Which Backup and Disaster Recovery solution is best for a medium-sized company?

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Oct 14, 2023

There are only 2 factors:
Price & Time.   Start the discussion with management about time: The Time to Recovery.  What can your business tolerate in regards to how long can it be down before the cost for being down starts to skyrocket.  Once your pain point is determined, it will inform how much it costs the business to be down for that long.  Ask specific questions of your CEO/President/etc.  If they don't know... they will know who does.  Consider that Recovery Time Objective when selecting backup and recovery solutions.  Some can accommodate near instant RTOs... They will be the most expensive.  On the other end of the spectrum, you will have to rebuild machines and restore data, taking the longest time, but also being the least expensive.  Let the RTO determined by your C Suite drive the requirements... which will drive the budget which the C-Suite will have to approve anyway.   You may find that different areas of the business are more critical and need faster RTOs and that you can do some hybrid models in order to focus your budget just on those critical business processes in order to shift the spend toward those critical assets and away from the less critical.  Stick with software companies with a proven track record of support.  That may not be the biggest names, but they are more likely to be.  Narrow your field and then test drive recoveries on each one.  They will give you a free period which may not be long enough.  Tell them you need more time and the approach you are going to take.  They will give you what you need if it means they are more likely to sell their products.  Just remember backup doesn't exist if recovery hasn't been tested... then retested... then confirmed... then scheduled to be confirmed again... repeated ad-nauseum.  Feel free to reach out if you get stuck. -Michael

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Oct 13, 2023

You should investigate Veeam.  They started their business of backup and recovery in the SMB space and grew that business to a $1B+ software company.  They have a solid solution with offerings targeted to SMB's.  But as others have stated, look at other solutions too, like Cohesity and Rubrik.  Compare them side by side (easy to find comparisons on Google or their respective websites) and find out which one fits your needs the best.  Compare things like RTO and RPO and then price/value.  Hope that helps.

Mir Gulzar Ahmed - PeerSpot reviewer
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Oct 27, 2023

Data backup and Disaster Recovery solutions (DRS) work differently. Vendors provide two different products/solutions, one for data backup and the other for DRS.
I will also recommend using a separate product. In most of customer use cases, this will effectively provide better business value and fault isolation. Customer also needs to see deployment challenges concerning their existing IT infrastructure. In some cases, it might not be a better approach to use one product for both of customer needs. For example, if customers do have existing Storage systems, one for PR-Site and the other for DR, then they can check DRS solutions from their storage vendor; for B&R they can use industry-leading B&R solutions like Veritas NetBackup.

However, some of the vendors offer one solution for both of these requirements: like Veeam Backup and replication. However, this solution is built for a specific use case; that is highly virtualized environments, where customers do not have or are willing to buy storage-storage replication solutions or even they do not have a storage system at their DR site.

Michael Adejoh - PeerSpot reviewer
Oct 16, 2023

Hello Albar,

Several factors to look at 
1) Present infrastructure: Do you have existing repository for backup, are you looking at backing up to the cloud or purchasing a physical device to do this.

2) AIO: Would you prefer a solution that's all in one (AIO), offers  a repository, Backup and disaster recovery  solutions.

For option 1: Veeam 
For option2 :  Synology

The Lat factor would be  yearly recurrent payment for support if you purchase  a perpetual license or you are subscribing.

With option 1 you would have to pay a recurrent  fee. While option 2 is a  one off purchase with license free backup and  recovery solutions included.

Hope this helps

Bonno Gaobolae - PeerSpot reviewer
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Oct 16, 2023

Look in to Veam or Cohesity , They  offer flexible setup to align with you RTOs and RPOs.

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Oct 12, 2023

Albar,  we can certainly help you with finding the best solution for your situation. What we would need is setup a call to discuss your infrastructure and your expectations. contact us @ support@letusdealwithit.com and we can st something up.

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Oct 12, 2023

There are a lot of factors that go into designing a backup solution and more information would be needed.  Is you data in a single data center, multiple data centers or the cloud?  Is there a budget you have to fall within?  Do you want the data to reside solely in a single location or do you want it replicated to other sites/cloud?  If replication is required, do you have the proper bandwidth to support large amounts of data transfer, in both speed and volume of data? What does your host structure look like, ie: virtualization, cloud providers, bare metal, etc?  What is your data change rate as to growth and is the company made up of "pack rats" that keep even old data?  What is the daily growth of data and do you want to take differential, incremental, or just change data bits for your subsequent backups after the initial full backup? What is your expected Time of Recovery for each system and do you have infrastructure to handle the recovery?
  There are a lot of good solutions out there that all have their good and bad points, so you have to look at the overall picture of the solution that best fits your needs.

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