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What is Modulo Risk Manager?

Modulo Risk Manager™ software helps organizations streamline and automate processes required for in-depth risk assessment and compliance projects by collecting and centralizing data relating to technology assets, such as software and equipment, as well as non-technology assets such as people, processes and physical facilities within an organization to assess risk and ensure compliance. The software also allows the quick and comprehensive generation of reports resulting from the data collected. Modulo Risk Manager features knowledge bases that assist organizations in assessing and achieving compliance with SOX, PCI, ISO 27001, HIPAA, COBIT, ITIL, FISAP, FISMA, NIST 800-53a, FIPS 199, A 130 and DOD 8500.2 and can be customized to assess for compliance with additional standards.

Modulo Risk Manager automates the IT risk assessment process and produces multiple compliance reports from the same data, reducing “audit silos”. It can be learned quickly, will run on a laptop or server and is agent-free.

Modulo Risk Manager makes the calculation of risk scores easy because it contains knowledge of IT assets, best practices for the various standards and contains workable default risk component values for every asset and control, estimated by the Modulo Security Lab. This same knowledge base simplifies the process of human interviews with prepared questionnaires. Time is saved by encapsulating these interviews with a viewer that can be emailed to the persons to be surveyed, or answer via the Web. After completion, the answers are mapped to the best practice controls for any standard and saved automatically into the secure audit repository.

Modulo Risk Manager Customers

Lafarge, Xerox Brasil, IBM, PennState, Univision, Fifa World Cup Brasil, Synovus, Eletrobras, Grey group, Microsoft, Apex Brasil

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