Why is Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) important?

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Jun 1, 2021

Why Identity governance and administration are considered so important in enterprise IT management?

Because IGA not only helps you to be compliant with law and segment-specific (banking, Pharma, Healthcare etc.) regulations, but also provides you the chance to become and maintain the overview concerning all IT-transactions in your organisation and even beyond the borders of your organisation (customers, partners, suppliers etc.)

By using a holistic IGA solution, you might be able to 

- reduce administrative efforts (and related costs)

- increase the speed of asignments and therefore the availability of necessary permissions and roles inside your organisation

- improve the transparency and governance concerning the appropriate status of access rights within your area of responsibility

- gain an overview about all cross-system user-profiles and their potential risks and advantages within your IT-organisation and their provided services

How can Identity Management (IM) tools help manage IGA better?

- higher grade of automation

- less effort combined with more appropriate results (in user and rights administration)

- higher maturity-level of your organisation and therefore the chance to win more confidence of your customers (existing ones and prospects)

- the use of e.g. so called business roles, helps your management to understand, which kind of rights they're enforced to approve and they know more about the relevance of the IT-administrative processes

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Jun 18, 2020

Why is identity governance and administration (IGA) important?

By definition it is important, but ¿why? IGA involves maturity in the company, compliance aspects that will be taken into consideration, organization and opportunity to automate from the point of view of business objectives, however, It is important to consider what type of company it is and the competitive agility I require, what is the size of the company, variety of systems, segregation of duties, service agreements to determine if I should invest in these type of solutions

Identity governance and administration are considered important in enterprise IT management. Why?

Yes it is very important because the company is responsible for the information assets and their processes, in addition to the impacts due to a bad reputation for security breaches, provisioning in time to offer the services and much of this falls on those designated in IT Management. Enterprise IT encompasses and takes full advantage of all functionality

How can IM tools help manage IGA?

IM tool is definitely critical because a lot of information that IG gets comes from integrations made with IM and for this, it is important to consider an IM tool with good integration capabilities in the cloud and for legacy and proprietary systems, so for complete help Make sure of these characteristics: diversity of integration with company applications / good integration with the IG solution / do not cause dependencies to develop connectors and specialized personnel in this type of implementation.

In general, IGA already has the IM tool(All in one suite), what must be validated are the characteristics that I mentioned. You will get a satisfactory result if you take it into consideration.

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