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Which backup and recovery solution would you recommend that provide Windows DRaaS + failover, plus Linux (SUSE) virtuals?

Hi peers,

I work as the president of a tech consulting company with 51-200 employees. 

We are researching backup and recovery software. I am looking for more information regarding Infrascale and other options that provide:

  • DRaaS + Failover for Windows
  • Linux (SUSE) virtuals running in VMware/Hyper-V.

Thanks! I appreciate your help.

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Steffen Hornung - PeerSpot reviewer
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We've recently switched from Veeam B&R to Rubrik with their Polaris Radar Solution to detect Ransomware. 
VM-Backup is a standard feature nowadays.

DRaaS - do you mean a cloud solution or on-prem?
Failover for Windows - you don't refer to Windows Failover Cluster, do you?

We decided for Rubrik because of their ZeroTrust-Concept through the immutable Backups: through the managed volume feature the backup agent on your server triggers the backup appliance to mount a backup folder and executes a script to transfer the backup there. The mounted volume holds, of course, no data, so nothing is left to compromise any previous backups.

The whole concept is rather convincing from my point of view. You can have Rubrik on-premise (which we use), or cloud or hybrid, whatever your use-case/policies want you to do.

It's your data, keep it safe!

I hope this helps.

Adminsys677 - PeerSpot reviewer
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It depends on the features you are seeking. There are many solutions that I can recommend for the customer depending on your workload. If you are totally virtualizing, I will strongly recommend Veeam Backup and Replication. If you are heterogenous infrastructure I will recommend you IBM Spectrum Protect or Data Protection Suite from DELL EMC (Avamar, Networker, and RP4VM).

But for good and optimal backup infrastructure, you need to have in mind that the first backup will be done on the Disk to increase backup and reduce backup windows, after that, you can externalize on Tape or cloud.

The best Appliance for storing backup are DELL EMC Data Domain and Veritas NetBackup Appliance with these two solutions you can reduce your TCO and obtain performance of 55:1 using the feature like deduplication and compression.

Rostislav Pilka - PeerSpot reviewer
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Veeam or Commvault. Veeam can be a bit easier to implement and administer, Commvault supports more client OS and applications as well as physical machines backups.

LaveTyagi - PeerSpot reviewer

Atempo Time Navigator

Rodney Carlson - PeerSpot reviewer
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I use a combination of tools for cost benefit, cross platform, and ability to restore. Since we are a Microsoft house the DPM product works well for hourly/daily indexed backup points and is included in our license structure. The nice thing about DPM is the indexing of what is backed up makes searching for individual files quick.
I use Zerto for virtual replication since it does not depend on platform; VMware or Hyper-V or a combination of both. It also does not matter what OS is being replicated; windows or Linux. Zerto also does not rely on where replications are stored - on premises, physical DR site, or cloud, or a combination of all of these. Additionally test recoveries are auditable with to-the-second reports which are helpful in my case.
Brand name products work well but can drive up the cost. What we use isn't the most expensive, nor the cheapest but it works! Peace of mind is nice.

Justin Franklin - PeerSpot reviewer

A lot of the big time providers can help you. Veritas, Commvault, Cobalt Iron, Veeam.

Ben Grant - PeerSpot reviewer
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My preference is Acronis Backup 12.5AdvancedVirtual Host License. Each license for Virtual Host will backup as many virtual servers as are stored on that host. Acronis user interface is very good. It is good for both VMware and Hyper-v.

The VMware license we are using is VMware vSphere 6 Essentials Plus. I don’t know if this software works on the free version.

Mostafa Atrash - PeerSpot reviewer
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Well. You need more information to decide with backup best for you. as there are many good backup solutions. The best solutions from my experience: Commvsult, Veeam, and Cohesity.

You need to consider the cost and size of protected data. If you can provide more information about data to be protected, and integrations needed I might help more.

NeilMistry - PeerSpot reviewer
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Rubrik with Cloudian for long term archive in prem or leverage Rubrik cloud our licenses for archive to the public cloud.

reviewer1243038 - PeerSpot reviewer
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- How much data has to be protected?
- How much time do we have for backup window?
- What about data retention time?

The simplest way is to use Veeam Software (very good integration with VMware). Veeam has better replication solution than VMware itself.

For example - if you have two VMware clusters you could simply prepare Veeam Replication Solution (included in license Veeam Backup&Replication).

Very easy and intuitive GUI.

Price is affordable almost for anyone.

Tony Lu - PeerSpot reviewer


DevenShah - PeerSpot reviewer
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I would strongly recommend that you invest some time in running a trial version of Acronis Cloud backup. In doing so one would have first-hand experience in the ease of setup and the configuration panel. Post which experiments with a few backups and recoveries. Once you have these achieved you would know this works for you or does not. The same could be done with the other Sw too.

Kayode Oni - PeerSpot reviewer
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I will recommend Veritas solution . They have sprectrum of backup and recovery solutions. You can email me if you need further information

ITManagec1d3 - PeerSpot reviewer
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I think the best software is Commvault for your needs. Please check it in below

reviewer1053252 - PeerSpot reviewer
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For DRaaS you can use Veeam cloud connect via a VCSP.
For backing up suse VMs on hyperv or VMware you may use Veeam backup & replication to conduct agentless/agent based backups of these VMs

JohannFLEURY - PeerSpot reviewer
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Protect, with a new licensing approach offering the best of both worlds.
- Cost reduction from usual licensing models
- DRaaS and failover whatever you need (windows or so — proprietary migration tool)
- any virtual environment backup/restore no matter VMWare or Hyper-V solution.

Rahul-Ranjan - PeerSpot reviewer
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You can check the Veeam backup solution. It's a very useful product. It has an easy deployment & use.

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