to competitors the solution's pricing should be much more realistic."
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  • "We purchased the license once and had the option of selecting the number of user licenses."
  • "My company pays to use AlertSite, but I'm unsure of the exact costs because it depends on how many monitors you have."
  • "The cost is high."
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  • "I loved this product, but we can no longer afford it, so we dropped it."
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    621,593 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:There are many factors and we know little about your requirements (size of org, technology stack, management systems… more »
    Top Answer:The monitoring so far has been good and we are happy with it.
    Top Answer:While we do pay for the solution on a monthly basis, I can't speak to the exact cost of the product. There might also be… more »
    Top Answer:This solution has numerous advantages. It's extremely simple to configure. Either digital monitors or single-URL… more »
    Top Answer:We purchased the license once and had the option of selecting the number of user licenses.
    Top Answer:In terms of reporting, I would say it is intermediate. In my opinion, there is room for improvement there as well… more »
    Top Answer:We were able to integrate with the messaging tool, Slack, which meant that we got notifications whenever something was… more »
    Top Answer:I loved this product, but we can no longer afford it, so we dropped it.
    Top Answer:There are certain features that are not supported in New Relic, such as CATSEARCH, which allows you to do a full-text… more »
    Also Known As
    New Relic Mobile
    Learn More

    New Relic is a software analytics and application performance management solution that gives users in-depth data visibility and analytics. By going right to the source, the code, New Relic enables users to develop quicker software, build improved products,and consistently impress their customers. Data tells a story and New Relic interprets what it is telling you.

    SmartBear's AlertSite is an application performance management and system monitoring software. AlertSite is an early warning system that users can rely on to monitor their websites, web apps, and APIs from any physical location as well as from within their private networks. It offers real-time alerting with root-cause analytics and robust reporting. AlertSite allows you to proactively monitor from an independent network of over 350 monitoring nodes worldwide.

    Here are AlertSite’s 6 use cases: 

    1. Monitor web: AlertSite monitors beyond availability to detect performance anomalies and notify the appropriate people when deviations occur, whether it's online apps or websites.

    2. Monitor APIs: Check to see that your internal, external, and third-party APIs are working properly, returning the correct content, and performing as expected.

    3. Monitor apps: With nearly any action, monitor your online sites and applications using actual browsers, just like a consumer. There is no need for scripting.

    4. Monitor mobile: Monitor your mobile-friendly websites, native mobile apps, carrier-based nodes, and network speeds with real devices (3G, 4G LTE).

    5. Monitor SLAs: Make sure you're meeting service-level agreements' requirements. SLA requirements are monitored and reported on by AlertSite.

    6. Monitor cloud: Monitor your cloud-based applications to improve mobility. AlertSite monitors your apps across public and private clouds, giving you complete visibility into their status.

    AlertSite Features

    AlertSite has many valuable key features. Some of the most useful ones include:

    • Enables a comprehensive view of UI and API performance.

    • Monitoring coverage from 350+ worldwide nodes and private networks.
    • Integrates with DevOps and Ops tool stacks.

    • Displays availability and performance data that assist in determining the root cause of performance problems.

    • With AlertSite's Single Sign-On (SSO) support, you can assist your authentication procedures.

    • Free training and assistance. AlertSite’s responsive team is always there to assist you, from the initial rollout through day-to-day support.

    • Eliminates the stress of false alerts using these key features:

      • Tracks the performance of your apps, APIs, and websites.

      • Sets up monitor and alarm schedules, as well as blackout periods and retry choices.

      • Sets alert thresholds that are both static and dynamic.

      • Calculates the number of failures needed to set off an alarm.

      • After the first failure, retries logic.

      • Based on error code, sends an alert to recipients and group routing.

      • Tests from over 85 different locations across the world, with internal and external monitoring.

      • Defines assertions and validations.

      • Integrates with PagerDuty, Slack, Splunk, VictorOps, and more.
    • Easy configuration with help from these key features:

      • DejaClick is an intuitive, seamless plug-in for documenting web transactions and user journeys.

      • Use the point-and-click script creation for website, web, and mobile monitor scripts.

      • Benefit from using native API monitor creation.

      • Scripts for functional tests can be reused.

      • Automate monitor creation by using Swagger Specs or OpenAPI Specification files.

    New Relic Synthetic Monitoring is a next-gen suite of scripted, automated tools developed to monitor users’ API endpoints, critical business transactions, and websites. Users are able to replicate consumer traffic and intuitively identify and remediate downtime and unsatisfactory performance regarding crucial endpoints. This ensures that there is no defect in productivity or performance and so clients’ services are never affected. New Relic Synthetic Monitoring enables users to continually monitor API endpoints or websites to ensure they are working properly and content is always available.

    Quality Testing Processes and Monitoring

    New Relic’s browser testing protocol sends valid Selenium-powered Google Chrome browsers to test sites to establish that an organization's content is always available to anyone, anywhere. Scripted browsers are employed to test for user flow anomalies or to beta-test complicated processes such as: adding items to a cart on ecommerce sites, joining member portals, signing up for newsletters, searching for embedded content on a website, or testing backend with API monitors to run scripted tests for any API endpoint.

