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Almost 3 years ago
Depends what you're expecting. Full compatibility with VMware environment - DellEMC only, IBM FS has problems with iSCSI connections to vsphere 7.02 - it's not supported (FS5200 and vsphere 7.02 server with Intel cards - doesn't work fast (10Gbe - 300MB/s instead of 1,1-1,2…
Almost 3 years ago
NImble Storage from HPE or Primera, Hitachi sold their disk division. HPE 3Par will be announced soon as the end of life.  Instead, Primera has been created (Primera has the best from Nimble and 3Par). I hope it helps.
Almost 4 years ago
Hi, reducing costs, flexibility in environment management, flexibility in maintenance/service, if good configured - it's possible to achieve zero downtime policy for running systems, flexibility in creating new space for business (new systems/apps etc). It's from my…
About 4 years ago
Answered a question: What is VDI?
No, you don't need allflash - but it depends how many users. If you deploy 'desktop just in time' then all vdi instances are in RAM (with small footprint on the storage). Allflash is recommended but not required. It's recommended to have separate storage for VDI solution…
About 4 years ago
Veeam is a leader. Acronis is a niche player. Veeam is integrated with most storage systems on the market. Functionality - I'd recommend Veeam.
About 4 years ago
I would use 1. Azure Backup solutions - it's quite cheap for some amount of data; 2. Another third party backup solution - depends on how the whole environment looks - many backup software solutions exist  - for every computer/or session - backup with agent, or if the…
About 4 years ago
- How much data has to be protected - How much time do we have for backup window? - What about data retention time? The simplest way is to use Veeam Software (very good integration with VMware). Veeam has better replication solution than VMware itself. For example - if…
Over 4 years ago
Contributed a review of Dell PowerProtect Data Manager: The ratio of deduplication is very high and it has good performance