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    The last project was for an investment group that was using Excel. Shifting their records from one position to another took approximately 15 minutes. In Archer, we created a workflow for them to leverage it, and they could send the single record with one click to one person within seconds. The whole process went from 15 minutes to two minutes to get the approval for the records. The main purpose of Archer is to just make it easy.
  2. The interface is mobile-friendly and it is getting a good response from our customers.Key features are usability and ease of configuration. It allows us to have all the information in a single place and provide real-time indicators and information for our executives.
  3. I find the vulnerability assessment and asset prioritization feature valuable.
  4. The ability to keep a record of internal incidents in the company, and also the monitoring of Key Indicators.
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Rony_Sklar - PeerSpot reviewer
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Why Identity governance and administration are considered so important in enterprise IT management?

How can Identity Management (IM) tools help manage IGA better?

Efrén Yanez - PeerSpot reviewer
Efrén YanezWhy is identity governance and administration (IGA) important? By definition… more »
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