    Synthetic monitoring will break down the results of each check into metrics, giving users full visibility to better discover patterns and potential reasons for unsatisfactory performance. The solution will store all monitor results to enable users to visualize the exact point where a website broke down. Alerts will advise users when an API endpoint or website became inaccessible. Users are also able to widen the geographical scope and closely monitor internal websites by creating private locations.

    New Relic is able to store all monitor results for up to thirteen months to give users a historical view of results for over a year. An important feature to remember is that the test data collected using New Relic Synthetics is synthetic data; it does not reflect any actual human interaction and contains no personal critical information.Therefore, there are no data protection or privacy concerns.

    Why Synthetic Monitoring is Beneficial

    • Quickly determine the root and cause of any issue. New Relic Synthetics will determine if there is a latent third party application, poor backend or infrastructure issue, AWS location, or overall network issue.

    • Synthetic monitoring can be embedded into CI/CD pipelines and build automation to instantly track efficiency and determine the productivity of every deployment.

    • Ensures a better understanding of failures by associating the availability and performance of all endpoints to the basic applications and core infrastructure.

    • API tests monitor API endpoints using a progressive got module to interact internally to make HTTP calls to an organization's endpoints and legitimizes the results.

    New Relic Synthetics Features

    • Precise results: New Relic stores all results for up to thirteen months. Users get a clear snapshot to facilitate a better understanding of website performance and availability, and help discover specific issues.

    • Charting: Users can use New Relics charting feature to compare load time against real users and synthetic monitors. Users can view trends and determine if an issue is evident in synthetic monitoring or caused by other anomalies.

    • Integrates with popular analytics platforms: Users are able to block or unblock any service that may have been noticed by default settings. New Relic is designed to ignore scripts from today’s popular analytics services (such as Google Analytics) to ensure the chosen analytics tools will still receive the identical data, even though there are thousands or monitors checking your website each month.

    • Browser monitors: New Relic uses scripted and simple browser monitors to not only ensure the host is functioning properly; it will actually load the complete content of each page in a completely virtualized Google Chrome browser (Selenium-powered) to complete testing that mimics actual user actions.
    Learn more about New Relic APM
    Learn more about AlertSite
    Learn more about New Relic Synthetics
    Sample Customers
    Dow Jones, Microsoft, Nike, Groupon, NBC, Sony, Fox, Adobe, Best Buy, Walmart, and WebMD, Cirque du Soleil,, France Télévisions SA, Hachette Book Group, Hy-Vee, Inc., Isolation Network, Inc., Lighthouse eDiscovery, Major League Soccer, NYC-DOT, New Zealand Media and Entertainment, Office Depot International in Europe, Royal Opera House, Adobe Systems Incorporated, American Eagle Outfitters, Inc., Citrix,, Eastern Bank Corporation, Fox Sports, Globosat, Hogg Robinson plc, iHeartMedia, Jive, Kent State University, Multiplus, NBCUniversal, Ocado, REI, Sensis, VenueNext, Yellow Pages Limited and Zenefits
    JetBlue, Payless ShoeSource, Hilton Inc., StubHub, Symantec, Newegg, Sapient, AstraZeneca, Dell, Quest Diagnostics
    Fairfax Media, MercadoLibre, Costa Coffee, Kiva,,
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    Media Company11%
    Manufacturing Company7%
    Computer Software Company22%
    Comms Service Provider17%
    Financial Services Firm12%
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    Comms Service Provider10%
    Financial Services Firm10%
    Computer Software Company30%
    Comms Service Provider11%
    Insurance Company7%
    Financial Services Firm6%
    Company Size
    Small Business38%
    Midsize Enterprise29%
    Large Enterprise32%
    Small Business18%
    Midsize Enterprise14%
    Large Enterprise68%
    Small Business19%
    Midsize Enterprise7%
    Large Enterprise74%
    Small Business23%
    Midsize Enterprise11%
    Large Enterprise66%
    Buyer's Guide
    Application Performance Management (APM)
    August 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about Dynatrace, Datadog, AppDynamics and others in Application Performance Management (APM). Updated: August 2022.
    621,593 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    AlertSite is ranked 38th in Application Performance Management (APM) with 4 reviews while New Relic Synthetics is ranked 34th in Application Performance Management (APM) with 1 review. AlertSite is rated 8.0, while New Relic Synthetics is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of AlertSite writes "User-friendly, easy to configure and maintain, and good at sending error notifications and tracking downtime". On the other hand, the top reviewer of New Relic Synthetics writes "Good drill-down functionality let us see through to SQL code, and it integrates well with Slack". AlertSite is most compared with Dynatrace and Accedian Skylight, whereas New Relic Synthetics is most compared with Dynatrace, Datadog, Instana Dynamic APM, SolarWinds Pingdom and Google Stackdriver.

    See our list of best Application Performance Management (APM) vendors.

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